How To Make Your Garden Brighter And Livelier

To many people, gardening is the only thing that helps relax their minds. It is their safe haven when they need to retreat from indoor living to interact with nature. A garden is also a place of greenery and color for some as well. If your garden is however all green, and are looking for a way to redesign it or make it livelier than it already is, you could add color to it using a few life hacks.

You can start by adding a few more elements to the garden to spice things up, and even provide a great way to engage the young ones as well. Adding things like a rock caterpillar or a garden trellis to create an outdoor study or escape area is an excellent way to make the garden livelier and more colorful. Other inexpensive and smart ways to make your garden brighter and add color to the same are discussed below.

1. Add colorful plants and flowers

This is one of the easiest and best ways to add color to the garden. Adding colorful plants and flowering plants to the garden not only adds color but also makes it more appealing. The additional plants may however mean you have to spend a few more minutes or hours in the garden.

2. Add a water feature

A water feature brings about life in the garden as well according to Outdoor Art Pros. The bubbling water not only encourages fresh growth, but also brings about a sense of calmness in the garden. Most people find spending time in a garden with a water feature more relaxing. Be sure to add a few river rocks to the water feature to facilitate proper drainage.

3. Use planters made of recycled tin cans

Coffee cans and old soup cans can be used as planters in the garden too. Be sure to clean them out properly, and pick brightly colored ones to do the trick. You could also paint dull-colored ones in the color of your choice to add more fun to it. You'll need to drill a few holes at the bottom of each can to allow drainage and enable plants to thrive.

4. Add a colorful seat

A hanging outdoor chair can be an excellent addition to your garden. You however need enough space to set this up. To make sure the chair brings color to the garden, choose brightly colored accent pillows and contracting cushions for the seat. Choose colors that complement well with the plants and flowers in the garden.

5. Create an adorable rock caterpillar

Your children will love this. Create a charming rock caterpillar to use in the garden. All you'll need is a couple of sticks, paint, some rocks, paint, and glue. You can even have the kids help you design it. Design something big or small enough based on the available space in the garden.

6. Hang a comfortable hammock

If you love reading novels or books outdoors, then this will be an excellent addition to the garden. Hang a brightly colored hammock between two or more sturdy trees for support. This should add color to the garden while providing you with a comfortable 'swing' for sunning.

7. Add decorative stepping stones

Some creativity will come in handy here. Try placing a few well-decorates stepping stones in and around the garden for additional unity in various angles. You could use any colors you like, or create a feature using the rocks.

8. Set up a colorful sun parasol

You can use this to help bring shade to the garden, and especially if one part gets lots of sun. The colorful sun parasol will serve the purpose of adding shade while making the garden bright at the same time.

9. Add mosaic solar lights

You can use mosaic solar lights to light up pathways and add color to the garden at night. These lights use up very little energy and are environment-friendly too.

10. Add bright display birdhouses

This is another clever way to make the garden more functional and colorful. You'll however need to be a little creative when designing these. The perches can be placed amongst trees and flowers. A tall privacy fence can also serve the purpose pretty well.

11. Add painted snail shells

Adding a few painted snail shells to the garden should help add some radiance in the garden as well. While snails may not be welcome in the garden, their shells will do a fantastic job of adding beauty to the same.

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