Best String Trimmer Line – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

A string trimmer is a tool that can access places that even a lawnmower can't, and it can make quick work of tall weeds or grass that might affect the performance of a mower. It’s the perfect tool for keeping the edges of your garden and walkways neat. When buying a string trimmer, there are various vital factors to consider to ensure the best performance results. A weed cutter is only as good as the quality of string you choose for your needs.

Did you know that the specific characteristics of a trimmer line can determine the quality of your cuts and ability to maw the lawn? Trimmer lines are available in many different sizes and shapes, to suit heavier or lighter jobs. Before choosing a suitable trimmer line, you may have to consider various vital features. For instance, the size of your yard and the thickness of the grass are key factors to start with. The main reason for this would be because there are various types of trimmer lines, which suit as many different applications.

Best String Trimmer Line Buyers Guide

Before buying the best weed cutter line for your needs, you have to consider various vital factors. Considering these factors will ensure that you get a line that suits the vegetation in your yard or lawn. These factors include

Trimmer Line Styles

The weed cutter lines classify into a few main categories, with each of them having specific characteristics. They include:

Round Trimmer Line

Did you get a trimmer to cut grass edges and eliminate weeds from your property? Or does your yard contain a small number of weeds that are relatively simple to cut? Well, the round trimmer lines are suitable for your needs. The round trimmer line is the standard and basic shape, which won’t get damaged due to overuse. Thus, the round trimmer lines are suitable for small and residential lawn care projects. More so, these types of lines are less prone to damage.

Multi-sided Trimmer Line

Do you have a big yard, with thick weeds, or do you perhaps need a trimmer that can work on a commercial project? Well, the multi-sided trimmer lines are suitable for medium-sized lawn jobs. More so, the multi-sided trimmer lines come with several sides, which will provide clean-cut results each time. These lines are most often available in the shape of a star, square or pentagon. Furthermore, these trimmer lines work well to slice through thick weeds efficiently. That said, the multi-sided trimmer lines are prone to breaking, especially when exposed to extreme abrasive conditions such as stony areas.

Serrated Trimmer line

The serrated trimmer lines are suitable for people who have large properties with lots of weeds. Furthermore, these types of trimmers are also ideal for people who want a string trimmer which is ideal for commercial purposes. The serrated trimmer lines are suitable for large scale jobs such as cutting weeds. Usually, they consist of edges that are sharp like a knife, and this works well to cut through grass and thick brush. These types of trimmer also have more cutting power and are suitable for medium to large cutting jobs.

Twisted Trimmer Line

If your property experiences lots of thick weeds, then consider going for a trimmer with a rugged design. The twisted trimmer line is suitable for heavy-duty applications, such as yards with thick weeds. Besides that, the trimmer line provides additional strength, efficiency and can reduce noise levels. It is considered as a significant improvement to the rounded types and will provide improved durability as well. This trimmer line will also produce a small amount of vibration, while also ensuring a cleaner cut. 

Line Diameter

Trimmer lines classify into many categories when it comes to line diameter and weight. A large diameter will provide improved cutting power and durability when cutting weeds or grass. A lightweight string trimmer is only suitable for use in places where there is a small amount of weeds. That said, each trimmer can only accommodate a specific line diameter size. The common line diameter sizes include:

  • Light work – suitable for residential areas with large lawns and lighter weeds

  • Medium work – ideal for large back, front yards or gardens that have thick weeds

  • Heavy work – ideal for industrial landscaping, golf courses and various other types of areas that require trimming such as golf courses

Diameter size

  • Light-medium work: 0.060 inches – 0.085 inches

  • Medium-heavy work: 0.080 inches – 0.101 inches

  • Very heavy work: 0.110+ inches

Material Construction

An essential aspect of any good string trimmer should be the quality of material used to make the line. In most cases, the high-quality lines are made using various types of materials including polyester, vinyl and more. Choose a material that is highly durable, and can provide years of reliable performance when cutting. Also, go for a string trimmer material that offers exceptional performance regardless of the nature of the terrain. The trimmer should be powerful enough to cut through thick grass, even when the sun is boiling hot. The line should also be efficient enough to cut when the grass is wet.

