Best Moisture Meter for Plants 2021 For Perfect Watering

Lack of water is one of the major contributing factors for poor plant health. More so, water damage is also the first sign of mold. Being able to detect the moisture levels in plants is, therefore, a critical capability. With the best moisture meter for plants, you can easily check the water content and keep track of your plant’s health.

As a gardener, ensuring that you plants have adequate resources for photosynthesis and growth will have significant results on the yield. A moisture meter is a simple to use tool that delivers fast and accurate moisture readings. Usually, specific plants have specific moisture levels and this crucial towards the quality of your harvest.  We have prepared this comprehensive guide to help you get the best meter for your plant growth and development needs.

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Key Features

Best For

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Stainless steel pins which you can stick to surfaces

Easy to use and large 0.3-inch LCD display

Large and small plants

Comes with 2 high precision measuring pins

8 calibration scales to deliver accurate water readings

Trees, large and small plants

Noninvasive and non-marring tool design

High precision and wide compatibility tool

Large and small plants

Super sharp pins provide fast and accurate readings

Audio alerts and automatic shut off functions

Large and small plants

Comes with water guide for 200 plants printed on the back

Long probe sensor of 7 inches

Large and small plants

6 Best Moisture Meter for Plants In 2021

general tools mmd4e digital moisture meter

Determine the moisture content of wood and various types of building materials, all thanks to the dynamic features you can find on the MMD4E moisture meter. Being able to check the presence of water stains with a moisture meter around the house is a convenient experience. More so, this unit has a design that makes it simple to install on surfaces for simple readouts. You can easily stick the stainless-steel pins into the surface of the item you measure to get a clear readout. The overall measurement range of this unit is also unique, and it provides visual LED alerts.

The moisture meter has a sturdy LCD screen, which you can read even when the lighting conditions are poor. The probes on this unit are durable and can deliver accurate moisture readings each time. The machine boots up fast and has a powerful battery that offers several hours of operation. 

This way, you can be able to check the functionality and performance of the meter with just a simple glance. Furthermore, the moisture meter has an audible alarm, which alerts you on the sound level even when you can see the screen. With its sturdy and ergonomic shape, with rubber side grips, this unit offers optimal comfort even when you use it for several measurements. Every moisture meter comes with a hold function, that freezes the reading to later, and with convenient auto power-off functions.


  • Stainless steel pins which you can stick to surfaces
  • Easy to use and large 0.3-inch LCD
  • Protective cap that doubles as a calibration checker
  • Heavy-duty moisture meter design


  • Could use improved design ergonomics
  • The meter bag is not durable enough

Runner Up

wood moisture meter

The Wood Moisture Meter is one of the best ways for you to detect the water levels that your plants are exposed at any given moment. This is why we recommend the Wood Moisture Meter Digital Thermometer, which is perfect for various applications. It will help you find water leaks in walls and surfaces fast. Featuring two high precision pins, this unit can easily penetrate a test surface to provide accurate readings. Furthermore, this unit comes with as many as eight calibration scales, which makes it easy to find out the water content of different wood types.

As a gardener, you want tools that provide fast readings that are also user-friendly. This is why this moisture meter is an excellent suggestion for your agriculture purposes. It is even waterproof, which means you don’t have to worry about getting measuring water in the interior sections of dense plants. 

With such a unique combination of design features, this moisture meter works perfectly for inspectors, lumber suppliers, installers, and more. Equipped with a large and easy to use LED display, this unit is easy to read even in poorly backlit conditions. Moreover, the meter comes with a memory function that stores accurate readings of the machine temperature levels. It will also automatically power off after 10 minutes without operation.

Designed with wood and building material, you meet your needs, this moisture meter is perfect for various applications. While this unit has a heavy-duty design, it is light in weight and easy to carry as you make water measurements on your material. You can use it woodworking, building construction, and agriculture.


  • Comes with two high precision measuring pins
  • Eight calibration scales to deliver accurate water readings
  • User-friendly and simple to understand meter
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design


  • The meter takes time to boot up
  • Could use improved data storage

Other Top Considerations

pinless wood moisture meter

Discover the excellence of owning a reliable tool with the Pinless Dr.Meter Pinless Tool. This unit lets you get an accurate reading without making holes in the wall or furniture. Furthermore, this tool using HF electromagnetic waves, which eliminate the need for having to make holes onto the wall surface. Even more, this high-performance tool provides accurate readings for you need each time. You can also customize this moisture meter to store your plant's moisture data for future use. The meter is powerful, and the probes on this unit penetrate even the thickest plants. 

