Best Under Sink Trash Can For Your Kitchen

When preparing to make the most of your kitchen, factors such as paint, countertop materials, or even appliances are often at the top of the list. That said, not many people remember the importance of owning the correct waste disposal solution. Salads, meats, foil papers, damaged cups, and more – these are all inevitable occurrences in kitchens that experience traffic. The last thing you want in such a case is having to struggle to move around all over the kitchen, looking for a convenient place to dump them.

For this reason, we highly recommend the best under sink trash cans as an excellent place for you to start. These are convenient tools, which are simple to use in contemporary kitchens, and they sit conveniently under the sink. While you can easily place them under the sink, they are highly spacious and suitable for dumping all sorts of kitchen waste.

Similar to any addition that you make to your contemporary kitchen, you must make good choices. We have identified some useful information for you to consider.

Placement and Size

Trash cans classify into two main categories, which are for outdoor and indoor use – and this is a key when choosing one for your needs. Ensure that you go a trash can that suits the purpose. For instance, a trash can for the outdoors is not necessarily designed for aesthetics, but durability and space. That said, a trash can for indoor spaces should have an appealing finish and spacious design to match. It should be large enough to fit the kitchen waste, such that you don’t have to empty its contents regularly.

Material Construction

You also want to go for a trash can with a proper material structure. These things are often made using a vast array of materials, which can make them convenient for waste disposal purposes. The common ones include aluminum alloys, plastic, vinyl, and more. When evaluating the material structures, you may also have to consider aspects such as the hinges, receptacles, bolts, and more. In some cases, you might come across high-end trash cans, which have different materials structures for the indoors and outdoors sections. Thus, ensure that you evaluate both aspects of the trash can, to provide the best results.

Other Important Factors

You not only want a trash can that is spacious or fully functional, but you also want one that serves all your needs. Based on what the trash can should like, there are few critical factors for you to consider. You have to be a little bit more practical with trash cans than you would with other kitchen products. They include

What functions do you expect?

This is a crucial factor to keep in mind when buying the trash can. Some trash cans come with sensors, so you never have to make contact with the lid, which is sometimes dirty. Also, you can go for the step on sink trash cans, which you open with your feet. This part requires a little bit more practicality on your part to ensure the best results.

What size or capacity is perfect?

This is also another critical factor to take into account. Usually, the trash cans classify between 20 to 40 gallons, which is more than perfect for indoor settings. Even more, you want to evaluate whether the interior section is removable, to allow for convenient cleaning and maintenance. Thus, check the size and capacity of the under-sink trash can before investing. 

Which material is perfect?

There are various types of trash can materials available on the consumer market. The most common are stainless or aluminum alloy because these are exceptionally durable materials. While materials such as wood or resin tend to be appealing, they are not always durable. You would not expect a wood trash can to more durable than one made using metal materials.

Things to Avoid

If you have already explored the best trash cans, and their features, it's also good if you have information on things to avoid. They include:

Avoid trash cans without lids – such trash cans are not practical at all, regardless of whether you place it under the sink or outdoors. In fact, such trash cans pose health risks, and your pet or negligent child can easily get to the waste material.

Avoid the swing top lids – trash cans that come with swing-top lids are not as effective as you might think. Why? Well, a swing top trash can involve pushing the cover to the side to throw garbage. However, such a design is not suitable for under the sink purposes, especially when you have to use the trash can regularly. 

Avoid non washable trash cans – all trash cans are washable, but the critical question to ask is how easy is it to wash the trash can? You want a trash can that even comes with detachable components to make it convenient to clean.

​Top 8 Under Sink Trash Can ​Reviews

simplehuman stainless steel trash can

Are you searching for a reliable addition to your kitchen for waste disposal purposes? Well, the Simplehuman 45-liter kitchen trash can might be perfect for your needs. This unit will enhance your trash experience, thanks to its extra-strong and durable trash bags. Furthermore, it even features an innovative liner pocket, that removes liners one by one from the interior section. Such a unique design makes the trash cans convenient for faster liner changes.

Furthermore, the liner rim can also flip down to hide and secure the liner. Thanks to the robust and wide steel pedal, you can be sure of a durable trash can that will provide years of reliability. It also comes with a silent close lid design that controls the motion of the lid. This way, you can enjoy slow, silent, and quiet machine functionality each time. 

With its nano-silver clear coat, this unit is safe from issues such as germs and fingerprints. The step can also come with a strong pedal, which can last for as many as 150,000 steps. The innovative liner pocket also does well to stores and dispenses liners from the inside the can for convenient liner change. Also, the specially designed dampers will never require replacement, and even the lid to open easily. On top of that, the nanosilver clear coat is infused with special particles, that will stop microbes from reproducing.


