Best Electric Weed Wacker : Buyer’s Guide

We all want to purchase useful tools that make work at home easy, and there are few instances that this could be truer than with the tools we use in your lawns. String trimmers have become vital aspects of property and yard care today, and some brands provide exceptional design features.

A string trimmer lets you make quick work of any thick grass, brush or small bushes. It’s a much more convenient form of a lawn mower, and you get to customize various settings to suit your needs. 

Thus, how do you determine which string trimmer is most appropriate for your needs? Well, we have developed this comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision.

​Electric Weed Wacker Buying Guide

Engine Type

Overall, the most crucial factor to consider when getting a string trimmer relates to the performance of the motor. This is because the tool will be dictating various other vital decisions that you make. The two main types of engines that you will come across are the electric and gas-powered types. The electric models with function either off a rechargeable battery or perhaps through the use of a traditional cord, which you plug into a power outlet. 

As far as the gas-powered models go, these tend to be robust and suitable for working on large areas. Furthermore, they require fuel and are sometimes challenging to maintain. More so, the gas-powered models are often much louder and can produce some emissions during operation. 

The electric string trimmer might be less powerful, but they often have many unique features that you can consider. For instance, some have motors that can provide varying levels of torque and power output. The battery-powered types will give exceptional levels of mobility but might require constant recharging. Also, the corded types can be limiting in terms of the range you can move around with the tool when working. 

Feed System

There are two common types of feed systems you will find in string trimmers. The feed system is a mechanism that controls the amount of string that comes out from the head. More so, the conventional technique is referred to as a “bump feed.” The bump feed means that you have to press down on the guard through a bumping motion to help release the line. Such a unique design helps to provide increased control over the amount of line you can use. This is a significant benefit if you are aware of the specific techniques involved in using the tool. That said, such a design might also increase the likelihood of compromising the trimmer because you have to apply force to adjust the functionality. 

The other type of feed system is referred to as an automatic feed. This is because the trimmer extends the feed line as you cut through the grass. Most of the systems leverage the centrifugal force of the spinning to the line to release more of the line as it breaks down. One of the main benefits of this type is that you don’t have to intervene to keep the tool trimming. That said, these types tend to be challenging to fix when broken, and also provide limited control.

Cutting Width

Every string trimmer has a cutting width, which is measured in inches. It’s a metric used to refer to the space in which the trimmer can cut grass without moving it around. Thus, a large cutting width means that you can cut a large surface area with minimal effort. Also, the cutting width determines the rate and speed at which you can tackle lawn care jobs. Similarly, smaller cutting widths are ideal for small yards and also mean that the trimmer is likely to be compact, as well as easy to use.

That said, the size of the weed wacker is not always proportional to the size of the weed wacker. This is because the key factors to consider include your comfort level, physical ability, and your specific work needs. Choosing a large or small unit could to various issues, so make sure you go for the correct size.

Convertible Configurations

Most string trimmers today provide added functionality in the form of interchangeable configurations. When you want to buy one of these tools, you are likely going to come across a tool that is easy to convert from a trimmer to an edger. This is a tool that makes it easy to trim precise cuttings within your lawn. These include places such as where the grass gets in contact with sidewalks, and are not easy to access. Any weed wacker that provides this functionality should come with at least a single wheel, to make it easy to use in the edger mode. 

Even though this function is not vital towards the essential functionality of a weed wacker, it can make your work easier in many ways. For instance, it will eliminate the need for owning many tools, and can also provide a lot of saved time. Also, these types of configurations are vital factors in the performance of weed wackers.

Safety Features

Safety is crucial when you want to choose the best power tool for your lawn care needs. Fortunately, most, if not all, weed wackers on the market today have various unique safety features. The first safety aspect to consider would be the presence of a safety guard around the head of the tool. Some brands may come with small guards, which are suitable for users with experience in using string trimmers. You should ensure that the string trimmer keeps you far from the head during operation for optimal safety.

Weight and Size

Being able to choose a string trimmer of the appropriate size is also vital. The trimmer should have a reasonable weight, especially in relation to aspects such as body weight and structure. This way, you get a weed wacker that suits your needs, thus taking your cutting performance to the next level. If you have any issues such as physical disabilities, then consider going for compact and lightweight tools. However, the small weed wacker tend to provide less power and functionality as compared to the large ones.

Other Factors to Consider

Some electric weed wacker can comprise of several tools in one component. You are likely to come across tools that you can use as a leaf blower or edge trimmer. However, the main issue with such tool types is that they tend to provide limited functionality. Thus a stand-alone might be inconveniencing, but you are sure of accessing a feature-rich tool.

Also, you must check the handle positions and design. The design of the handle plays a significant role in your performance and ability to cut the grass. Ease of use is a vital factor that you should never ignore. This is because it will determine the effectiveness of the tool and how well you can use it on your lawn or yard.

​Top 8 Electric Weed Wacker Reviews

black+decker beste620

Getting rid of weed from your property has never been this easy. The BLACK + DECKER BESTE620 Electric string line is an excellent recommendation for your needs. This unit comes with an easy feed mechanism that makes it easy to advance the line with a push of a button. Even more, the inclusion of a powerful 6.5-amp motor and transmission drive offers optimal performance. This way, you can trim overgrowth and the toughest of weeds with ease. 

