30 Awesome Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas for Your Backyard

You’ve had a long day at work and are looking forward to getting home and slipping into your hot tub. Only when you get there you notice a nosy neighbor watching you through their window, or the sun is too hot or the wind too cold. Don’t give up on your hot tub just yet – you can have many long and wonderful soaks in it if you invest in a hot tub enclosure. Hot tubs are in themselves luxuries and the idea of investing a few thousand dollars more on an enclosure may seem like something that you can do without, but stop and consider the benefits.

What do you get by installing a hot tub enclosure?

  • Privacy : In this day and age when a simple image can go viral and wreak havoc to your reputation privacy is something that more and more people are willing to invest in. You may have done a lot to secure the privacy of your phone, your computer and even your home, but have you ever thought about people who may be watching you as you do something as innocent as soak in your hot tub? So long as it is located outdoors there is a chance that one day someone will invade your privacy. You can easily stop this happening by having a hot tub enclosure installed. You will be safe from prying eyes at all times.
  • You protect your tub from the elements : If you have spent a few thousand dollars on a hot tub you want to have it for as long as possible. Unfortunately, so long as it is exposed to the elements you can expect it to age rather fast – during summer the sun can cause parts to dry and crack, and when it rains or snows some bits may buckle and warp. Any damage will affect the functionality of your hot tub. If you want it to last a long time you should have an enclosure built over it.
  • You protect yourself from the elements : When the weather changes you may find it challenging to use your hot tub – how do enjoy a comfortable soak on a sunny day or a cold one? You may not reap the full value of your hot tub if you are only able to use it a few months every year. You can easily make it comfortable year-round by having a hot tub enclosure built over it. It will keep out the sun, wind, rain and snow and you can relax any time you like.
  • You add to the value of your property : Installing a hot tub instantly increases the value of any property; installing a hot tub enclosure drives the value even higher. You have to make sure that they hot tub enclosure is stylish and enhances the appearance of your home. If you plan to sell, and want to make a little more money you should consider installing a hot tub enclosure.
  • Protect the tub from falling debris : One of the most common reasons for problems with outdoor hot tubs is falling debris. Pools are built with systems that keep out debris such as leaves and twigs, but not hot tubs. It will end up in the pipes and will eventually clog up the system rendering it unusable. An enclosure is the perfect way to make sure that no foreign matter gets into your outdoor spa.
  • An enclosure can be more than an enclosure : Depending on how creative you are your hot tub enclosure can be more than a mere covering for your tub. There are many designs that are created with aesthetics and functionality in mind. Who says that you cannot have an inbuilt bar into your hot tub enclosure? Or a small dining area? A place to entertain friends perhaps? Your enclosure can be anything that you want it to be, so when it comes to design you shouldn’t limit yourself.
  • What are the benefits of owning a hot tub?  : You may not have a hot tub at home, and may be wondering why you should install one – why not go to the spa every time you need a soak? The primary reason why so many people choose to have hot tubs at home is the health benefits. They are great for stress relief and they help people who suffer arthritis and other joint problems. They are also great for aching muscles and they have been shown to help with weight loss. They are beneficial for people who suffer high blood pressure and insomnia.Imagine that every time you want to enjoy these benefits you have to go to the spa. In just a few months you will have spent more money than it would cost to install your own hot tub at home. A home hot tub is a one-off investment that will serve you well for years to come. So long as you choose a good brand and have it properly installed you will not need to do more than basic maintenance.

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30 best hot tub enclosures for 2019

1. Simple pergola enclosure

wood hot tubs kits

Pergolas have been with us for a long time – they are an aesthetic addition to any backyard. This simple pergola hot tub enclosure is a great way to get some privacy while keeping out the elements and debris.

hot tub landscaping

If you want to step things up why not install this enclosure? It is made of easy-to-get materials but the final effect is stunningly royal!

hot tub on deck

What better way to end a long day that on an exotic island? You can bring Hawaii right to your backyard with this hot tub enclosure idea. Deck it out as you want. It also makes for a great centerpiece whenever you have a luau.

garden hot tubs

You may want to enjoy privacy in your hot tub and at the same time have a full view of your backyard. This hot tub enclosure does just that. It is simple and affordable and you can have it up in no time.

tub enclosure

Do you like the simplicity of African hut architecture? You can bring it right to your backyard by enclosing your hot tub with a thatch roof. Don’t worry – the thatch is made of material that doesn’t drop debris into your tub.

deck with hot tubs

This one is for the homeowner who is looking for more than a hot tub enclosure – it is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your backyard, and it will have a big impact on the value of your property.

hot tub decking ideas

There are many ways that you can build a hot tub pergola enclosure. This one is not so much for protecting you from the elements or for privacy, but it will add a touch of class to your backyard and it creates a great area for entertaining guests.