Best String Trimmer Line Reviews

Top Pick

anleolife 1-pound commercial square

Discover the excellence of using the Anleolife 1-pound string trimmer line, which makes quick work of thick brush and grass. The inclusion of the multi-side cords on this unit will easily slice through heavier weeds and grass. Thus, with this best string trimmer line, you can be sure of reduced cutting time and improved cutter performance. Even more, the string trimmer line is made using sturdy 66 copolymer material, which is a laminated material for optimal impact and strength.

The string trimmer is also an excellent replacement line, on the various types of weed cutters on the market. These include the Ryobi, Husqvarna, Echo and Stihl Brands. To make things better, this best string trimmer is robust, efficient and easy to use. Thus, the string trimmer line does well to keep your garden neat and tidy at all times. The Anleolife brand has also done well to include the entire set with additional cutting tools for making quick line cuts


  • Multi side cords slice through heavy weed and thick grass
  • Made using tough 66 nylon copolymer
  • Perfect replacement on gas and electric trimmers
  • Robust, efficient and easy to use


  • N/A

Other Top Picks

oregon 22-895 magnum gatorline

Tackle any grass trimming job with confidence by using the Oregon 22 Gatorline. This string trimmer line is designed to meet specific lawn care projects, and it's also simple to use. You will be pleased that this line is available in various variations which include the Platinum, magnum, gatorline and Oregon versions. Designed to provide heavy-duty and reliable performance, the Oregon 22 is durable and can make quick work of most types of plants and weeds. The string trimmer comes with an outer layer that does well to prevent issues such as welding.

With its user-friendly doughnut design, the cable is less likely to get entangled, especially during the cutting process. The high strength inner core structure of this unit also resistant breaking and can offer years of reliable cutting performance. Even more, the string trimmer line has an armoured exterior that solves the issues associated with using conventional trimmer line designs.

The high resistance design is durable against issues such as abrasion and breakage, while also improving the overall performance of the trimmer line. The flexible core offers exceptional durability, and it's engineered to resist temperatures of as much as 450 F.


  • Heavy-duty, professional and dual polymer trimmer line
  • User-friendly doughnut design will cause minimal tangles
  • High strength inner core that resists breakage
  • Long life and excellent strength trimmer line structure


  • Only suitable for some specific weed cutter brands
  • Slippery on the hands when wet
weed warrior 17068

Are you searching for the best way to improve the performance of your weed cutter? Well, the Weed Warrior 17068 string trimmer line might be an excellent place for you to start. The weed trimmer comes with a universal fit design, that is suitable for curved and straight shaft gas trimmers. Furthermore, the dynamic trimmer lines work well for trimming and edging different types of grass. 

The Weed Warrior brand has done well to incorporate the line with an aerodynamic twist that helps to reduce any drag when cutting. With its unique bi-component design, this unit makes up for a flexible line with hard corners and enhanced durability. The pulverize bi-component line is also made using high-quality material, which is strong enough for edging applications and more.


  • Universal fit for curved and straight gas trimmers
  • Used for trimming and edging grass
  • Designed to last longer than most trimmer line designs
  • Aerodynamic twist shape for enhanced cutting performance


  • Reduced performance when cutting wet grass
  • Suitable for some specific weed cutter brands
arnold maxi-edge trimmer line

Constructed using a durable polymer material, the Arnold Maxi Edge Trimmer line is the perfect way to cut grass and maintain your lawn. This unit is ideal for bigger jobs and more frequent cutting applications. In fact, the Arnold Maxi Edge can cut three times more area than the conventional residential lines. It also has an edged line shape that improves the cutting performance. Thanks to the heavy-duty design of the trimmer line, you can be sure that it perfect for cutting around decks. 

While it's inevitable that string trimmer requires replacement at some point, you can be sure that this particular trimmer is available with replacement fills. The trimmer line is available with an exceptional 140 ft line that you can use as a replacement.