Even more, the 2 in 1 trim edge with wheeled edge guide means that you can achieve exceptional weed trimming results. Converting this unit is also simple because you just rotate it to change from a trimmer to a wheeled edge. You will also appreciate the lightweight design with an adjustable handle and height positions. This way, you can enjoy optimal comfort and control when using the string trimmer. 

The BLACK and DECKER brand has also done well to incorporate this tool with a cord retention system. It helps to prevent accidental cord disconnection, thus making this tool highly convenient for your needs.


  • Easy feed makes it easy to advance the line
  • 6.5-amp motor and power drive transmission
  • 2 in 1 trim or edge with wheeled guide
  • Lightweight design with adjustable handle


  • Could use a better variable handle design
  • The motor heats up when used for long durations
black+decker string trimmer st8600

With the BLACK + DECKER ST8500 string trimmer, you are sure of a powerful tool for taking care of your lawns. The unique combination of features on this unit makes it an excellent addition to your gardening regimen. For instance, this unit can offer optimal performance to power through the toughest of weeds, overgrowth, and grass. Additionally, the robust 5.0-amp motor and power drive transmission means that you have adequate power for various types of lawn care projects.

Also, this unit has an automatic feed spool AFS that automatically feeds the trimmer line as required. You will also appreciate the adjustable height and pivoting handle that make this tool a dynamic solution for your needs. It even comes with an edge guide that ensures precise edging results, and with a 7700rpm speed rate.

Similar to all high-quality weed wackers on the market, this unit has a cord retention system that stops any accidental cord disconnections.


  • Powerful 5.0-amp motor
  • Automatic feed spool AFS feed trimmer line as required
  • Edge guide offers precise edging and 7,700 rpm
  • Adjustable height and pivoting handle positions


  • Motor heats up significantly during operation
  • Adjusting the length of the handle is not easy

Best Between $50 and $100

worx wg163

Make lawn mowing a fun experience each time with the WORX WG163 cordless string trimmer. This unit quickly converts from an inline wheeled edger, and back again. Thus, such a dynamic design is convenient, because you don’t have to buy an edger or separate trimmer. More so, the unique command feed spool system produces the line with just the simple push of a button. To make this weed wacker simple to use, the WORX brand has included rubberized wheels. These wheels provide optimal traction and support for even and professional-looking lines when hedging. 

Furthermore, the head can also tilt 90 degrees, such that you can even trim uneven sections of the lawn. With its adjustable spacer guard, this best power tool will keep you from whopping the tops of plants or flowers. Weighing in at just 5.3 lbs., you can use this tool to trim and edge without any fatigue. The tool even comes with reliable batteries, which you can provide years of reliable tool performance.

The WG163 also has an outstanding 7600 rpm no-load speed and 12” cutting diameter, which makes it ideal for large scale mowing projects.


  • 2 in 1 design converts in easily in seconds
  • Instant feed line with the innovative push-button spool system
  • Two sturdy and lightweight batteries included
  • Rubberized wheels and spacer guard for precise cuts


  • The wheels make this unit heavy for some users
  • The instant feed line is difficult to maintain when tangled
black+decker lste525

Unlock an array of endless possibilities for your lawn with the BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 easy feed string trimmer. This tool is the perfect solution for trimming areas with large overgrowth after mowing. More so, the tool is also suitable for cutting along borders, sidewalks, and flower beds. 

It comes with a Power Drive Transmission, which offers improved torque during the cutting process. More so, the 2-speed control makes it easy to choose between more power and extended run time. As a dynamic tool for lawn care purposes, this unit is easy to convert from a trimmer to a wheeled edger. 

The string trimmer even comes with an EASY FEED mechanism, which makes it easy to advance your line with a push of a button. No bumping is required, thus making it simple to use. With its premium micro texture soft grip, this tool offers optimal comfort and control when in use. Furthermore, it even has an adjustable height and handles for enhanced user comfort. The manufacturer of this power tool have also done well to include additional components such as the charger and guard for your convenience.


  • Power drive transmission for optimal torque
  • Two-speed control for mower power and runtime
  • Easy feed makes it easy to advance the line
  • 12-inch cutting swath


  • Takes a significant amount of time to achieve a full charge
  • Two speed control is limiting for some

Best Above $100

greenworks g-max

The GreenWorks G-MAX 40V cordless string trimmer is an excellent solution for your unique lawn care needs. This unit can provide an exceptional 45-minute run time, and with a fully charged 2. AH, battery. More so, it comes with an innovative axial fan design that can produce speeds of 100MPH and 390CFM to handle tough clearing jobs. Designed to be lightweight and easy to use, this electric weed wacker is the perfect way for you to address lawn care tasks.

To make things better, this power tool features an adjustable auxiliary handle for optimal user comfort. It also features a front mount motor for enhanced balance when working on weed wacking projects. On top of that, this tool has a variable speed trigger to deliver power on demand. As one of the best power tools on the market, this unit offers ease of use and comfortable operation. 

