Best Trimming Scissors: Review by an Expert Gardener

If you have been gardening for a while, you will understand the need for the best ​hand pruner for your plants. If you have a cheap and unreliable pair, you will end up with blisters all over your hands, and the frustration will make you hate the job at hand.

There are a lot of people who have often bought cheap ​garden clippers and the result was not what they would have expected. In most cases, these will work well for a few days or weeks, then your problems begin.

We have narrowed down options to 5 of the best options you can consider in the market at the moment.

Doolini Nature’s Professional Pruning Shear is one of the ​garden shears whose structure is performance oriented. The designers also take it a notch higher with the titanium blades, which offer impressive performance over normal stainless steel blades.

It is impossible to mention some of the ​best hand pruners in the market without mentioning a Hydrofarm product. The HGPP400CC stands out when compared to most of the other brands in the market, and for a good reason – the ergonomic design concept.

For someone looking to buy a pair of trimming scissors that is one of the in-things, Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner offers the best services. You will find the self-oiling technique coming in handy, meaning that you will barely struggle with faulty parts. It also has a sap groove which directs sap from the blades.

If you are looking for a pair of the ​garden clippers that will come in handy even when you want to introduce the kids to trimming, or even if you are living with a senior citizen, this is it. Backyard Garden Pros 11815 Comfort Grip Micro Chip Pruner Snip is not just durable and offers reliable performance, it is also an affordable one for the utility you can get from it.

One of the reasons why VIVOSUN Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear is considered one of the best in the market is because of the versatility in application. It is a very light tool, which makes it ideal for use even for someone who has a feeble grip. The titanium blades are always an added bonus.

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This model is built for sturdy performance. Instead of stainless steel, the blades are made of titanium. In terms of precision and clean cuts, this is one of the most reliable trimming scissors you will find in the market.

The benefit of titanium over steel is that the blades will remain sharper for longer. It is also easier to use given that titanium is lighter than steel.


Your user experience is also better with this, because of the cushioned and angled handles, which means that you will be comfortable when using it. Besides, the angles bring forth a more natural grip, so that when using them for a long time, you do not suffer fatigue.


  • Durable titanium blades
  • Comfortable handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Light in weight


  • Proper angled handle
  • Sharp and clean cuts
  • Industrial grade titanium handles


  • Not comfortable for small hands

In case you need something that you can use in spaces that are very tight, this is one of the best products you need to look at.

They are light in weight and the curved blades are so thin, so you can prune with utmost precision. In case you have a lot of flowers to trim, you might already know how effective this ​pruning scissor will be.



  • Made of quality stainless steel
  • Ergonomic and very light
  • Perfect blades for trimming
  • Has a holster
  • Good quality springs


  • Gives you access to places that would have otherwise been difficult to reach
  • Fast clipping because of curved blades
  • High quality and durable springs


  • Perfect only for small branches
  • Tiring to use over a long time

These are specially designed for very small plants. They are perfect for shaping and trimming. In case you need to make precision cuts on some of your plants and leave the others, this is just the right tool.

This is the kind of trimming scissors that you can even have an elderly person using, so you can understand how convenient they can be while in use.



  • Easy grip even for people with a weak hand grip
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Good spring action


  • Has a good locking mechanism
  • Comes with a complete guarante
  • Precision cuts guaranteed
  • Extremely sharp blades


  • Perfect only for small plants
  • Cannot cut diameters that are thick

If you are looking for the ​best hand pruners for tight spaces, this is one of the best tools in the market.

Vivosun gardening pruner have thin blades which make them a good option in case you need precision pruning. They are perfect when you want to prune some flowers, but not interfere with all of them.



  • Features titanium blades
  • Precise cutting mechanism
  • Light in weight


  • Easy to use
  • Has a good safety locking mechanism
  • Titanium is corrosion resistant
  • Good grip


  • Only ideal for small branches
  • Grip design can be tiresome over prolonged use

Felco manual hand pruner is one of the trimmers in the market that are specifically designed to enable you to prune plants without a lot of effort on your part. You do not need to exert a lot of force when using it. Even for plants that are relatively tough, it can still be quite the reliable pair of trimmers



  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Self-oiling mechanism
  • Has an auto-locking feature
  • Sap groove
  • Nut and bolt adjustment
  • Non-slip handles


  • Perfect for most garden pruning jobs
  • High carbon steel makes it durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Automatically unlocks the shear


  • Not a good option for people with arthritis

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best ​Pruning Shear

What do you usually think about when you are looking for the ​top trimming scissors? A lot of people basically look for something within their price range. There are those who look for discount offers only. This is not a good approach.

It is important to note the difference between trimming scissors and other types of scissors, especially the heavy duty ones. Trimming scissors are generally designed for smaller and simpler tasks, such as removing clippings from plants or getting rid of branches the size of twigs.

It is advisable that you use the trimming scissors for their appropriate task, and not as a multipurpose tool. They can be used on small plants, woody ones such as roses, or even for Bonsai trees.You should be more functional in the way you address the purchase. Here are some things that you should look at.

The Quality Of The Blade

What is the material used in making the blade? It is common to find stainless steel blades in the market. This is, in fact, an industry standard. However, there are some variations to the stainless steel blades. Of course, stainless steel is virtually safe from rusting.

