10 Best Infrared Saunas for 2021: Expert Review & Buying Guide

Saunas have been with us for a long time – their fist use was in Finland almost 2,000 years ago. In Scandinavian countries saunas are a way of life – almost everyone uses them a few times a month for their health and other benefits. If you have recently been in a sauna you may have enjoyed the experience so much that you are thinking of getting one for your home.

There are many saunas that are designed for home use – so many, in fact, that buying one may not be as straightforward as you think. This article will tell you about the best infrared saunas for 2021, as well as provide you with vital information that you should know about these saunas before you purchase one.

Your experience may be with a traditional sauna, which uses hot rocks or a stove to warm the air around you, and you may be wondering what an infrared sauna is. Infrared saunas are different – they use infrared energy which works rather differently than hot rocks or a stove.

In a traditional sauna the air around you becomes very thick with hot steam, and very hot too. For people who are not able to withstand heat and too much humidity this is a problem – they will not be able to stay in the sauna long enough to enjoy the full benefits (we we look at those in a moment). Infrared saunas work rather differently – the heat that is generated goes directly into your skin and muscles without heating up the air around you so you are able to enjoy the sauna for a longer time.

Infrared saunas will not get steamy – they generate dry heat which is then absorbed by your skin cells and transmitted to your muscles. Another difference is the amount of power that is needed to run the sauna. If you choose to install a traditional sauna you should be aware that it requires more power to run than an infrared one (about 6 kw, while infrared needs only a small fraction of that). The other important difference between these two types of saunas is the way the work to cleanse the body.

A traditional sauna will cause the air around you to heat up, and the heat will then be absorbed. The more heat you take in the higher your temperature, which leads to sweating and eventually detox. An infrared sauna will release infrared heat which will be absorbed directly into your skin, causing a rise in temperature which then leads to sweating and detox but without the need for extremely high temperatures in the air around you.

What are the benefits of sauna treatments?

Saunas have become very popular around the world as people realize that they have many health benefits. The most important one is detoxification. Our bodies accumulate toxins as we go through life.

They come in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the products we use and all around us. The higher the levels of toxins in your blood, the higher the chance of illness. It is recommended that you detoxify on a regular basis, and there is no better way to do that than in a sauna. As your pores open up and you sweat all the toxins are releases along with the sweat. If you are in the habit of using a sauna you enjoy better health. There are other benefits to regular sauna use :

  • Going in a sauna has been shown to have significant impact on the levels of cortisone in the body. Cortisone is the stress hormone – the more stressed you are, the higher its levels in the body. If you want to feel happier and more relaxed it is important to lower cortisone levels on a regular basis, and one way to do that is through the use of an infrared sauna.
  • Saunas are beneficial to people who suffer chronic pain. The heat that is generated helps boost circulation within the body which can lower pain levels. Saunas are used in many of the top cancer treatment facilities in the world.
  • If you do intense exercise you are familiar with the pain that can result after a session. One way to avoid aches and pains after an intense workout is to get into a sauna soon afterwards. The improved circulation does wonders for muscle recovery and it will keep your joints supple.
  • Do you want a clear, blemish-free skin? If yes, it is high time you invested in an infrared sauna for your home. Every time you sweat you release toxins that would otherwise clog your pores and make your skin look dull. Many spas around the world incorporate saunas into their beauty treatments because they understand the value of detoxification for the skin.

What should you take into account when you are buying a sauna for home use?

As you look at the variety of saunas that is available in the market you may wonder what you should take into account when buying one – how do you know which one will meet your needs? The good news is that there are not so many things to think about. The most important thing may be the infrared levels that the sauna has to offer.