Do you have many types of wood that you would like to measure the water content? Well, you can choose from as many as ten different grades of timber density without any errors in the readings. The meter also features a temperature compensation function that does well to maintain the original temperature of the item. When you are not using the reading, it has an intelligent auto-off function that will shut down the tool after 5 minutes without use.

The ultra-large LCD screen on this unit also provides precise readings, even when used in dark conditions. To ensure that you are always in the know, this best moisture meter will also alert you on the machine performance. These include aspects such as temperature calibration, zero calibration, and ATC overrunning.


  • Noninvasive and non-marring tool design
  • High precision and wide compatibility tool
  • Temperature compensation function for accuracy
  • Power saving design and ultra-large LCD screen


  • The menus are difficult to navigate for some users
  • LCD Could use improved brightness in the sun
calculated industries 7440 accumaster xt digital moisture meter

Measure the amount of moisture your plants need with the Calculated Industries 7440 AccuMASTER XT Digital moisture meter. This dynamic unit will help promote the growth and development results of your plants in man ways. Installation is also easy because all you have to do is to stick the super-sharp point into the plant and determine the water content. Even more, this high-quality moisture meter has designed that is meant for ease of use.

To make things better, the AccuMASTER 7440 also comes with a large and easy to read backlit screen. This way, you can evaluate the readings on the meter from the most convenient locations. Even more, the moisture meter is sturdy and hand-friendly, especially when you press the pins into materials.

Loaded with features, this unit does well to indicate the moisture levels through various techniques. For instance, it comes with audio alerts, automatic shut off functions, and in-built calibration pins. Using this unit for moisture measurements is also highly convenient. You just have to pop off the protective cover, and firmly push the pins into the plant material to measure. More so, the easy to read digital lights and well-labeled icons will provide immediate information on the moisture level. Plus, the meter comes with several high, medium, and low alerts so that you can access the tool even when you are in the dark.


  • Super sharp pins provide fast and accurate readings
  • Audio alerts and automatic shut off functions
  • 9v battery included for enhanced power
  • Large and easy to read backlit screen


  • Takes a lot of time to boot up
  • The LCD is not clear in the sunlight
gouevn soil moisture meter

Taking good care of your plants has never been this easy. The Gouven Soil Moisture meter offers the perfect way to measure the water content level of your plants. Designed to be simple to use and sturdy at the same time, this unit is an excellent addition to any farmers' regimen. It is a plug and read tool, which offers fast responses as well as convenient readouts. As a super helpful tool, this unit is perfect for various applications in the lawn, yard, farm, and garden. It is particularly important for some plants which are sensitive to issues such as over or under-watering.

Do you often wonder when you should be watering plants or not? Or do you perhaps have to guess and looks dry on top, when the plants were socked. Well, worry no more, because this best moisture meter has got you covered. 

Featuring a 7-inch probe sensor, this unit can even measure water at the root level. Also, it does not require any battery to operate, and you just have to stick the probe into the soil area you want to measure. Designed to be accurate and easy to read, this unit is perfect for houseplants and more. You also don’t have to remember when you watered your plants. Just check on the moisture meter and apply water accordingly.


  • Comes with water guide for 200 plants printed on the back
  • Long probe sensor of 7 inches
  • No battery required and compact design
  • Audible alerts for moisture


  • The signals have a confusing tone
  • The probe sensor is too sharp
sonkir soil ph meter

Accurate, reliable, and easy to use. These are just some of the main benefits associated with using the Sonkir Soil MS02 3 in 1 moisture meter. Aside from testing the moisture, this unit can test various vital aspects. It can check the ph value, plant moisture, and more. Thus, its an excellent tool to improve how your plants utilize water for growth. Even more, this unit lets you regulate the Ph value in the soil and determine whether the plant received adequate sun.

Indeed, accuracy is a significant value when you want to achieve the best plant development results. This is why this unit comes with premium double-needle detection technology. The technology helps to improve the ability of the meter to detect and evaluate the presence of moisture. Designed to be easy to use, you just have to insert the probe into your plant for fast readings. 

For ease of use, the moisture meter is also lightweight and portable. Such a unique design makes it easy to carry around for outdoor use. It's even a suitable tool kit for various plant life in the garden, lawns, and more.


