How Does a Hot Tub’s Filtration System Work?

You may be wondering how does a hot tub’s filtration system work. Worry not for this article will help you understand it more.

How does a hot tub’s filtration system work? First off, hot tub’s filtration system is simply a system of the equipment used to filter water in your hot tub. That means the clean and clear water that you see in your hot tub is the consequence of the transforming water into the filtration system.

The position of the hot tub’s filtration is also varied depending on the design and the function of the hot tub. For the inside hot tub’s filtration system, there is an access door in the portion of the tub where the flow of water goes by. Whereas by contrast, with the hot tub’s filtration is set up outside the hot tub, the filter media is able to get reach of the water supply. Also, whether the hot tub’s filtration system is designed inside or outside the hot tub, it still works effectively as a filter to clean water supply to your hot tub.

What types of the hot tub’s filtration system?

When it comes to the hot tub’s filtration system, it is true that there is a wide range of types to choose on the current market. Obviously, each kind of hot tub’s filtration system owns each special characteristic, thus, there will be no surplus if you take a look at these popular types and find the product that meets your own needs.

1. Cartridge style

This is the most common style of the hot tub’s filtration system in today’s market. To begin with, this is made from plastic so it is so neat and lightweight which is quickly suit to the cartridge media. Moreover, this type of filter is superior to capture the number of bacteria and other contaminants. If you are afraid of cleaning the hot tub’s filtration system, this cartridge style is surely your best choice because it can be removed, rinsed and replaced easily.

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2. Diatomaceous earth style

With the filtration system of the diatomaceous earth style, the unexpected bacteria and contaminants will be removed by the passing of water through the fine powder. In fact, this powder is made from the remains of diatoms which have been fossilized deep inside the earth

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3. Ceramic style

Regarded as the hot tub’s ceramic filter, this is now being produced for point of application purpose instead of being commonly used as the cartridge style. The advantages of ceramic filters are their ease of use, long life (if it is not broken) and affordable price. However, the possibility of recontamination stored water is quite low due to there is no chlorine residual inside.

Ceramic style

4. Sand style

Like its name, this type of filter uses sand as the filtering medium. Although it is not quite strong, it works sufficiently with other forms of water sterilization. It sets up a large ball filled with sand on the side of the hot tub. At that time, water will pass through the sand and by the way, pick up the bacteria and the debris.

Sand style

Basic information about the hot tub’s filtration system

a) The filtration cycle

This element is relating to the amount of water that passes through the hot tub’s filter. Because of the different structures of each hot tub’s filtration, you may have different control over each. And the most important thing we want to emphasize here is the quality of water thanks to this filtration cycle. There is a fact that the more water you can pump through the hot tub’s filtration system, the cleaner water you can get.

b) Circulation pumps

You should know that a circulation pump is totally different from the main pump as well as the jets in the system of hot tub’s filtration. It is only a secondary pump that is specially designed to push a small amount of water through the filter system. Specifically, these circulation pumps can run even when the main system of the hot tub’s filtration is shutting down. It can be said that the circulation pumps are the secondary pump but they play a vital role so as to maintain the water clean and prevent standing water in the hot tub.

c) The control system

If the other two elements are responsible for the direct contact and the water treatment, the control system is often represented with a panel on the hot tub. Normally, all of the specifications will be shown on the surface of the panel, you can even access all of the different features and control the filtration system conveniently.

How does the hot tub’s filtration system work?

Actually, it is not difficult when we talk about its operating cycle.

  • Firstly, the jets and the pump will push the water through the hot tub filter in order to eliminate any particles that exist in water.
  • After that, the clean water gradually appears and remember that you may even repeat the process of pumping the water through the hot tub filter a few more times. (It is true that the more water which can be pumped through the filtration system during a cycle, the cleaner water will come). 
  • Finally, after filtered at a necessary level of cleanliness, these cycles will be adjusted at a slower rate depending on the period of setting up based on the type of the bather load.
filtration system

Why do you need to clean the hot tub’s filtration regularly to make sure the quality of the water?

In general, the working cycle of the hot tub’s filtration system is quite simple. However, if the process of maintenance and filter cleaning is not appropriate, the results will not filter water quality. Naturally, when water is passed through the filter media, the filter will hold a diversity of different unwanted bacteria and other contaminants which are included in the water. Hence, if your hot tub’s filtration system is cleaned carefully, the variety of sediments, minerals, debris and bacteria which you don’t want to have will be totally cleaned up.

How to clean the hot tub’s filtration system?

Generally speaking, to clean the hot tub’s filtration system is also simple and quick. Below are all of the easiest way that you can apply for your hot tub’s filtration system:

  • The natural rinse technique: using a fountain with strong water pressure and spray it directly on the filter to remove all the dirt from the filter. You can repeat this step about once a week.
  • The chemical rinse technique: using the filter cleansing solution to remove the dirt from the filter by spraying them around the filter. After about 15 minutes of waiting for the chemical absorbed into the filter, you also use the fountain of water to rinse all of the heck out of the filter.  
  • The chemical soak technique: preparing a bucket of water so that it can completely cover the filter. And now, you add the filter cleaning solution at a reasonable amount. Then, you submerge the filter into the water bucket and let it rest within 24 hours. After that, remove your filter from the chemical soaking solution and discard that solution. Finally, rinse all of the heck out of the filter with the spraying water. 

Here is the important link you may refer to how to check and clean your hot tub’s filtration system:

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As you can see, there is a wide range of knowledge you should equip when it comes to the hot tub’s filtration system. There is no surprise that you will be a little stressed with lots of information relating to the hot tub’s filtration system if you have no chance to work with this.

However, after clearly referring the information listed above, you will be able to work with your hot tub confidently and you will feel it doesn’t matter when thinking about it. In this article, you have learned a lot of useful things about the hot tub’s filtration system. You first got familiar with the signification of the hot tub’s filtration system, its popular types in the current market as well as the most basic knowledge of one hot tub’s filtration system.

More importantly, you knew the step by step explanation of the way how a hot tub’s filtration system works and got a general knowledge of how to maintain and use your hot tub’s filtration system. We hope that you may find it necessary with all of the information listed in this article. If you have more questions or even interesting experience relating to the hot tub’s filtration system, do not hesitate to share with us at the comment section below. It’s a pleasure to provide you with the information you need to enjoy the most joyful time beside your hot tub.

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