building your own hot tub

If you have been thinking of building an outdoor bar and now you find yourself in need of a hot tub enclosure why not combine the two? There are excellent designs available that blend pergola enclosures and outdoor bars.

hot tub deck plans

Your backyard doesn’t have much of a view and you are wondering what you can do with an outdoor hot tub to give it the extra kick that it needs. This is the perfect bathtub enclosure for those who like privacy and want to add a touch of class to their property.

hot tub pergola

You want to enclose your hot tub but aren’t too keen to install an elaborate structure. This simple canvas enclosure is easy to install and bring down, and it is also easy on your bank account.

build your own hot tubs

This is another simple hot tub enclosure that will not cost you a lot of money, and you can bring it down any time you want. You can increase the size of the tent to include an entertainment area.

spa gazeebos

If you are really keen to create a unique look in your backyard this is one way to do it. The enclosure is made from reinforced glass so it will not break.

build you own hot tub

Igloos are found in the coldest place on earth but they have a certain romantic allure. You can bring an igloo right to your backyard with this simple hot tub enclosure – all it requires is a special frame and clear cover, and you can make it big enough to entertain in.

hot tubs decks ideas

This one is for the homeowner who wants to have a hot tub and enclosure up in the shortest time possible. It is an inflatable hot tub, and the enclosure itself is made of simple wood to keep out prying eyes, debris and keep your installation safe from the elements.

how to build a hot tub

If other hot tub enclosures have failed to keep out nosy neighbors this one is sure to get the job done. It is made of stone and concrete which is stylishly designed into a spiral complete with a staircase.

wood hot tub kit

You don’t have to have a lot of space in your backyard to have a hot tub and an enclosure. This one fits neatly into one of the corners of your home, and the wood gives it a simple but elegant look.

deck with hot tub

If you are not limited by your budget this is a great idea – not only do you get total privacy, you also create a great outdoor dining area, where you can install a  TV to watch games with friends.

build your own hot tub

This is a beautiful hot tub enclosure, but it isn’t recommended if your main concern is privacy – you will not be safe from peeping toms, but you will be able to keep out debris from the vegetation around your hot tub.

backyard hot tub

If you love wood, and if you think it will improve the appearance of your hot tub this enclosure is perfect for you. Make sure that the wood is properly treated to prevent rot, warping and buckling.

hot tub ideas

Sometimes you come across a design so compelling that you abandon your original plans and go with it. This is one of those hot tub designs that will turn any backyard into a stunning area. You can buy a tarp to cover the hot tub when not in use.

tub surround ideas

There is no shortage of wood hot tub enclosures, and if you are a fan of simple design you will definitely love this one – clean and uncluttered.

hot tub deck ideas

If you have a big backyard why not use it to create the perfect outdoor rest area complete with a hot tub? This hot tub enclosure idea will cost you quite a bit of money but it is the perfect place to entertain or simply spend hours out of doors.  

enclosed patio ideas

You can still do wonderful things with a small backyard. This stunning design is made for a small hot tub, but the wood around it will redefine not just your backyard but your property too. If you like you can install a small bar.

enclosed gazebo

This hot tub enclosure design may not keep away nosy neighbors, but it will make your home look beautiful. It can be put together in a few simple steps, and after use it can be covered to keep away debris.

homemade hot tub

This one is perfect if you don’t have lots of space in your backyard – it will not cost you much but the overall effect is great, and the tent at the top will keep off debris. If you would like to make it more private you can install curtains.

tub enclosures

For some, a hot tub is just that – a place where they can soak away the cares of the day. If you are of this school of thought then maybe a simple canvas enclosure like this one will suffice.

hot tub enclosures

This one is perfect if you live in a two-storey home with a small backyard. You will have a beautiful addition on your property that also keeps your hot tub safe from the elements and debris.

cheap hot tubs

If you will be spending money on a gazebo why not include a hot tub to go with it? Gazebos make for perfect enclosures for many things in your backyard and a hot tub can be one of them.

hot tub gazebo

This is a very simple hot tub enclosure idea that you can have built in a few days but it will have a lasting effect on your property. You can use the extra room for a bar or as a dining area.

diy hot tub

Your gazebo doesn’t have to be a simple structure – you can make it look classy and exotic with a few simple touches, and it will provide perfect cover for your hot tub.


Hot tub enclosure ideas are numerous – you are only limited by your imagination. If you come across an idea that you love but that looks expensive you should explore it further to see whether you can have it done on a smaller budge. If you find a good contractor they will ask you to provide materials and you can pay for labor in installments. Make sure you buy a high quality hot tub; you don’t want one that will fall apart soon after you have built a beautiful enclosure for it.

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