How To Use Fire Pits And To Ensure Fire Pit Safety

Fire pits are the outdoor permanent fire holders or the portable or mobile fire repository. Once the fire pits are utilized in the right manner, they produce or give a very enjoyable moment in many seasons.

Imagine of one cool evening, seated around a fire pit, it brings ambiance and a nice feeling watching the fire burning. However, fire pits can a bit dangerous. Within a fraction of a minute, a fire pit can easily burst to a fatal inferno.

As a result, it is vital to invest your time in understanding more about the fire pit safety to have a lasting enjoyment with your family or friends and for maximum protection. For firewood, alder, pinion wood, hickory,cedar, pecan, oak, mesquite, and fruit woods are some of the best suited for a good fire.

Safety Rules And Procedures Of Using A Fire Pit

Fire pits are mostly used during summer for cooking in the open. Fire pits are also used during family reunions, camping and even during picnics.

However, beyond enjoyment surrounding the fire pits, injuries due to the fires have been registered during the recreation and the cooking in the open while using the fire pits. In America, about 3800 injuries are recorded annually. Therefore, this is an indication that fire pit safety observation is vital:

Preliminary Preparatory Measures

  • Before you use the fire pit, acquire the permission to use it in the space of your preference from the owner or the authority in charge. For instance the fire and the environment department in your area.
  • Moreover, during the use of the fire pits, it is of essence that there be an adult that is a person of 18 years and beyond who can take responsibility and oversee the proper usage of the fire. Fire pits should never be left unattended; otherwise fire could spread beyond the fire pit boundaries and cause destruction in the surrounding areas.

Choosing The Site

  • At the onset, it important to note that the safety in regard to fire pits commences from the choice of the site. A twenty feet distance from structures, buildings or any other things like trees should be observed while using the fire pits.
  • A level ground is crucial and should be used especially when using a movable fire pit. Ensure that this fire pit is used in a totally open place and in areas that are prone to fires, let the fire pits be surrounded with non – combustible material like the stones, sand or even bricks.
  • It is crucial to know the weather forecasts and understand the prevailing wind behavior of the area that you want to put the fire pit. If the speed of the wind may be too high this might be hazardous as it would increase the flame size and even spread the crackles that would start fires in other areas.
  • On the other hand, if the speeds of the wind are too low, this may affect the quality of the air and hence the dissipation of the smoke. Take note of the wind flow before lighting the fire to prevent the smoke from crossing the property line.

Starting The Fire

  • To start the fire, put a crushed paper, put a few small size sticks coverage on the paper and light the fire. Keep adding large sticks and then the logs. Most fire pits have manufacturer’s guide on the usage.
  • Make sure you follow the guidelines properly without any neglect to ensure fire pit safety. It is important to carefully store manufacturer’s user guide to be used in future for reference.

Fuels And Safety

  • Fire pit safety for fire pits that are stoked with woods begins with the nature of fuel used. Use clean and dry fire woods but not the outlawed materials, for instance, the construction wastes materials that is plywood, composites and many more.
  • These materials may cause smells that may be offensive to the surrounding people and also may cause thick smoke. Crackles may be emitted when softwoods are used such as birch or pine; therefore hardwoods that are seasoned are encouraged such as the hickory or the oak. For fire pit safety, when starting and maintaining the fire, flammable liquids such gasoline should not be used

Fire Extinguishing And Ash Disposal Measures

  • Furthermore, to ensure fire pit safety, a garden water pipe should stay connected and kept close. Alternatively, a bucket of sand should be kept close for fire extinguishing purposes. In addition and to boost the fire extinguishing efforts, a multipurpose, class B or C rating fire extinguisher should be kept close.
  • This extinguisher should be charged fully with a dry chemical one. After the use of the fire, ash disposal should be done properly. This would involve cooling the ashes and storing it in metallic cans.
  • Ashes should not be put in plastic bags, wooden containers or any other combustible containers as they may still have stored fire that can burn these kinds of materials. The assumptions that two to three days old ashes would be safe should not be encouraged. They would be carrying fire enough to burn combustible materials.

Human And Other Safety Measures

  • While handling the fire pits, you should have fire gloves to safely handle the fire pit’s hot areas. Due to any probable burns, the first aid kit should be kept closer to the fire area.
  • Children and young adults should remain at a safe distance from the fire pits to ensure their safety.
  • For the permanent or the grounded fire pits, built-in seats are better placed to ensure safety and minimal chair movements.
  • Placement of a screen or grill of metal on the fire would help to reduce the flame height and restrict the embers and the sparks from moving and lighting the fire on the nearby materials. Also, the movable fire pits should not be used or stored on the decks or balcony.

Conclusion – Safety Is Paramount When Using The Fire Pits

One thing is not doubtable, that the use of fire pits brings with a great feeling as one observes the burning fire. Fire pits have many positive uses as has been discussed above. In regard to fuels, there are various types and hence different ways of using them.

Fuels are highly connected to the fire pit safety in that they have different flammability levels and should be carefully handled to ensure safety. It has been noted that losses and dangers can be experienced while dealing with the fire pits, for instance the human and property burns due to accidents, health threats if wrong materials are burned. Many governments in their environmental agencies have different kinds of penalties and disciplinary actions towards mishandling of fire and fire pits in general.

Therefore, as we wrap it up, it has become clear the safety measures and rules have to govern the use of the fire pits. There exist many safety precautions in line with the use of fire pits; hence it is the obligation of everyone to keenly observe those measures to guarantee safety to oneself and to others.

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