2021’s Best Spa Pumps: Top 8 Picks Reviewed & Buying Guide

Going to the spa is a very refreshing activity. It’s a getaway for the mind and the body. Having one close by and being able to access it right away, is even better. Cut the time of going to the spa, and do it in the comfort of your own home. Owning either a pool or jacuzzi can get pretty expensive because of all the accessories you would need to maintain its cleanliness and functionality. But the relaxation it can offer is priceless. That’s why it’s essential for you to invest in pool or spa accessories to make sure you get to enjoy your pool for a very long time.

Spa pump is a primary pool accessory that allows the jacuzzi water to move throughout your pool. It also powers the jets – a must-have to a great spa experience. If you have a faulty pump, then there is a risk that the water will become stagnant and dirty. What is supposed to be a relaxing moment, can be invaded by irritating noise from your pump. Bring back the delight, peace and calm in your spa, by investing in a good pump.

Here are the top 10 pumps that you can choose from whether you are building a new pool spa or replacing an old pump.

Top 8 Spa Pumps Reviews for ​2021

1. Laing Spa Circulation Pump E5

spa circulation pump

The Laing Spa Circulation Pump E5 works mostly with whatever kind of spa type you have. It has a universal working voltage of 120 to 240 volts, 40 watts, and 50 to 60 Hertz. If you’re unsure of what kind of power your pool type will need, then it would be best to get a pump like this. It also has a 3/4 inch barbed in and out hose connection and run-dry thermal shutoff connection. It’s 100% guaranteed to either equal or even outperform the OEM pump. It also includes a cord that measures 48 inches, and it can be considered as a next-generation replacement for SilentFlo 5000. This pump serves as a direct replacement for Watkins Hot Spring, Caldera, and Tiger River 74427 pumps.


  • ​Available in universal voltage
  • ​Can be mounted either vertically or horizontally
  • ​Includes a limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • ​Works even better than other OEM pumps


  • ​Water has the tendency to come into the motor housing
  • ​Can develop rusting overtime

Bottom line :

There is no denying that this would be a great addition to your pool, especially if you’re eyeing something that is versatile. It is also interesting to note that this pump can perform better than the OEM pumps. Considering the pros of this product, there’s still so much more you can expect from its performance. This will definitely function better and last longer with proper maintenance.

2. Waterway Plastics Frame Executive Pump

hot tub circ pump

This pump from Waterway Plastics runs up to about 5 hp. It should, at most, receive a voltage reading of 230 volts to work correctly. Its highly-versatile wet end can be rotated with every 90 degrees turn of its Viton shaft seals. It has a 56-frame motor for added strength and for cooler operation to prevent motor burnout and promote longer motor life. It can release water at about a rate of 220 gallons per minute and this powerful motor pump can run in two different speeds – 16.4 amperes on high speed and 4.8 amperes on low setting. It has a 2-inch intake and a 2-inch discharge outlet.


  • ​Consumes less energy
  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Operates quietly


  • ​Can easily break down due to high power functioning
  • ​Limited warranty coverage

Bottom line :

The Waterway Plastics spa pump is indeed a powerful one. Another good consideration is that it consumes less energy while producing more power for your pool, makes it practical and effective at the same time. Although it has limited warranty coverage, the manufacturers of this product intended this pump to last a long time.

3. Hot Tub Spa Pump Side Discharge by HydroMaster

Hot Tub Spa Pump Side Discharge by HydroMaster

HydroMaster’s spa pump is a side discharge pump. Its overall power can measure up to 3 hp, and it works on two-speed ways: 10 amperes for high-speed setting and 3.5 amperes for low-speed one. The whole set-up is enclosed in a 56-frame motor, and it works with power sources that measure from 220 – 240 volts. The dimensions of the intake and side discharge pumps are 2 inches and 3 inches thread outside diameter, respectively. It’s a compelling device as it can highly perform with utmost efficiency, releasing up to 210 gallons per minute of water! The whole spa pump is very easy to install and will allow you to rotate the ports to fit your pool’s outlet properly. It’s an excellent replacement for Waterway or Aqua-Flo products, and it also has a self-priming function.


