How Often Should You Use Infrared Sauna?

A single session in a sauna might be relaxing and enjoyable. That said, only regular sauna sessions will have immense benefits for your body. In fact, sessions throughout the week will guarantee improved immune functions, metabolic rates and enhanced cardiovascular system performance. To enjoy these benefits, you have to ensure that you spend adequate time in the sauna each week. More so, you also need to have the best Infrared Sauna to improve the quality of each session for your needs. So, if one asks, how often should you use an infrared sauna?” Well, the answer to this question relates to various important factors.

Before making the most of this health resource, you must understand how out works. To be specific, infrared is part of the light spectrum and exists close to the range of natural light. When someone’s use the sauna, regardless of the heating technique, the body usually has a similar response. The body's response often includes increased heart rate, sweating, dilation of blood vessels and more. 

This is a similar reaction to when the body responds to moderate physical activity, thus helping to produce feel-good hormones. The wavelength of the infrared light cannot be perceived by the naked eye and is a form of electromagnetic energy. The sauna user experiences the energy as radiant heat, which can penetrate up to 1.5 inches under the skin.

Some of the major benefits of an infrared sauna include:

  • Easing pain – increased circulation may play a major role in addressing issues such as muscle soreness, poor joint movement and to reduce arthritis pain
  • Reduce stress levels – the heat from an infrared sauna helps to improve circulation, which in turn enhances circulation. Thus, this helps to improve your overall health and well-being.
  • Enhance cardiovascular health – stress is among the leading contributors to cardiovascular health complications. A recent study in Finland showed that men that use saunas regularly have a lower risk of cardiovascular complications.

How Often in a Week Is A Sauna Suitable for You?

The number of times a sauna can benefit your overall health relates to your factors such as your personal well-being. You can use the sauna for a few minutes for an average of 5 to 6 days each week. Use the extra day off to allow the body to recover and enjoy the benefits of the infrared sauna throughout the week. Before determining the amount of time, you can use the sauna, ensure that you also evaluate its basic design features and functionalities. The sauna should have the appropriate heating elements and customization settings for your needs. This way, you can easily regulate each heating session to match your health needs. 

Another commonly asked question is how long should I stay in the sauna. While there is no universal answer, it is recommended that you use the sauna for a few minutes. Staying in the sauna for excessive periods might easily lead to issues such as nausea or dehydration. More so, most brands usually provide instructional manuals which you can use to determine the amount of time you can spend in the sauna. 

Based on the specific way in which an infrared sauna works, you as much as 30 minutes getting out a good sweat. However, you should also be keen not to dehydrate the body excessively, especially when you have the sauna settings on “high.”

More so, the type of sauna you are using is also necessary. Some brands are known for producing low-quality saunas, which can easily lead to dehydration if you stay for too long. Your blood pressure reduces significantly when you are in the sauna. However, the effect might only last for a few hours. So, you might have to use the sauna twice for a few minutes each day. Some recent medical studies have even pointed out that saunas can play a significant role in protecting from memory complications such as Alzheimer’s disease.

People with health complications such as cardiovascular issues are not supposed to use the sauna frequently. If you have any such health complications, it's highly recommended that you consult with a medical professional before use. A sauna might have adverse effects on your ability to respond to certain medications.

Tips on How to Use a Sauna

Before making the most of a sauna, it's vital that you make good decisions for the best experience. The critical factors for you to consider include 

  • Ensure that you consume sufficient water before using the sauna – keeping the body well hydrated is essential, mainly because you will be exposed to excessive heat.
  • Keep the frequency levels controlled – you might have to keep a timetable or schedule of the number of times you use the sauna. This way, you won't exceed or go below the amount of time you had expected to enjoy this health resource.
  • Avoid using the sauna if you have health issues – people with health issues should avoid using the sauna at all times to avoid exacerbating any existing conditions. If possible, consult with a medical practitioner for advice.
  • Customize the sauna settings properly – ensure that you customize the settings on the sauna to guarantee the best user performance. With a good sauna, you can easily customize settings such as the heat level, sauna-time, and more.


Being able to make investments in resources that improve your overall health and well-being is highly essential. Among some of the most notable technologies, today are the infrared saunas. These things use natural light to provide various health benefits for your body. Thus, being able to make the most of such resources is highly important. An excellent place to start learning would be how often should use an infrared sauna? 

While you should not spend more than an average of 30 minutes in a sauna, you can always adjust the time spent in relation to your experiences. A sauna is a natural and effective way of improving cell functions and your overall well-being.

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