There are 3 levels available in the best saunas – near, middle and far. Near infrared levels are recommended when you want to heal wounds on the skin or improve immunity. If you are looking primarily for muscle relaxation then you should choose middle infrared levels, but if your main aim is to detox you should choose far infrared levels. Here are other factors that you should take into account before you make your purchase:

  • The size : You want to be able to use your sauna with family and friends, so you should think about the size before you buy. Saunas come in different sizes – there are some that can take only one person at a time, others that can take two, three or even four people at once. The higher the number of people a sauna can accommodate, the more you will pay for it. If you like you can buy all the parts of the sauna and build it yourself to make it accommodate as many people as you want. 
  • Shape : Shape matters because the sauna you buy will have to fit somewhere in your home. If you don’t have a lot of room you may prefer an infrared sauna that can fit neatly into a corner. You can get saunas that are square, rectangular, circular and even triangular.
  • Type of wood : When wood is exposed to heat on a frequent basis it can warp, or become so dry that it cracks. For this reason there are only 3 types of wood that are best for infrared saunas: Canadian hemlock, western red cedar and Nordic spruce. Canadian hemlock infrared saunas are preferred by many because it is the cheapest kind of wood. Unfortunately, its low quality means that the wood will require treatment from time to time of you want your sauna to last. Nordic spruce is great but it is mostly found in Nordic countries, which makes it expensive in other places. Its advantage is that it doesn’t emit any kind of odor at all and it can withstand rot rather well. The best kind of wood for an infrared sauna is western red cedar. It is very long lasting and can withstand rot very well. People choose it because it can be treated to emit a nice, woody aroma.
  • EMF radiation : Every infrared sauna will emit EMF radiation which is generally safe at low levels. However, different types of saunas emit different levels of EMF radiation so you should be careful to choose one which will be safe for you and your family.
  • Type of heater : There are 3 ways that you can heat an infrared sauna: using a ceramic heating element, a carbon heating element or a mixed carbon and ceramic element. The most common is a ceramic heating element – it is used in most budget infrared saunas and it works well for those who want to construct their own saunas. The problem with a sauna with a ceramic heating element is that it produces higher levels of EMF radiation and since it heats up to very high temperatures it can also cause serious burns. If you are very concerned about EMF levels you should invest in a sauna that uses a carbon heating element. It distributes heat in the sauna more evenly and it lasts a long time. The only problem with it is that it is expensive. Top sauna manufacturers use a mix of both ceramic and carbon elements and the benefits of this is that you get lower EMF radiation levels, the cost of the sauna is affordable and the element can last a long time.
  • Toxic substances : Some manufacturers use materials that are not safe to create saunas. After a few uses everything that is near the element melts and the resulting air is toxic. When you are buying a sauna you should check that it passes ISO standards.
  • Sauna warranty : A sauna is like any other product that you buy for your home, so you should make sure that it comes with a good warranty. It is a good idea to buy from a manufacturer who can also do maintenance and repairs.
  • Nice-to-haves : While it may not be necessary to have an MP3 player or speakers in your sauna there are some models that have them. These additions will cost you money so you should decide whether or not you want them.

Top 10 infrared saunas for 2019

An In-depth look into top 5 infrared saunas

To help you choose an infrared sauna that is suitable for your home and health needs we will look at the top 5 from the table.

JNH Lifestyles Joyous

This seems to be by far the best sauna in the market and it has been labeled “Amazon’s Choice”.

Top features :

  • It is made out of 100% Canadian hemlock wood.
  • It has the latest technology in carbon infrared heaters which are in the back, the side and the calf areas.
  • It comes with special glass to help you tolerate the temperatures in the cabin.
  • You get 2 premium speakers and an amplifier auxiliary plug.
  • You get long lasting LED lighting.
  • It has a digital panel where you can control the temperature of the unit.


  • It is portable.
  • The location of the carbon infrared heater provides heating all around. Your whole body will benefit from spending some time in this sauna.
  • It is very easy to assemble – the unit will be delivered in separate pieces so if you are not handy you may want to get some help to put it together.
  • The heat is very comfortable – you can sit in it for a long time without experiencing any ill effects.
  • All the materials and parts that go into this unit are completely safe. It is made by one of the best manufacturers of infrared saunas in the world.


  • This infrared sauna comes with a 20 amp plug, so you may have to buy a new outlet.
  • The cord on the unit is a little short, so you may need to connect to an extension cord.
  • You have to unplug the sauna after every use.