  • ​Can be operated in two speeds
  • ​Large discharge flow rate (210 gallons per minute)
  • ​Connects properly to most pools
  • ​Body is rust-resistant


  • ​Limited 1-year manufacturers’ warranty

​Bottom line :

The HydroMaster Hot Tub Spa Pump is a great replacement or alternative to Waterway and Aqua-Flo products. The best thing about this product is that it can operate at low cost, with low energy consumed. But its output can reach up to 210 gallons per minute which is more than the amount of its kind.

4. Gecko Alliance Flo-Master

Gecko Alliance Flo-Master

The Gecko Alliance Flo-Master pump works in flow rates at 140 gallons per minute for a 1.5 hp, 175 gallons per minute for 2.0 hp and 220 gallons per minute for 2.5 hp. Whichever power you would choose to work with, it sticks to its continuous and true rated capacity.  Running it will only require 115 volts at the most. Comparing this amount of power needed will make it more cost-efficient than the other pumps that are available in the market. It also has a 48 frame motor that maximizes energy efficiency as well.

Even though it can pump large volumes of water at fast flow rates, its high volumetric volute design can still provide a whisper-quiet operation. The overall speed rate is available in two options, that being low and high settings. This, by far, is the smallest 1.5 hp pump that can deliver such amount of work.


  • ​Easy to install with its 48-standard frame
  • ​Available in 2 speeds: high and low
  • ​Ensures whisper-quiet operation
  • ​Power efficient
  • ​Works well as a replacement for any spa tubs


  • ​Possible short life span

Bottom line :

There’s really no bad thing to say about this product. It comes with everything you need for in a pump! Not only is it versatile and can operate in different power settings, but it’s also very compact, and it won’t be a bulky addition to your spa.

5. Professional EZ Travel Collection Hot Tub and Swimming Pool Drain Pump

Professional EZ Travel Collection Hot Tub and Swimming Pool Drain Pump

The Professional EZ Travel Collection pump works well for any hot tub and swimming pool and can pump out up to 3,700 gallons of water per hour. It has a drain pump that can be entirely submerged under the water. The drain pump features a 25-foot PVC discharge hose and clamp. What makes this unique is that it is very powerful, yet compact at the same time! It has a folding bottom feet that you can adjust every now and then to allow drainage even if it is already as its lowest possible height. It is also made to be impact-resistant, heavy duty and portable too! The manufacturers of this product thought that this should be easy to carry around and that’s why they have streamlined this product with a carry handle. It features a 25-foot waterproof cord so you can use this pump for outdoor use. It also has a removable and adjustable spigot, plus a complete hose and clamp.


  • ​Includes hose and clamp
  • ​Has a waterproof cord
  • ​It consists of an adjustable spigot
  • ​Can handle up to about 3,700 gallons per hour
  • ​It can be used in any pool installation


  • ​Complaints on the folding bottom feet

Bottom line :

If you would need a pump that is versatile and portable, you don’t have to look any further! What’s amazing with this product is how compact it could get, and yet it can pump water in and out of your pool system twice as much as any other water pumps out there.

6. XtremepowerUS 1.5 HP Pool Pump Above/In-Ground Pool

XtremepowerUS 1.5 HP Pool Pump Above/In-Ground Pool

The XtremepowerUS is a robust pool pump that can work with either 115 or 230 voltage. It is equipped with a 1.5 hp self-priming pump that can deliver up to 3,450 rotations per minute. The self-priming pump can discharge air from the water intake to prevent your motor from running dry. There is a dual-voltage motor that is included in this device, and it can run on both 115V/60 Hertz and 230/60 Hertz for optimal performance. Although it seems to be too powerful for its size, it’s actually pretty cost-effective. It aims to save electricity and money with its high-efficiency single-speed motor. The motor is just as silent as you would want it to be, but it’s still overall effective! You don’t have to hear engines running and grinding against each other while you’re supposed to be enjoying your relaxing time in your pool.