  • Tests various aspects such as moisture, Ph and sun level
  • Easy to carry around for outdoor use
  • Heavy-duty design and reliable measurements
  • Kit for home plants, garden, lawn, and farm.


  • The moisture meter is somewhat heavy
  • It also has a significant boot-up time

Best Moisture Meter for Plants Buying Guide?

The first step in mold prevention. Yes, that's right, a moisture meter lets you check for suspicious water stains with ease. Consider these top factors when buying a moisture meter.

What is a Moisture Meter? 

Otherwise referred to as a moisture detector, this is a portable measuring device that you use to evaluate the content of a sample. Usually, these devices have large displays that indicate the moisture values as percentages, with some classifying whether a sample has high or levels of moisture.

What is Moisture Meter Used For?

These are highly dynamic tools that you can use to evaluate the water content of various samples by using electrical resistance. More so, these meters are often applicable for multiple applications and to ensure that organic items such as food, wood, oils, and even plants have adequate moisture.

How is Moisture Measured?

The moisture content in the percentage of the amount of moisture that comes from a sample after heating through a unique electrical current. Most digital moisture meters come with predefined settings, which makes it easy to get readings. 

Can a Moisture Meter Detect Mould?

Mould is a regular concern when working with wooden products. Thus, forested areas and places with lots of trees must be monitored daily to prevent the development of fungi. The moisture meters work well to prevent fungal growth and its spread on wooden surfaces. Any moisture content readings that move above 20% will cause mold spores to develop. 

Things to Consider

  • Ensure that the meter has adequate power before you perform readings

  • Ensure that you place the sample on a flat platform

  • Ensure that you remove all moisture and residue from the surface of the sample

  • When using the pins, ensure that they are all correctly installed to provide accurate readings

How to Calibrate a Moisture Meter

The calibration process for a moisture meter depends on the specific type of moisture meter you are using. That said, the pinless types are easy to calibrate, suing a unique calibration block kit that you can order from the brand company. For additional information on calibrating moisture meters, check the instructions guide on your meter guide.

Best Moisture Meter Features

These are gardening devices that have many different design features and functionalities. You have to consider all these factors when getting the best moisture meter for your needs:

Ease of Use Features

The best moisture meter should come with features that make it simple to use, regardless of the garden or farm setting you have available. It should be accurate and easy to read, especially when you have several houseplants. You should not have to remember the plants you watered, and you just check the moisture meter accordingly. 

There are various key features to consider when it comes to ease of use. They include:

  • Large dial – a large dial makes it easy to calibrate the device to suit your needs. The dial should also be ergonomic to make it easy to use 

  • LCD functionality – the device should have an LCD screen for easy viewing, and hold function which lets you freeze a reading

  • Auto shut down and low battery indicator – the auto shut down helps to conserve battery power. More so, the low battery indicator shows you when its time to recharge.


Aside from measuring the moisture levels of plants, the moisture meter should be dynamic enough to suit other applications. For instance, the meter should be suitable for use in the lawn, farm, yard, and even for potted plants. It is also essential to use for some delicate plants, which are sensitive to issues such as under-watering.

Probe Sensor Quality

The ideal probe sensor for a plant should be able to measure water at the root level. It is perhaps one of the most critical components of the moisture meter. Be careful when choosing a meter, because some brands are known for producing devices with frail probes. Furthermore, it should also be suitable for use with big potted plants. The probe should also penetrate most types of plants with ease. The last thing you want is a weak probe sensor that fails to cut through your tomato plants for moisture measurements. 

Heavy Duty and Waterproof Design

The moisture meter should also be durable enough to withstand anything that you throw at it. This is especially true because most gardening projects require durable tools for the purpose. Evaluate aspects of the meter, such as the design construction and the ability to withstand such problems as high impact falls. Even more, you want a waterproof moisture meter, mainly because you have to make moisture measurements in between plants.


Managing the overall health and development of your garden plants is crucial to the quality of yield you should expect. There are various minute details, that can easily take your yield quality to the next level. With resources such as the best moisture meter for plants, you can be sure of a convenient tool for making moisture measurements. These tools are simple to use and are equipped with long probes that can penetrate thick stems.

More so, the meters also have LCD screens that deliver fast readings, and you can use the data to adjust your plant care regimen accordingly — no more improvisation when it comes to taking good care of plants.

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