How To Make Clones Root Faster: Easy and Simple Tips for You

In the perfect natural environment, marijuana will root a lot faster compared to the unnatural settings of most industrial-grown places. If you’re growing a relatively small amount of marijuana, a fast rooting speed can be acquired even within home conditions. All of this can be done with just a small set of items which don’t force you to invest too much.

Knowing how to make clones root faster will be one of the most important things that you should know. One of the most important problems with growing marijuana is that they tend to have water shortages because they don’t have roots and thus can’t absorb water efficiently. In order to avoid that, all you need to do is trim your plants properly.

Step-by-Step Process To Make Clones Root Faster

Starting out

Don’t be worried, at first this process may be complicated but once you finally know how to make clones root faster, growing marijuana will be much easier. This is done by properly trimming your plants, but how do you do that exactly?

The first thing you should do is remove all of the leaves except the ones on the crown area, the leaves should be cut from 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter. On the plant, itself you will need to do cutting ranging from three to five inches.

Another important thing is that you should regulate the environment so that the roots grow as efficiently as possible. By keeping a constant temperature of 72 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit around the roots and top parts, you will maintain an ideal environment.

The temperature isn’t everything, you should also keep in mind that you need high humidity and moderate light intensity that has a high intensity in the blue spectrum.

Time To Trim

All of these climate conditions will encourage faster root growth which is what you should aim for. After you have established the prerequisite conditions, you should start trimming.

If you searched on other forums and sites, you have seen people warning you about not using scissors and cutting the plant while it is submerged underwater. But both of these statements are not true, you can use a scissor and you don’t need to do it underwater.

Start by lining up the crowns of your plants, sort all of them in groups that have 10 plants each and cut the end of the stems. When cutting the end of the plant’s stems, make sure that the height is equal in each plant individually.

Now you should have a rooting solution or a similar gel by your side. Dip the plants in those items and place them in sterile planting medium quickly.

Placing Marijuana In Containers And Adjusting Air Temperature

The best way is to place them in either square pots that are 1.5 to 2 inches or 1.5-inch square oasis and rock-wool cubes. Place the cutting of the marijuana in a tray and make sure that there is moisture by adding a clear plastic top.

If it happens that the shelf’s surface is cold, we recommend you to insulate it by adding a Styrofoam sheet in order to maintain a consistent temperature in the air.

If the air’s temperature is low, we recommend you to buy a horticultural heating mat which will ensure that you have the recommended temperatures. You will now have to wait sometime before uncovering the marijuana, the recommended time is to wait 3 days. Once this time has passed you can remove the top and water your plants.

Using A Fertilizer

Once you’re done with that, you should get a bottle of hydrogen peroxide which has a concentration of about 0.5%. When watering your plants for the first time, you don’t have to use any sort of fertilizers.

When you start watering for the second and third time, we recommend you to start using it. The recommended flowering formula for marijuana fertilizers is either a 15-30-15 type or a 5-8-3 type. To make this a little clearer, the essential part is to make sure that your fertilizer has a high phosphorus concentration.

When it comes to the fertilizer models, the middle number will usually point out the phosphorus concentration. Make sure that the concentration is either at 0.25% or at a level of 400 parts per million. After the third time, we recommend you to use a different formula, models that are either 18-18-21 or 16-16-16.

Lighting Your Garden

Another important thing to keep in mind is lighting, keep your garden lit up with at least 5.000-kelvin fluorescent tubes. The most popular and efficient ones are GE Chroma models. For the garden, make sure that there is about one tube per foot of width.

Make sure that there is a single 4-foot tube for every cloning space sized at 1’ x 4’. If you’re using special types of tubes like the compact fluorescent ones, we recommend you to use 13-watt lamps per square foot.

Finalizing The Process

When 7 days have passed (sometimes it may take a little longer) the roots will be visible. When this happens, make sure that the concentration of your fertilizer formula is upgraded to 800 ppm.

If you prefer to wait to plant the marijuana clones, you should keep the lights at 10 watts per square foot. At this moment, the plants will grow slowly, but over time their growth rate will increase. If you want to further increase their growth, try adding more light tubes.

Do this for an entire week and you will see that the plants are growing at a faster speed than usual. If you want, you can stabilize your plants by stabilizing the strong roots, we recommend you to get a root protector. Once you have done all of these steps, you have finally increased the tempo of your plant’s growth rate.

Common things to watch out for

We hope that our little guide has helped you with the process of cloning, but before you start doing what we recommended you to do you should check out our warnings in the following section bellow.

Growing The Clones In Water

We have mentioned before that some people tend to recommend others to grow your clones in water. Even though we don’t recommend you to do that, there are some things that you should watch out for if deciding to use water. The main reason why we don’t recommend you to use water is that algae can mess your process with ease.

While the clones are submerged and growing in water, you will notice that algae will start growing as well. This can result in the algae clogging everything up and reducing the growth rate of your plants.

In order to prevent this, we recommend you to use a simple dark container to keep the water in. By adding a black container, you won’t entirely remove the algae, but you will greatly reduce its growth rate which will be essential in the long run.

Cutting A Ripe Plant

It is possible to clone riper or flowering plants, but we recommend you to use cuttings from an area which is shaded. This is done because the buds won’t be as matured as in the other parts. And when growing clones, harder stems will certainly have a difficult time rooting. In order to properly know how to make clones root faster, we recommend you to use buds that didn’t mature that much.