It also has an enclosed impeller fan which can prevent debris from getting stuck inside the fan. Aside from that, it has a clear lip top viewing which indicates if the basket is already full and is ready to be taken out. The overall rated capacity of this product is 5,280 gallons per hour with a maximum suction height of 66 feet.


  • ​Can be used for in-ground pools and spas of all types and sizes
  • ​Compatible with most solar heating and in-floor cleaning systems
  • ​Energy efficient


  • ​It does not come with the usual pipe union

Bottom line :

This product is one of a kind; nonetheless, it’s very functional. If you are looking for a pump for your in-ground pool, then look no further as this would just be the perfect one for you! Aside from it running on universal voltage, it is also very much cost effective as it only runs on a single speed.

7. Gecko Aqua-Flo 02093000-2010 Circ-Master

Gecko Aqua-Flo 02093000-2010 Circ-Master

The Aqua-Flo by Gecko’s Circ-Master pump is a dedicated pump for your spa. So, if you’re a bit picky when it comes to having a more specialized pump for your spa, then this is probably the most suitable one. This pump also takes 24/7 filtration to a new level. It has revolutionized how the spa pump industry work as it delivers the highest flow rate (or gallons per minute) in any recirculation pumps that’s currently available in the market. Due to its high flow rate capacity, the Circ-Master operates in such a way that the high-flow heating system results in increased heating efficiency. It could even lead up to four times the filtration of a standard spa pump!

The Circ-Master, however, is exclusively designed for portable spas. So if you’re looking to have this installation in any other pool types, then you might have to reconsider. The Gecko Aqua-Flo Circ-Master Pump can operate on only one speed. The overall fitting size is the usual standard for a small pump with its 1.5-inch fittings both intake and discharge.


  • ​Works only on a single speed
  • ​Can circulate 24/7
  • ​Cost-effective and easy to use


  • ​Cannot be used for any other pool installations aside from spas
  • ​Limited manufacturer warranty

Bottom line :

This is the dedicated spa pump you are looking for! For a 24-hour operation, you would need something that will be able to save much energy as it could. This is exactly what the Aqua-Flo Circ-Master can offer.

8. HydroMaster 1.5 HP Hot Tub Spa Pump Side Discharge

HydroMaster 1.5 HP Hot Tub Spa Pump Side Discharge

The HydroMaster hot tub spa discharge pump is a 2-speed motor. It works with a 1.5 hp pump and is enclosed in an easy-to-install 48-frame motor. The required power supply of this pump is 120 volts. The outlets measure 2 inches for the intake and side discharge with a 3-inch thread outside diameter for each. For the water flow rate, it can pump water in and out of your pool with up to 155 gallons per minute of water. The 2-speed settings of this pump are available in 13.8 amperes for high speed and 3.8 amperes for low speed. The whole frame that encapsulates the motor is smaller than the usual HydroMaster pump products.


  • ​Able to work in two speed settings (low and high)
  • ​Pumps an average of 155 gallons per minute
  • ​Works efficiently
  • ​Sturdy and durable
  • ​Has an excellent build capacity


  • ​Initial installation is complicated

​Bottom Line :

The HydroMaster is a superb installation when it comes to your pump. This product has a lot of power, and it could increase the pressure of your spa tubs’ jets. It is also considered to be an excellent replacement pump.

The Verdict :

When it comes to choosing which spa pumps would work best for your hot tub or jacuzzi or pool, you will surely want something that fits just right and, as much as possible, should not be bulky. It is always a plus if the product you have is portable, that way you can bring it anywhere you may need it. When it comes to the speeds on how your pump will operate, you can either choose from the single speed to dual speed pumps. With this, you might be able to compromise the energy costs of a dual-speed pump will be able to generate.