Best Hedge Trimmers 2021 Buying Guide & Reviews

Keeping your hedges and bushes neatly trimmed is no longer a task nowadays. The days of having to use manual tools with shears are no more. With the best hedge trimmer, you will reduce the time required for your trimming jobs, and you can enjoy a beautiful hedge, minus the aching arms. 

Just before you buy a hedge trimmer, you have to consider various factors. This unit is a powerful tool, usually with a sharp blade rotating at speeds of 2,000 RPMs (Rotations Per Minute). Thus, you need to practice caution, especially if you are a novice with power tools. Get someone to help you use and learn about the basics of using the trimmer. 

Then, learn about some basic features about these tools, and check out some of the top picks available. When you are done, you will be in the best position to choose a hedge trimmer that offers the best value for money.

Get your garden, yard or lawn in shape with exceptionally trimmed hedges. You can reduce the effort and time required to keep your hedges in shape by getting the correct tools. Well trimmed hedges encourage optimal growth, and also make up for a tidy border around your garden. Also, you can add structure or some fun to the garden with creative cuts. Choosing the best hedge trimmers is, therefore, an excellent way to start the process. 

Let's get started:

​Hedge Trimmers Comparison Chart


Key Features

Best For

Check Price

G-MAX 40V li-ion battery system powers multiple tools

Innovative 180 degree rotating rear handle for easy trimming

Solitary hedges and shrubs

Cuts upto ¾ inches diameter branches

Ergonomic grips and low vibration design

Hedges and thickets

Compact and light weight design

Powered by 5Ah battery that offers long life

Solitary hedges and shrubs

24-inch dual action and hardened steel blades

¾ inch cut capacity and weather resistant design

All types of thicket

​Top 4 Hedge Trimmers Review

greenworks 24-inch 40v cordless hedge trimmer

Trimming hedges at home has never been this easy. The Greenworks 24 INCH 40V cordless hedge trimmer offers the perfect way for you to take care of your lawn. Why? It has some of the best features to make lawn mowing and care convenient. For instance, this unit comes with a powerful battery system and several tools to make it ideal for complete yard care. More so, the innovative 180-degree rotating handle also provides easy trimming at various angles. And, it also has a wrap-around auxiliary handle that offers enhanced user comfort.

With the 24-inch dual-action steel blade, this unit offers optimal cutting performance and reduced vibration when working. The exceptional 2/3 inch cutting capacity gets you through the thickness of bushes and hedges.


  • G-MAX 40V li-ion battery system powers multiple tools
  • Innovative 180-degree rotating rear handle for easy trimming
  • 24-inch dual-action steel for optimal cutting performance
  • 2/3 inch cutting capacity gets through the thickest bushes with ease


  • N/A

Runners Up

black+decker 20v max cordless hedge trimmer

Any savvy garden care or home products buyers will be aware of the famous BLACK + DECKER brand. It is well known for producing high-quality products, and so is this best hedge trimmer. This unit comes with a powerful 20-volt max lithium-ion battery that provides optimal power and extended run time. More so, the 22-inch dual-action blade will lead to fewer vibration issues during the trimming process. As one of the best hedge trimmers on the market, this unit can even cut branches of up to ¾ inches in diameter. 

Thanks to the ergonomic grips on this unit and low vibration design, you can work longer and harder on your projects. Are you tired of having to take breaks during the hedge trimming process because of a massive unit? Well, you will be pleased to know that this trimmer is designed to be both compact and powerful at the same time. The developers of this best hedge trimmer have also done well to include an appealing finish that makes this unit comfortable on the hands. This way, you can take on your cutting projects, with both confidence and style.


  • Powerful 20-volt max lithium-ion battery
  • 22 inches dual-action blade ensures less vibration when trimming
  • Cuts up to ¾ inches diameter branches
  • Ergonomic grips and low vibration design


  • Somewhat large in size for novice users
  • The start dial could use improved positioning
dewalt dcht820b

The DEWALT DCHT820B is one of the best ways to address your unique garden care needs. This unit comes with a high output motor, that can deliver a laser-cut quality each time. Furthermore, the steel blades are also hardened to provide clean and fast cuts, even on the largest of branches. In fact, the curved blade design is highly effective and works in the same way as a conventional saw.

Designed to be both compact and lightweight at the same time, this best hedge trimmer offers optimal maneuverability, and it's also lightweight. It also works with a 5AH battery that gives it the power to get the job done efficiently and quickly. While this unit has a powerful motor, it produces a small amount of noise and vibration when in use. Thus, the power tool is useful even when used for large scale trimming projects.


  • Powerful high output motor with 2800 spm
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Powered by 5Ah battery that offers long life


  • Could use improved handle ergonomics
  • It is not available with a blade cover

Also Consider

ego power+ ht2400

Get your garden in shape and ready for the upcoming season with the EGO Power _ HT2400 cordless hedge trimmer. This unit comes with a 24-inch dual-action and hardened blade that will provide years of reliable performance. Furthermore, the ¾ inch cut capacity means that you can easily cut even the largest of branches and twigs with this unit. Designed to be weather resistant, this EGO power hedge trimmer is suitable for use even in wet conditions. 