Bottom line

As far as saunas go you will be making an excellent investment in this one. It has a few cons but all of them are easy to overcome. When compared with other infrared saunas that are much more expensive this one offers real value for money.


This infrared sauna gets 4 stars on Amazon which means that people love it.

Top features

  • It can take 3 people with ease.
  • You get 7 carbon heaters for maximum heating.
  • It is made of natural hemlock wood.
  • It comes with extras – towel and robe hooks, CD and magazine rack, CD player, MP3 plug-in, color therapy light and oxygen ionizer.


  • It is a beautiful looking unit that is of sturdy build.
  • You can purify the air in the unit to keeps things fresh.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The heating elements produce a uniform spread of heat.
  • You get backrests for maximum relaxation.


  • Make sure that you are home for delivery – if the company has to hold it for you they will charge you.

Bottom line

There is very little that is not to like about this infrared sauna. You will see some people complain that it doesn’t get very hot – infrared red saunas are not supposed to because they use a different kind of technology.

portable infrared sauna

This is an excellent infrared sauna if you don’t have a big home – it is rectangular in shape and can fit in a small space.

Top features

  • The walls are extra thick for maximum heat retention.
  • It has 6 carbon panels and a low EMF radiation rating.
  • The panels produce heat that penetrates 40% deeper into the skin.
  • The wood is Canadian hemlock – it can last a long time with proper care.
  • You get an LED panel to control the temperature.


  • It can take one or two people depending on the size of the people.
  • It has chromotherapy lighting which is beneficial for health.
  • The carbon panels never need be replaced.


  • Assembly instructions can be a bit difficult to understand especially if you are not a handy person.
  • The leg panels don’t get as hot as the rest of the panels in the unit.

Bottom line

You will not find many people who are not happy with their purchase of this unit. It gets very high ratings consistently and even people who have been using it for a long time continue to sing its praises.

personal sauna

So far we have looked at 2 and 3 person saunas, and now it is time to look at one of the best one-person saunas in the market.

Top features

  • It has an extra strong frame.
  • You get a handheld controller with 6 automatic timer settings.
  • The air sanitizer keeps the unit fresh.
  • It has built-in electric power features.
  • It comes with high quality zippers.


  • It is the perfect fit for one person. It is a great infrared sauna to get if you don’t have a lot of room at home.
  • The different timer options allow you to use the sauna for different needs.
  • It is a nice looking piece.
  • Almost no assembly required. It comes with its own chair too.


  • If you are over 6 ft tall you may have a little trouble getting the zipper closed around you.
  • Some people miss the wood scent that you get in a wood sauna.
  • The sweat goes on the floor under you, so you may want to put a towel there before you get started.

Bottom line

This is a great investment – it doesn’t cost as much as other saunas and you will get just the same benefits as if you were sweating in a bigger sauna. It may have a few design flaws but most people are able to get around them and enjoy the benefits of the unit.

infrared sauna for sale

If you have been looking for an infrared sauna that can accommodate your family this one is perfect – it can take 4 people comfortably.

Top features

  • It has interior and exterior LED control panels.
  • You get a CD player with MP3 plug-in, a magazine rack and hooks for your towels.
  • It is made out of Canadian hemlock.
  • You get 10 carbon heating plates for maximum heating.
  • The unit has a chromotherapy system for additional health benefits.
  • The glass in the unit is tempered – it will not break easily.


  • It is a very well built unit – it will last for a long time.
  • The backrests offer maximum relaxation.
  • The heaters are conveniently placed for maximum benefit.
  • It is easy to assemble – you may require assistance, but it will be done in about an hour.


  • You may have to do a bit of electrical rewiring.
  • Some people think that the quality of CD sound could be better.

Bottom line

This is one of the ultimate infrared saunas for family use when you consider its price. Although you may have to do a few electrical adjustments once it is set up it will work great.


Traditional saunas are not very easy to set up and maintain at home. Fortunately, you have a choice of infrared saunas which are cheaper to buy and maintain, their heat is easier to withstand and they offer the same health benefits as their traditional cousins.

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