  • Fits most straight and curved shaft string trimmers
  • Comes with seven refills of 140 ft
  • Durable polymer material construction


  • N/A
ego power al2450s

Discover the excellence of the Ego POWER + AL2450S 50M 2.4 Premium quality twist line. Consisting of as much as 160 ft of professional-grade twisted line, this unit makes up for the perfect addition to your lawn care regimen. It is compatible with the conventional EGO power string trimmers and is simple to install as well. Unlike most string trimmers that break down after a few couple applications of use, this unit will provide years of reliable longevity.

Furthermore, the string trimmer is also simple to install and can provide exceptional cutting efficiency for thick grass and brush. As one of the best string trimmer lines, this unit is durable even when used in the boiling sun. It also works well with the conventional weed cutters available on the market and is easy to install.


  • 160 ft of professional-grade twisted line
  • Compatible with various types of string trimmers
  • Easy to install and feed on weed cutters
  • Durable material can withstand even the roughest conditions


  • N/A
anleolife 5-pound commercial square

Making the right choice is essential when taking care of your property. This is why the Anleolife 5-pound trimmer line is the perfect way to get started. This unit comes with multi cords, that will slice heavier weeds and thicker grass fast. Made using tough nylon 66 copolymer, these laminated materials will provide optimal power and strength benefits. More so, the robust trimmer line is also the perfect replacement line for various types of string trimmer lines.

These include brands such as Ryobi, Echo, Stihl, Craftsman and more. The string trimmer is also designed to provide various values include ease of use, efficiency, and power. You will also be pleased to know that this unit comes with bonus cutting tools to provide convenient and quick line cuts. To make things better, the string trimmer line is durable and cut through even the thickest bushes and grass.


  • Multi side cord slice through the heaviest weed
  • Made using tough 66 copolymers which is plasticized
  • Robust, efficient and easy to use
  • Includes bonus cutting for convenient and line cuts


  • Not easy to install requires a lot of effort
  • Somewhat thicker than the recommended line length
ryobi one ac14rsla

Say goodbye to the conventional string trimmer lines, which tend to be difficult to wind up and install. The Ryobi ONE + AC14RSLA is an excellent suggestion for your lawn care needs. This unit can fit various types of trimmers, including the18v, 24v and 40v trimmer brands. Even more, the AC13RSLA is easy to use and install, which makes it suitable for most types of string trimmers. The unique pre-wound spool is also highly practical and saves you time and energy during the cutting process. 

You can use it to keep your grass edges looking sharp and to reduce issues such as weeds that might compromise your patio. Get back to work quickly by easily snapping this cordless trimmer on your weed cutters. The UV protected trimmer line provides optimal safety and longevity even when you work in the boiling sun. 

Thanks to the 9-inch UV protected diameter line, this unit stays protected and works well even in intense run rays.


  • Fits various types of cordless trimmers
  • Easy to use and install with pre-wound spool
  • 9 in UV protected diameter line


  • Not durable enough for thick brushes
  • Reduced performance when wet
ryobi one plus ac80rl3

With the Ryobi One Plus AC80RL3 is perhaps one of the best ways to improve the performance of your weed cutter? Why? It comes with various unique features that will easily take your lawn care skills to the next level. 

For instance, the string trimmer line is durable and is suitable for cutting through even the thickest of grass. More so, this best string trimmer line is also dynamic and can fit in 18v, 24v and 40v trimmers. 

Also, the spool snaps easily into your favourite trimmer, and work efficiently even in the boiling sun. Thus, the AC80RL3 easily makes up for one of the best ways to take you lawn care skills to the next level.


  • Twisted line string trimmer line
  • Easy to install spool snaps easily to a cordless trimmer
  • Suitable for 18v, 24v and 40v trimmers


  • Reduced performance when wet
  • Could use a better colour for ease of identification

Final Verdict

There are various ways through which you can cut grass and thick brush that can threaten the accessibility of your home. Furthermore, a home with a well-trimmed grass and fences often has a higher market value. With the string trimmer line, you have an excellent solution for making quick work of thick brush and grass. The lines we have available on this list are heavy-duty grass care solutions, which you can use for various types of grass cutting projects.

When choosing a trimmer line, consider the material construction, the ease of installation, durability factors and more. This way, you get a line that does well to cut through the grass for the best lawn care results.