Thanks to the inclusion of an electronic blade, this unit will stop the blade action for improved control. It also comes with a weather-resistant design, and hardened blades to provide precise cuts. Capable of delivering close to 3,000 cuts a minute, this unit is the perfect solution for your modern garden. Thanks to the unique primarily D handle and soft grip design, this unit offers optimal user comfort when working.


  • 24-inch dual-action and hardened steel blades
  • ¾ inch cut capacity and weather-resistant design
  • Electronic brake stops blade action for enhanced control
  • 3,000 strokes per minute for clean cuts


  • Motor heats up when used for long durations
  • Replacing the battery needs lots of effort

Best Hedge Trimmers Buyers Guide

What Kind of Vegetation Will You be Cutting?

Understanding the thickness level of your hedge and the growth rate of your plants is crucial. Hedge trimmers consist of blades with evenly spaced teeth, and these indicate the size of plants that the trimmer can cut. If the hedge is mature and has thick branches, then you will need a tool with bigger teeth. Also, consider looking out for special features such as anti-blocking systems, to allow for uninterrupted trimming. 

Hedge trimmer blades are made up of a series of evenly spaced teeth, and the space between these indicates the size of the branch and stem the trimmer can comfortably cut. If the hedge is mature and comprised of woody plants such as privet, holly or some conifers, it might have thicker stems, so you’ll need a tool that can handle these with ease.

Choosing Your Power

Choosing the appropriate power supply is also a crucial step in getting a hedge trimmer. The common power classifications include the petrol-powered, cordless and corded electric trimmers as well.

Corded Hedge Trimmer

The corded electric trimmers are suitable for use when you need to manage your hedges, and don’t need to worry about charging the battery or getting fuel. Ensure that you have easy access to a power supply socket before going for the corded trimmers. These types are compact and produce a small amount of noise in operation. That said, the cord can be restrictive if you have a large outdoor space, which makes them ideal for small gardens. 

The power of a corded trimmer is measured in watts, and the wattage level correlates to the power of the trimmer.

Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmers

If you want to achieve optimal mobility when working, then consider the cordless hedge trimmers. These types are often compact tools that classify between 2kg to 4kg in weight and produce much less noise during operation. Most high-end cordless trimmers feature lithium-ion batteries, which can hold a lot of energy and charge fast. 

If you’d rather not worry about cables or would prefer the freedom to move around more easily, cordless trimmers are ideal. They are lightweight, usually between 2kg to 3kg and are quieter than petrol models.

Some brands are even available with interchangeable functions. This way, you can have different gardening tools but only use a single battery to operate them all.

Cable Length and Safety

The length of the cable on corded trimmers influence the mobility and reach of the tool when trimming. If you want a corded trimmer, then consider one with optimal cable length to provide the best movement. An external extension cable or lead will provide with room to manoeuvre. More so, the tool might have to comprise of a Residual Current Device (RSD), which is an important safety tool. It helps to turn off the trimmer in the likelihood of power faults, or perhaps when you cut through the cable. 

Battery Power

You can measure battery power through two crucial metrics. You can measure the battery power in voltage (v). Also, another common metric used to measure power is ampere-hours, or amp rating (Ah). The Ah rating of a tool indicates the run time of the machine and the length of time the battery will stay.

Petrol Hedge Trimmers

These types of trimmers operate on a mix of fuel and oil. The power of a corded hedge trimmer is measured in watts. The amount of power a trimmer can produce relates to the wattage level. Even more, the petrol trimmers tend to have powerful engines, which makes them suitable for large scale tasks. While petrol trimmers tend to be large in size and noisy, they provide more run time than the battery-operated ones. They also get the job done right faster. 

Thus, check out the cubic capacity rating of the tool to help you determine the amount of power the machine can produce. The better the cubic capacity rating, the better the tool for hedge trimming applications.

Best Hedge Trimmer Features

Below are some few features for you to consider when you want to buy the best hedge trimmers. They include:

  • Blade length – the length of the blade plays a significant role in the width of hedge you can cut with each pass. For small hedges, consider the blades that average between 300mm to 400mm in length. Also, consider the blades on the models that average 500mm and more. 

  • Teeth spacing – the wider the teeth spacing, the larger the material the trimmer can cut with each pass. For more mature hedges, consider blades that have a broad tooth gap to make it easy to cut through thick trees. For smaller fences, blades that average at 15mm to 20mm should be adequate for the process.

  • Design ergonomics and safety – as far as design ergonomics goes, the power tool should be comfortable to use in the hands. Furthermore, the machine should also be safe enough to use when cutting thick bushes and hedges. Usually, most high-end brands come with safety features that can stop the blade from rotating.

Final Verdict

You can make quick work of any type of hedge, thicket, grass or bush when you have the correct resources. To be specific, the best hedge trimmers are suitable for cutting hedges as a professional would do it. Before buying one, consider the key features on the device, and determine whether it suits your specific needs. The ideal hedge cutter should be ergonomic, robust, safe and durable.

We have outlined some of the best brands for you to consider along with a buyers guide for added information. Equip yourself with a robust hedge trimmer and enjoy the brilliance of a reliable tool at home.