6 Best Dog Poop Container Outdoor Reviews

If you are searching for the best dog poop container outdoor, then you will know the benefits of owning a dedicated bin in your property. Owning a pet such as dogs might be a friendly experience, but it also has its challenges. One of the main challenges to consider is being able to potty train your pet, and get rid of waste correctly. You often have to struggle with dustpans and paper bags, which are mostly ineffective for getting rid of pet waste.

You need a better solution, and these are dog poop containers. We all know that even if a dog is potty trained, you still have to get rid of the waste at some point. With a secure dog poop container outdoors, you are sure of a reliable way of eliminating pet waste. 

Getting a proper trash can is essential, because it ensures the pet waste is never exposed to the air outdoors, and issues such as rain or snow. More so, it also sits safely against negligent pets and children who are sometimes curious about such items.

How to Buy the Best Dog Poop Container Outdoor 

Material Construction

Three main material types are used to make waste cans, especially those that are used for pet waste disposal. They include aluminum, steel and plastic. While some pet containers are made using one of the materials, the heavy-duty types can feature all three materials. 

The best material type to consider is aluminum because it's compact and resistant to rust. Even more, even if receptacles don’t rust, plastic materials tend to break over time, which makes the powder-coated types ideal.

Other components to evaluate are the:

  • Hinges – you want hinges made using durable material, which is commonly steel or aluminum.

  • Bolts – determine the type of bolts that are used to hold the receptacle. In most cases, carriage bolts are much better because they are durable and less likely to get damage from wear and tear.

Protective Color Coating

This is another crucial factor to consider, especially if you will place the trash can outdoors. You want to either go for a powder-coated or painted dog poop container. The powder-coated types are best because the material is applied electrostatically. More so, these types of finish tend to much more durable than paint.

Design and Waterproofing

Remember to go for a poop container that has a locking lid, such that the pet waste stays safely away from the pets. The mess that pep poop can create in your given space is appalling and can be challenging to remove. More so, emptying a poop station filled with water is often not easy, and can even spill around the lawn or yard. 

Most plastic stations feature large holes on the side, which you can use to place the soiled waste bags. Some features loose-fitting lids, and both of these designs might allow water to penetrate the plastic receptacle. The ideal poop container is compact and has a mail style chute, which is easy to close. Such a unique design helps to ensure items like water, insects, and vermin stay out while also ensuring pet odors remain inside.

Aside from that, the mailbox chute design can also have negative impacts on the types of items you can put in the bin. This way, you might find it challenging to dispose of any other items such as household trash.

If you go for a poop container with a circular receptacle and hinged lid, ensure that you evaluate the diameter of the cover. Then compare the width of the cover to that you come across on the waste receptacle. Is the diameter of the lid similar to the car, or is it bigger? A large diameter is ideal for keeping out water, and the can opening also stays intact.


Pet waste stations are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. The most popular types tend to be highly stable and might stand six to seven feet in height. More so, these types often have specific colors, which make them stain resistant. The goal is to own a pet waste container, that blends in with the environment, while also staying visible. 

Some poop containers even come with additional features to further improve their value in your space. For instance, some brands are well known for powder coating their products to match interior decors. 

When investing in poop containers, remember that you don’t have to stick to one specific type of container. In fact, you can go for any kind of color, provide that the trash can provides value where it counts – in terms of pet waste management.

Best Dog Poop Container Outdoor from A Glance

doggie dooley 3000 septic-tank
Best Durable Poop Container

Doggie Dooley 3000 Septic-Tank-Style Pet-Waste Disposal System

poovault dog poop bag holder
Best Compact Poop Container

PooVault Odor Free Dog Poop Bag Holder, Made in the USA

yctec mini trash can
Best for Ease of Use

YCTEC Mini Trash Can with Lid Soft Close

keter copenhagen large trash can
Best for Large Pets

Keter Copenhagen 32 Gallon Resin Large Trash Can

​Top 6 Dog Poop Container Reviews

keter copenhagen large trash can

The Keter Copenhagen 32 Gallon Resin Large Trash can make up for an excellent solution for storing dog poop. This unit has various unique design features to make it ideal for your needs. For instance, this unit is large enough to accommodate over 30 bags of dog poop. Even more, the trash can features a full-size removable rim, which you can use to secure the trash bag. 

The full-size lid also provides a large opening, which is ideal for lifting out full trash of bags. Additionally, the sleek and elegant metal handle provides easy access into the central section of the trash can. The attractive brown wood design means that you can use this unit as an indoor or outdoor trash can. It also has an exceptional durable resin construction, such that you don’t have to worry about rust, rot, or moisture damage. You will also appreciate the fact that this unit not only adds a touch of functionality to a room, but it also complements its style and aesthetics. 

You can even lift the metal handle to throw the trash inside and then remove the bag conveniently through the full-size opening. While this unit might look small, it can easily fit 30 gallons of waste material. This way, the bag makes up for an excellent addition to barbecues, busy households, and parties.


  • Removable plastic rim for securing the trash bag
  • Sleek and elegant metal handle
  • Metal hinged lid for easy access
  • Attractive brown wood design


  • The brown design or exterior hides stains
  • The handles on this unit are not ergonomic
poovault dog poop bag holder

Live with your best friend indoors peacefully when you have the PooVault Odor Free Dog Poop Bag Holder. You don’t have to worry about the size of your dog when getting this particular poop container? Why? Because it's an excellent storage solution for almost any type of dog. It comes with all the basic features that you would wish for in a superb pet poop container.