  • Code M custom fit liners are strong and durable
  • Liner rim flips down for convenient use
  • Robust and wide steel pedal
  • Silent close lid and patent lid design


  • Could be available in more than one finish
  • The step on mechanism is somewhat small
itouchless 13 gallon stainless steel automatic trash can

Don’t just mask smelly garbage odors with fragrances and some baking soda, you can eliminate them. This is why the iTouchless DZT13 stainless steel trash can might be an excellent recommendation for your needs. This unit comes with a Carbon Filter Gate, that features activated carbon to help eliminate even the toughest odors. You will appreciate the fact that smelly and oversized garbage won’t stand a chance when using the 13 Gallon Trash Can.

It also comes with an extra-wide opening design that makes it easy to dispose of large debris, and it even features advanced infrared sensor technology. Also equipped on this machine is an in-built carbon filter that can work magic. In fact, the pre-installed Carbon Filter Gate features a 3-dimensional surface area. Such a unique design helps to improve the odor absorption capabilities of the trash can.

Moreover, the deodorizer is unscented and suitable for use in various types of environments. This way, you have a safe waste disposal solution for a cleaner and fresher home. In fact, the deodorizer can fight odors for three months, before it requires any replacement procedures. 

The lid is 100% touchless, whereby you just use your hands to open the cover automatically. You will also appreciate the germ resistant and finger proof surface, which is easy to clean at all times. Best of all, the modern design of this unit makes it ideal for various types of indoor spaces.


  • 1005 touchless and hygienic design
  • One natural carbon odor filter for absorbing odors
  • Extra-long battery life can last for one year
  • Dynamic power options including AC adaptor


  • The touchless function requires replacement at some point
  • The carbon filter also requires replacement
mdesign slim plastic rectangular large trash can

Compact, functional, and easy to clean. These are just some of the main benefits you can expect when using the mDesign Slim Plastic Trash Can. Made with an in-built handle that is convenient, this unit is simple to carry around your already small kitchen. Furthermore, the size and the style of this unit means that it can work in various locations in your home. 

Aside from use under the sink, you can even use this unit to store your children’s toys. It’s excellent for cabins, campers, RVs and more. Made using durable BPA and Chlorine-free plastic, you can be sure a trash can that offers optimal longevity benefits.

The makes of this unit have also done well to ensure that it's easy to clean and that it comes with a fingerprint-resistant finish.


  • Rectangular trash can with inbuilt handles
  • Functional design and style make it suitable for small spaces
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Dynamic design makes it ideal for storing items such as toys


  • N/A
panacea grayline slide-out single trash can

Make your kitchen much more functional with the Panacea Grayline Trash can. This slide-out trash can provides you with a fully functional kitchen makeover and is also very spacious. Enjoy convenient access and organization by using the trash can under the spaces in your kitchen. It is a full extension slide and white bin, which does well to store your kitchen waste. 

Furthermore, the durable steel construction with 100 LB extension ball bearing finish is perfect for modern waste storage applications. Thanks to the unique satin nickel finish, you have a trash can that is both appealing and suitable for interior spaces. The tall sides and front grab handle makes it easy to move the trash can around the kitchen. Even more, the slide-out bin system is suitable for under cabinet storage space, and you can also use it in a laundry room.

The entire set is also available with a lift-out wipe clean liner in case you experience any spills in the kitchen. For easy installation, you will notice that this unit comes with a unique frame cabinet design and screw ports for your convenience.


  • Slide-out design is convenient
  • 13-gallon trash can capacity
  • Full-extension ball-bearing slides for easy access
  • Heavy duty and durable under sink trash can construction


  • 13 gallons is somewhat small for some users
  • You have to make contact with the lid for it to open
rev-a-shelf rv-18kd-18c s

Make your kitchen much more functional with the Rev-A-Shelf RV-18KD-18C S kitchen cabinet. This unit makes up for an excellent way to clear your kitchen of unsightly trash each time. Featuring high quality slides and durable wire construction, this unit is easy to install and convenient. It also comes with a double black 25-quart container, which is perfect for trash storage. Capable of accommodating as much as 100lbs of waste, while fully extended, this unit is both convenient and reliable for any kitchen size. 

The Rev-A-Shelf RV-18KD-18C S kitchen cabinet also has a unique pull out design, which can be perfect for various waste storage applications. The chrome-plated and heavy gauge wire construction will slide out effortlessly. Thanks to the 4-screw installation that mounts to the cabinet flow, you have a stable and reliable trash can for your needs. The makers of this unit have also done well to ensure it's available in various finishes so that you can match with your existing decor.


