The Benefits Of Using An Ethanol Fireplace

If you are looking to heat up a room in the modern world, using an ethanol fireplace will probably be first on the list. And the reason why ethanol fireplaces enjoy such popularity can be divided into three distinct benefits. So, if the thought of buying one has crossed your mind, and you want a little more info on why it’s a good investment, this article is for you.

In regards to the consultations we provide about ethanol fireplaces, these are the factors we typically share with clients.

  • No ventilation is required, given that there is no soot, ash or smoke involved
  • The flames are real and the heat they provide can make a significant difference
  • They are more than just a little convenient

No Ventilation Requirements

There is no getting around the fact that installing a chimney can get expensive. It’s also the main reason why people consider ethanol fireplaces first. Without any ventilation requirements, there is no need to call a contractor. And in some cases, homes simply can’t be adapted for a chimney.

But with an ethanol fireplace, you are burning fuel that doesn’t produce smoke, soot, or even ashes. In other words, you are working with the cleanest possible flames, and you can light it in any room you like.

Unlike conventional woodburning stoves, you won’t have to clean up afterward or worry about anything getting released into the air. Seeing as the is ultimately made of water, heat, and a very low amount of Carbon Dioxide, there’s nothing dangerous left behind.

The Flames Are Real And The Heat Significant

An ethanol fireplace isn’t your only alternative to traditional fireplaces. There is also the electrical option, although there are no flames involved. For some, the authenticity of the flames from an ethanol fireplace not only heats the room, but they create a special atmosphere.

One of the most common questions we get is whether the flames are indeed authentic, and the answer is always yes. In fact, you can expect vibrant and slow burning flames that can produce up to 2 – 2 kW of heat. This can be compared to a radiator that’s functioning on max.

Also consider the fact that without ventilation, there is no heat loss. All the heat goes where you need it and nothing gets wasted.

They Are More Than Just Convenient

Getting heat into a room doesn’t get any easier than using an ethanol fireplace for your home. It’s user-friendly and the installation a piece of cake.

For example, the freestanding model doesn’t require any type of installation. And when you want one that is wall-mounted, you are looking at a basic bracket installation, much like you would use with a flat-screen television. On the more complex side, you can install one into the wall, and it will still be more affordable than a traditional fireplace.

After taking all these benefits into consideration, add to them the convenience of use. Just some fuel and a light are all you need. And when you’re finished, smother the flame with the lid and save the rest of the bioethanol fuel.