They also keep the sharpness of their blades for a long time before you have to consider sharpening them. Make sure you ask for non-stick material for the blades. Sap and any sticky material from cutting plants and flowers do not stick on the blades, making them easy to clean. Hardened steel and carbon steel blades will also last longer and do not need to be sharpened frequently.

There are some scissors, however, that also have a protective coating on the stainless steel blades. These are meant to offer additional protection from corrosion, make them easier to use for cutting, and cleaning them is also very easy. Make sure you oil whichever blades you get regularly so that they do not rust easily.

Availability Of Replacement Parts

Not all the trimming scissors are available with replacement parts in case they are damaged or break while in use. Most of the high end trimmers usually have replacement parts from the manufacturer, or you are covered by the product warranty.

The cost of replacing a cheaper trimmer compared to buying a new one are relatively the same. These trimmers also cannot serve you for a long time, given their susceptibility to wear and tear. Therefore, ask about the availability of replacement parts when you are looking for the best trimming scissors.

Cutting Style

Trimming scissors can cut in different ways. You can have them either in bypass cutting style, anvil or scissor style. Anvil and bypass cutting styles are not as common with trimming scissors but are found more commonly with the larger hand pruners and pruning scissors.

Scissor cuts, on the other hand, are perfect for trimming blades. The blades are characteristically sharp on the inside. When they are not in use, the blades rest flat against one another. This is an effective cutting pattern for woody and thin plants.

For woody or soft plants, people make the mistake of pinching the branches off. Some even go the extra mile and pull them apart. This is not the best way to deal with them. With a good pair of trimming scissors, you can get fine, clean cuts. In the long run, this makes your work easier and faster, and at the same time, the plants remain healthy.

Weight And Size

The space you have in the garden usually determines a lot. More importantly, this will also determine how long the trimmers you buy should be.

There is not much to consider with respect to the weight of the scissors. However, if your wrists are relatively weak, you would want to get scissors that are light, especially when you need to use them over a long period of time.


In the course of trimming plants, precision is one of the most important things you should expect from your trimming blades. When clipping plants during the planting season, you should get just what you need, and nothing less.

There is nothing as bad as accidentally chopping off part of the plant and rendering it useless in the process. Be very keen on the operation mechanism of the trimmers.

Locking Technique

This is all about transport and storage. It is wise to find blades that you can easily lock and keep safely without any worries. When you are shopping around for trimming scissors, it is important that you look for a pair that has a good mechanism for locking.

Inspect the locking mechanism first, because some of them are usually too flimsy and might not last you as long as you need them to.

By locking the trimmer, this protects you from accidentally cutting yourself. This is also supposed to protect the cutting blades when the trimmer is not in use.

Ergonomic Design

An ergonomic design is simply about how easy and comfortable it is for you to hold and use the trimming scissors. At the moment, most of the models in the market are designed with comfortable grips. This makes work easier for you.

Try out the trimmers before you purchase them. make sure that while in use, they do not interfere with your ability to cut the plants. You should be looking for angled blades, curved shapes and soft grip handles; anything that will not make you strain your hands when using the best trimming scissors.

Ease Of Cleaning

Any cutting material you have in the garden should be easy to clean. This is not just about proper maintenance, but also the safety of other plants. If it is not easy to clean, there is a good chance you can transfer an infection from one plant to the other.

Where possible, you should buy a pair of trimming scissors that you can take apart and clean the blades individually, then put it back together without any challenges.


There are different models of scissors available in the market today. Scissors that have springs are easier to use. After you cut a plant, they make it easier for you to get the blade open. This is particularly easier when you need to make several cuts, or when you are working on thick or sticky materials.

User Reviews

One of the most important things you need to do as a gardening enthusiast is to make sure that you spend your money on best trimming scissors. They should be of a good quality and meet your gardening needs. Take your time and research before you settle on an ideal set of trimmers.

In your search, you should also make sure that you look through some of the reviews of people who have bought them in the past. It will make things easier for you in terms of your decision making. You will learn the good and bad experiences other gardeners have had with different models.


Any landscaper, professional pruner or homeowner who is serious about their garden must also be serious about the tools they buy. It is a necessary prerequisite for success. Always buy the best trimming scissors for your garden.

The trimmers here on the list have quality steel blades to guarantee effective performance. The type of blades and the design of the trimmers are important factors you must consider. The emphasis here is on efficiency and ease of use.

Hydrofarm HGPP400CC Stainless Steel Precision Curved Blade Pruner is by far one of the most popular trimmers in the market. It is made of quality stainless steel, so you do not have to worry about blades breaking. As long as you keep them sharp, you have nothing to worry about. The ergonomic design is but an added advantage of owning one.

For years, Backyard Garden Pros 11815 Comfort Grip Micro Tip Pruner Snip has been a favorite for landscaping and gardening. This is one tool that can be a family tool. Its design focuses on not only the ergonomic design, but the ease of use by different individuals.

VIVOSUN Gardening ​gardening shears stands out among all the others. It features a sturdy build, impressive cutting mechanism and it is very easy to use. It is light in weight, so you can use it for a long time without straining your hands, or worrying about blisters. Other than that, it is also available at a relatively affordable price, offering good value for your money.

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