  • 35 quart pull out system is convenient
  • Chrome-plated heavy gauge wire construction
  • Four screw installation that mounts to cabinet floor
  • Can accommodate 100lbs of waste


  • Not easy to detach components for cleaning
  • Could use nonskid feet for stability
amazonbasics rectangle soft-close trash can

Realize what you have been missing in waste disposal with the Amazonbasics Soft-Close Trash Can. This unit helps you to keep waste adequately contained, and it also adds a touch of style you’re your space. Furthermore, the stainless-steel trash container fits effortlessly with your existing décor, and it has a minimalist appeal. Equipped with a soft close lid, and manual foot lever, this unit is easy to use every day. Such a unique design makes it ideal for various locations in your home, including the laundry room, bathroom, or anywhere you need a trash can.

With it's durable and stainless construction, you are sure of a trash can that can last for many years. The exterior structure is fingerprint proof and resistant to issues such as staining. This trash can also comes with a heavy duty plastic interior bucket, which you can remove easily for disposal. The Amazonbasics has also included thoughtful additions such as the non-skid pads on the base. These help to ensure the trash can sits stable regardless of the surface. 

Made to last, this trash container will stop any wear and tear issues associated with rough use. The ultra-quiet and light, gentle closure means that the lid won't slam down or produce any startling sounds when in use. With its unique stay open mode, this unit makes it easy to remove and replace liners.


  • Quiet and soft close lid
  • Heavy duty and durable trash can design
  • Non-skid feet makes the trash can highly stable
  • Fingerprint resistant exterior finish


  • The exterior structure should be available in many finishes
  • Could use non skid feet for stability
karyhome hanging trash can

Make life much more convenient at home with the Karyhome Hanging Trash Can. This unit is convenient to use, and it makes up for an excellent addition to any modern kitchen. It comes with a unique slide lid design, which you just press and it stays open as you dump your food waste. More so, the lid also closes automatically when you just press on the cover, and you don’t have to use any effort for the process. Such a unique design makes it highly convenient to use, especially when you have large amounts of food waste to dump. 

Designed to suit a vast array of applications, this trash can is suitable for various types of indoor settings. You can use it in your office, bathroom, RV, laundry room, and more. While this unit has a spacious interior, it is space-saving as well and will take up a small footprint in your space. Made using premium PP material, which is non-toxic and durable, you can be sure of a reliable waste storage mechanism for your needs.

It also has a fixed ring design, which makes the garbage can easy to fix and ensures that it sits stable regardless of the floor surface. The space-saving yet spacious design means that you have a convenient solution for under-sink waste disposal purposes.


  • Convenient slide lid design
  • Fixed bracket design for ease of installation
  • Heavy duty and durable plastic construction
  • Compact yet spacious trash can design


  • The plastic is prone to dirt and staining
  • The lid requires hand contact
mountable kitchen compost bin

Are you searching for the perfect way to dump waste in your kitchen? Well, we recommend the Mountable Kitchen Compost as an excellent recommendation for your needs. This unit comes with aerated lid technology, which is ideal for break down bacteria. This way, you can enjoy a smell and odor-free kitchen even when you open the bin for waste disposal. 

On top of that, the kitchen bin is also easy to mount on a cabinet door for optimal and convenient storage benefits. Thanks to the unique closure and latch design, you can be sure of a lid that stays upright even when filling. More so, such a diverse design means that you have several ways to carry and a unique grip for emptying the bin. You will also appreciate the fact this unit comes with unique airways. This way, you will the kitchen waste stays aerated, such that disposal also becomes a convenient process.

The entire set is also available with a mount and screws to make it convenient. Made using smooth HDPE and BPA free plastic, this unit is simple to wash and suitable for most kitchen settings. It also has a hinged lid, which clicks into place to provide a tight seal. The micro-perforated lid seals out fruit flies and insects – thus reducing the presence of odors.


  • Easy to mount and place on a counter
  • Comes with airways for convenient ventilation
  • Easy to fill, carry and empty
  • Dynamic airways provide high quality ventilation


  • Could use ergonomic handles
  • The airways are somewhat small in size

Final Verdict

It's inevitable for any kitchen to produce food waste and more. The best part is that there are several measures you can apply for waste management. In this guide, we have identified some of the best under sink trash cans for you to consider. Equip yourself with one of these units, and instantly take the functionality of your kitchen to the next level. Before buying a trash can, ensure that you make a good decision, so that you get one that suits your needs.

There are various types of trash cans, which are suitable for as many different purposes. Getting one that suits your under-sink waste disposal needs is simple, provided that you have the correct information.

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