Smart Pots Reviews: The Smart Gardening Method


Here is an innovation to grow healthier and more fruitful plants in your homes. Smart Pots are now the in-thing with potted plant growers. This is because of the features and advantages they offer. They are inexpensive, light, and BPA-free. It's even rigid enough even though it's made from porous geo-textile material.

The Smart Pots allow the plant to develop better root structure. In these pots, plants can spread fibrous roots inside the container. This makes for better aeration. With this, plants can release heat much easier. It results in a much cooler and ideal growth condition. Read on to learn all about these containers in our Smart Pots reviews.


Smart Pots

  • Smart Pots improves root structure, mostly because of its porous property
  • A well-aerated root zone can regulate plant temperature
  • Smart Pots are completely portable


Smart Pots are truly recommended for practical plant growers. This patented innovation is a soft-sided, fabric aeration container. Despite its construct material, the pot possesses the rigidity to hold its shape. Being foldable, it can be handily stored in a small space. It can last from three to five years, depending on where you place it.

Allowing the roots to spread out is a smart innovation. Aerating the roots will cause the plant to release heat. This makes for a cooler plant container which is more conducive to plant health and growth.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Smart Pots For Growing Plants?

Smart Pots have porous and breathable fabrics. They are available in a variety of sizes. The porous materials serve plant roots two ways. It's useful for aeration to enable the roots to absorb more oxygen and it prevents root rot.

Over-watering without proper drainage can cause this plant disease. The Smart Pot's porous fabric will allow excess water to drain out of the pot. Currently, the best on the market for such plant containers is the Smart Pot. Here are some advantages of these innovative containers.

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Smart Pots Improves Root Structure, Mostly Because Of Its Porous Property

The air pruning of roots by the fabric causes the plant to generate new feeder roots. This provides more root surfaces that can absorb more water and nutrients. It will then allow an accelerated rate of plant growth.

A Well-Aerated Root Zone Can Regulate Plant Temperature

Since the pot is of breathable fabric on all its sides, this allows oxygen to aerate the root zones. Beneficial bacteria in the soil will thrive best in the presence of oxygen. This will definitely improve their living area around the roots. Breathability and evaporative cooling will also keep temperatures down.

Also, over-watering without drainage will kill the plant. It will encourage the growth of molds and pathogens. Smart Pots prevents this through its porous property.

Smart Pots Are Completely Portable

These containers are not heavy at all and can be easily moved to your location of choice. Sunlight could also be a factor for relocation. We've discussed its flexibility earlier. When you choose not to use them yet, just fold and store them.

How Do You Use A Smart Pot?


The unique feature of the Smart Pot is its breathable fabric construct. This allows the plant to develop a root system which is fibrous. This is not true for ceramic or clay or plastic pots. With such containers, the roots grow downwards.

As soon as the roots reach the edges of the container, the roots start growing around the interior. This causes root binding. Smart Pots allow aeration for the plant's required oxygen supply and temperature regulation.

Select The Color

With these Smart Pots, you can choose from two colors, black or tan. Dark colors absorb heat, causing warmer temperatures. Lighter colors reflect heat. So, logically, choose lighter colored pots in warmer climates where the days are long and the sun is intense. This would decrease the heat from getting to the roots.

Select The Size

Choose the size depending on what plants you will grow. For small house plants and herbs, you can use a smaller-sized pot. For vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and patio tomatoes, you can go with bigger ones. For the larger tomato vines, melons, and pumpkins, you may need the largest size. This will provide adequate growing room for your plants.

Plant And Transplant

For potting material, you can either buy the commercial mix or you can create your own mixture. You will be requiring at least 0.13 cubic feet of the mixture for each gallon. Never plant the Smart Pot into the ground. This will make it difficult for the plant roots. They won't be able to penetrate the fabric to take root in the surrounding soil.

There will be no need to transplant if you pick the right-sized pot from the start. If you leave a plant for too long in a small pot, it can lead to the bonsai effect. If you plan to transplant your plants, also get a Smart Pot Transplanter.

Water The Plants

Watering your plants in Smart Pots will depend upon the climate and weather conditions. Just remember the aeration process. The pot's breathable fabric permits air to flow into it. This will cause moisture evaporation.

This evaporation will cool the soil. This prevents heat evaporation from happening. Anytime you move your Smart Pot, water it thoroughly. Since the surface below is dry, it might cause the moisture to seep out of the pot.

Great Alternatives To Smart Pots

Smart Pots are truly amazing and beneficial. However, you may not think they're the right ones for you. You may be looking for something else. In this section, we've found some great alternatives for you. These are also fabric pots which are similar to the Smart Pots:


The 247Garden 5-Pack 7 Gallon Grow Bags is another excellent product. These pots are breathable and easy-to-use. These containers will give your plant's roots a lot of space to grow while keeping them cooler too. These pots are of BPA-free felt that's non-woven and eco-friendly.

Because these pots are breathable, they enhance plant growth allowing for healthier plants with more yield. These pots also promote a better root structure, so they will produce more root tips. They lower the occurrence of transplant shock and root circling. Here are some of its standout features you can check out:

  • Regulates the temperature of the plants.
  • Available in black or gray colors and a wide range of different sizes.
  • The set comes with 5 fabric pots.


This pot is a different kind of fabric pot because it has handles. It's a versatile, affordable, reusable, and lightweight. It's made from porous fabric which is breathable. It will allow your plants to flourish as they grow. It promotes healthy roots which lead to dynamic plant growth.

The construction of this pot will permit it to conform to any terrain. This feature makes it ideal for use in any kind of growing area. The pot is of durable fabric and even has toughened seams. You won't have to worry about them tearing even if you plant heavy crops. Take a look at more great features:

  • Allows for excellent drainage and aeration.
  • It will keep the plant warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer.
  • It's huge and has handles for added convenience.


Here's another kind of fabric pot with handles. But unlike the previous one, this one comes in a set of 5 pots. These pots are durable, breathable, and easy to move around. The fabric of the pots allows for cool, oxygenated soil, which is excellent for root growth.

With these pots, your plants will develop robust roots with lots of fibers. Because of this, you won't even need to prune regularly to keep them healthy. The pots are flexible and biodegradable too. And they provide a lot of space for your plant to absorb water and minerals. Consider these other great features:

  • Made of soil-friendly fabric that's also UV-resistant.
  • Durable, lightweight, and portable.
  • Comes with a warranty good for 3 years.


The Smart Pot's success is its fabric. It's designed to produce very healthy and productive plants. But this is really not a new product. Plant growers have been raising their trees in fabric containers for almost 25 years. Why? Because trees grown in fabric containers are healthier and bigger.

As it's now patented, more growers are using Smart Pots for their plants. Root growth is the Smart Pot's main concern. A healthy root system will lead to stronger plants. This is brought about by good aeration and drainage. All these features aren't found in plastic pots, making Smart Pots the better choice.

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