Fire Pit Cleaning Guide : Methods to Maintaining Any Fire Pit

So, you have just recently installed a fire pit in the ideal location in your home or property. A convenient distance from the house, nearby trees and protected from the rain. Now, the big question at this point is “how do I take care of a fire pit to ensure that it provides several days of reliable performance?” Whether you have installed the fire pit DIY, or you want to build a new one, keeping it clean is vital in ensuring long-lasting performance. Read the guide below to get started:

While there are various types of tools that are suitable for maintaining and using a fire pit, some of these tools are imperative for the process. These tools will help you maintain your fire pit regardless of the season or weather patterns. They include:

  • An ash scoop – you will use this to remove ashes from the fire pit bowl. Most ash scoops are made of metal and have ergonomic handles to make them easy to carry around.
  • A long poker or tongs – these are components you will use to move logs around from the source to your given fire pit
  • A spark screen – this is a crucial safety component will reduce any issue such as charing that can be dangerous.
  • A vinyl or protective fire pit cover – you will also benefit from using a fire pit cover. This helps to protect the fire pit from exposure to rain or even snow.

Ash Removal from a Fire Pit

Perhaps the most crucial first step in cleaning a fire pit is to remove ash and debris. It is important to note that sometimes ash contains burning material, that can easily scold your finger. Being able to remove ash will help prevent any long-term damage to the fire pit. More so, you should conduct the removal process safely, because the ash might smoulder even after you put out the fire. The ash removal process from a fire pit might include:

  • Scoop the ash from the fire once the ash cools, and smouldering material cools down 
  • Have a metal bin available, which you shall use to dump the ashen in 
  • Consider dousing the ashes with water once you place them in the metal bucket 

Cleaning Different Types of Fire Pit Materials

Fire pits come in different materials, sizes and shapes, which is one of the big reasons to get one. That said, all these fire pit materials have different rules for cleaning. Here is some advice for your specific fire pit type:

  • Stone and masonry – using a scrub, clean the bowl using a brush to eliminate any soot or ash stains. Then, using some muriatic acid and some water, clean the stone using some water. Consider putting on some gloves, as you clean the fire pit. Then, clean the setup using some water, and let the pit dry for a few hours. Also, consider using a stone sealant to prevent any soot accumulation issues. 
  • Cast iron fire pits – while these types of fire pits are prone to rust, they also have unique and textural appeals that will complement your property. Thus, if you want to clean the put and still maintain its original quality, then consider using steel wool. Then, hose It out, and use a soft cloth to clean afterwards 
  • Steel pits – steel pits are also common among pit loves because they are simple to maintain. You need to clean the soot with water, and then let the setup dry. 
  • Copper – if the copper material in your pit comes with lacquer treatment, then consider using a soft cloth and soapy water to clean it. That said, if it a traditional copper pit, then consider using standard DIY practices such as using lemon and salt to clean the surface. 

Steps Involved in Cleaning a Fire Pit

  • 1. Start cleaning the pit when you determine that it is clean, and the ashes are cold because any smoulder, and you will easily get burnt. A good recommendation would be to get some gloves and remove any pieces of wood from the pit. If you need to reuse the pieces of wood, then place them store them in a cool and dry place. 
  • 2. Ash removal requires the use of a particular metal shovel to ensure the best results. Dump the ashes on a suitable surface such as a metal bucket. Any other materials, such as plastic can easily get compromised by smoulders.  
  • 3. Use a cloth to clean the interior of the fire pit, before you proceed to remove the accumulated ashes. If you come across any accumulation on the fire pit bowl, then use a soft brush to clean the surface. Then, get some soapy water and wipe the surface clean. 
  • 4. Evaluate your fire pit regularly. Failing to maintain the fire pit might lead to issue such as the accumulation of rust, which can compromise the pit performance. Even more, it might become challenging to remedy any holes that arise due to the increased levels of rust. Once you replace any such issues, get some new firewood. 

Tips for Keeping Your Fire Pit Clean

While there are various useful techniques for keeping your fire pit clean, the common ones you will come across include:

  • Use the proper material for fuel in your fire pit. The best recommendation would be to use dry and seasoned hardwood. To be specific, such type of wood will produce a small amount of smoke, and also lead to reduced clean up procedures. More so, never use wood in a gas fire pit. Also, wood materials such as pine and cedar are not reliable for fire pits. 
  • It is also recommended that you perform a deep clean of the pit every once in a while. Maintaining optimal hygiene ensures that your pit is always ready when you need it the most. 
  • For those who own stone-made fire pits, avoid using water to when you want to put out the fire. Water can lead to a sudden drop in temperature, which might compromise the structure of the pit. Thus, consider allowing the wood to burn completely, before finally dousing it with water. 


Keeping your fire pit clean is a venture with many benefits. A functional fire pit provides an excellent place for the family to gather at night, and it also enhances the value of your property. Not only does it make it easy to start a fire next time, but it also increases the longevity of the fire pit. Thus, learning about the essential fire pit maintenance tips is an excellent suggestion for your needs. Furthermore, you don’t need any special skills or a home maintenance service to help you with the process.

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