The POOVAULT is a compact dog poop holder – the solution to pet freedom. No more struggling when carrying around squishy and smelly poop bags every day, which is a hassle. This is your new reward for being responsible and following up after your pet's poop and waste. For instance, the poop container features a unique latch, which will remain closed even as you walk. More so, the dog poop container is lightweight and suitable for use, even in areas that have minimal space. Unlike most containers which hold out poop, but let out the smell, this unit ensures that all the pet poop stench is contained. Not only is this unit lightweight, but it's airtight and washable to make it ideal for various types of pet care applications.

The pet poop container also comes with an in-built belt clip on the back, which you can attach to a belt or pocket for ease of transportation. Additionally, the container comes with a carabiner if you would want to connect the PooVault to a leash, purse, or running belt.


  • Airtight, lightweight and durable pet poop container
  • Made using heavy duty and recycled HDPE material
  • Easy to attach to belt or pocket with a clip
  • Heavy duty and durable pet container design


  • The belt pocket should be much more durable
  • The pet container tends to topple on uneven surfaces
yctec mini trash can

When you have pets such as dogs, it's best when you get the proper waste management solutions. This is why we recommend the YCTEC Mini Trash Can with lid with soft close. This is a mini trash can, which features a commercial-grade steel material, and with an anti-fingerprint matt finish. More so, the trash can also come with a removable inner bucket, which makes it easy to dump the trash, and it's also easy to rinse. This way, you never have to use garbage bags to line the trash can.

Even more, the YCTEC trash can is compact, which makes it suitable for use in toilets, washrooms, bedrooms, and more. This way, you always have a reliable solution which you can use to store the pet waste. It even comes with a durable stainless-steel pedal, which makes it simple to open without using the hands. On top of that, the small trash can with lid is perfectly safe for pets, kids, and it works well to restrain smells, which protect your health. 

Designed to be easy to use and clean, this poop container is a convenient addition to your home. You can place the plastic bag inside the garbage can. The anti-fingerprint matt finish with non-stick coating makes the trash can convenient to clean.


  • The soft-close lid is smooth and never startles
  • Removable inner waste wastebasket does not require bags
  • Stainless steel handle easily lifts out the internal bin
  • Durable stainless-steel pedal


  • N/A
pawpail pet waste station

Make your home much cleaner with the Pawpail Pet Waste Station. This unit is made using weather-resistant and UV materials, with a sleek and modern design. Furthermore, the waster container also does well to store pet waste discreetly, and it dispenses leak-proof bags. The disposal container even comes with dual vent technology that helps to control odors and eliminates the need for liner bags. You will also appreciate the inclusion of activated carbon air filters insider the container traps. These help to remove odors and chemicals from the air.

The unique PawPail mounting system makes it easy to place a dog waste station. The entire set is also available with various accessories, including a dog waste container, quality waste bags, and carbon air filter. Thanks to the attractive and minimalist design, you can be sure of a container that complements the needs of your home business.

You can easily place this container anywhere or perhaps consider putting it on the wall surface. It can discreetly store and dispense the release of the poop bags. As air moves through the container, it also passes through the perforated basket, which stores the poop bags. Such a unique design help to eliminate unpleasant smells from the poop container.


  • Made using UV and weather-resistant materials with a sleek design
  • DualVent technology to help eliminate odors
  • Comes with an activated carbon filter inside the container
  • PawPail mounting system for flexible placement of the dog station


  • The vents are small in size
  • You have to replace the carbon filter at some point
doggie dooley 3000 septic-tank

Pet waste stinks. But thanks to the Doggie Dooley 3,000 septic tank, you can enjoy a cleaner and tidier environment. This unit is suitable for as many as two large dogs, and it is made using galvanized steel. Even more, the waste disposal system features a foot-operated lid opener, which is convenient to open. The disposal system also features a digester, which breaks down the pet waste.

You will also appreciate that the container features an in-built overflow tube, to make waste management convenient. Thanks to the high-density plastic lid and flange, you can be sure of a reliable container for your years. On top of that, the self-enclosed septic tank is simple to set up and works well in various types of soil conditions. You just have to shovel stools into the system and add some water for the breakdown process to complete.


  • Galvanized steel tank
  • Environmentally safe in-ground pet-waste disposal system
  • Self-enclosed septic tank is simple to set up
  • High-density plastic lid and flange are durable


  • Heavy poop container in structure
  • Should be able to accommodate large bags
doggie dooley in-ground dog waste disposal system

Managing pet waste correctly is an essential factor to consider for pet owners. This is why the Doggie Dooley Dog Waste Disposal system might just be the perfect solution for your needs. To be specific, this unit is an environmentally safe in-ground pet waste disposal system. It is suitable for both large and small dogs, and it works just in the same way as a small septic tank.

This system leverages natural bacteria and enzyme cultures to help eliminate any dog waste on the ground. You just have to place the pet waste in the system, and add some water occasionally. It’s a neat, clean, and convenient solution for disposing of pet waste. On top of that, this unit even comes with a plastic tank, with extension panels and a foot-operated lid opener. The digester is also non-toxic and harmless mixture, which is suitable for managing pet waste. 

Even more, the plastic tank and extension panels fitted on this unit make it highly convenient for use outdoors. The foot-operated lid opener means that you can easily open the poop container system for dumping waste.


  • Environmentally safe in-ground pet waste disposal system
  • Plastic tank and extension panels included
  • Comes with foot-operated lid opener
  • Leach bed style septic system


  • Cleaning the leach bed requires lots of effort
  • The poop container should be available in many finishes


If you have pets such as dogs at home, then you need to invest in the proper waste management solution for your needs. The last thing you want is to mix pet poop, with kitchen waste or perhaps find your little one playing around with the pet waste. To avoid such issues, you should be ready to get one of the best dog poop containers outdoor for your needs. It’s a simple but convenient way for you to manage pet waste at home.

Unlike conventional trash cans, these pet containers have secure lids and spacious interior structures to provide optimal storage. Get a trash can and enjoy the benefits of keeping pet waste managed.