The 40V axial blower also has a variable speed trigger and cruise control function for convenient tool control. On top of that, the battery also charges fast and can provide several hours of reliable power for your tool.


  • Innovative axial fan design delivers 390CFM
  • Lightweight and easy to use design
  • Adjustable auxiliary handle for optimal comfort
  • 45 minutes run time with a fully charged battery


  • The charging cord could be longer
  • The battery takes a lot of time for a full charge
black+decker mtc220

Have you heard of an all in one tool that can handle various tasks? Well, this is what you can expect when using the BLACK+DECKER MTC220, which is a heavy-duty and reliable tool for your needs. The tool classifies as a 3 in 1, whereby it can be used as a string trimmer, edger, lawnmower, and more. Furthermore, the MTC220 also features an Automatic Feed System (AFS), which provides continuous operation without bumping or having to stop.

With the unique power drive transmission, this unit does well to prevent the issues of bogging down. Furthermore, the adjustable-height deck and trimmer design make this tool reliable for your weed cutting needs. Thanks to its small footprint design, this tool is ideal for various modern spaces. It's also an excellent solution for homes that have limited storage space. While this unit offers cordless functionality, there is also a corded version.

The tool also comes with a foot pedal release, which makes it easy to perform quick insertion and removal of the trimmer as adjusting the tool functionality. You will also appreciate the mower deck that offers two height adjustment options, which can lower all four wheels. Moreover, the 12-inch trimmer also comes with a gear-driven transmission that does well to maintain the speed of the tool as you use it. Best of all, this unit is also ergonomic, with adjustable height and handle structures for optimal performance.


  • Automatic Feed System (AFS) ensures continuous work
  • Power drive transmission prevents bogging down
  • All in one mower handles many tasks
  • Comes with two batteries for extended run time


  • The mower is somewhat heavy for some users
  • The automatic feed system is prone to damage
dewalt dcst925m1 string trimmer

The DEWALT DCST925M1 string trimmer offers the perfect way to trim grass and take good care of your lawn. Designed to both sturdy and lightweight at the same time, this tool makes quick work of any brush, grass, or small plants. It is easy to see why the DCST925M1 is one of the best tools to add to your lawn care regimen. 

As one of the best string trimmers on the market, this unit has a heavy-duty design that offers years of reliable performance. The DEWALT brand has also done well to include ergonomic handles, which make the tool more comfortable to use. The string trimmer is more efficient, and won’t require any bump stops to feed the line. 

The cutting width is an essential factor to consider when choosing a string trimmer. This is why the DCST925M1 offers the best cutting width, along with various other unique grass cutting functions. For instance, it can deliver an exceptional 13-inch cutting swath, which helps to reduce your average cutting time. Even more, the rugged gear drive transmission design does well to cut through most types of overgrowth. If you have a large lawn, you will also appreciate the unique features that are available in this unit. It has a variable trigger with high and low-speed control for optimal power.


  • 13-inch cutting swatch reduces average cutting time
  • Gear drive transmission design is powerful
  • Variable trigger with high and low-speed control
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design


  • Motor heats up when used for long durations
  • The speed control metrics are not well indicated
worx wg170 gt revolution

Lawn mowing has become a simple task nowadays. This is all thanks to reliable tools such a the WORX WG170 GT revolution mower. This unit has a design that delivers exceptional levels of power, precision, and functionality. It comes with a lithium-ion battery that ensures the machine offers extended run time and power.

Furthermore, the 12-inch cutting diameter means more trimming, and less time required. To make things better, the WG170 also converts easily from an edger in seconds, and it also comes with dual positioned wheels. These wheels make edging a simple task.

You will also appreciate the innovative Command FeedTM instant line system that ensures you cut at the right place. Even more, you can turn the trimmer head with just a simple pull and twist to lock. Equipped with a MAX lithium battery, you can be sure of optimal power and improved run times. The battery charges to full in three hours and does not have any discharge issues. 

If you have struggled in the past with having to bump the tool to extend the line, the WG170 offers the perfect solution for your needs. It comes with a single line feed, which means that you don’t have to bump the tool to extend the line. On top of that, an adjustable space guard does well to protect vegetation, and also functions as an edger guide.


  • 3 in 1 flexibility includes trimmer, edger, and mower
  • Rubberized twin wheel can support and guide the edger
  • A telescopic shaft which you can adjust to suit the user`s height
  • Adjustable spacer guard protects ornaments and flowers


  • The handles are not ergonomic
  • Adjusting the spacer guard requires experience

Final Verdict

Whether you have a yard or lawn, being able to keep cut your plants is crucial to the appeal and usability of your space. If you want to host barbeques, get-togethers, or simply have a serene space for your family to use, then it's good to cut any unwanted weeds. This is why the best electric weed wacker is an excellent solution for your needs. We have identified various key string trimmer models for you to consider, and some key features as well.

Choosing a good weed wacker will improve your ability to keep your lawn maintained, and the value of your property as well. Get a good weed wacker and enjoy the benefits of a convenient DIY tool for your needs.