How To Build A Propane Fire Pit

Building a propane fire pit can be a worthy investment if you’re looking to replace your barbecue grill or if you just want to have a nice aesthetical fireplace without needing wood. And without the wood as a prerequisite, you’ll enjoy a warm and ambient place just with a little bit of effort!

But before you start, you’re going to need to do some research both about creating a fire pit and about possible dangerous concerns that may come to your mind. This guide on how to build a propane fire pit may seem challenging at first, but with just some tips and trick and general words of advice, you’ll get your dream backyard in no time! So, let’s hop right in and start off with the basics , shall we?



For both aesthetic and safety reasons, you may want to spend some time on deciding where you actually want to build your propane fire pit. So instead of taking care of the budget and materials, start focusing on this first, as it is extremely important.

The reason why is that once you build it, you can’t move it without destroying it and making a new one, so think ahead! Another reason is that you have various safety concerns. You need to care about not placing the fire pit near obstructions such as cable lines, tree branches and literally anything that is flammable or made out of wood. You can also build it on, or next to an existing hard structure.



Now once you have decided on where to build it, here come the features that will have a big impact on the design. Just close your eyes and imagine your future backyard with a propane fire pit, how large do you want it to be? What will it be made out of? Some of these questions will be crucial to the first phase, so let’s take a look:

  • Size: How big do you want the place to be and how proportionate to other objects do you want it to be, do you plan on enhancing the area and adding more decorations next to it once you’re finished?
  • Material: What do you want it to be made out of? What fits your budget and do you perhaps already have some material? This is a question that will not only affect the design itself, but build quality as well. Also decide if you want it to blend in with the backyard or if you want it to have a contrast.
  • Shape: This is also an important aspect that is relatable to the other questions. Do you want it to be square, rectangular or round? Do you perhaps plan on putting in a corner or in the center of your backyard? Decide yourself based on your opinions.

Materials Needed

Now that you have it all planned in your head, we have to hop onto the much-needed technicalities. Note that the build type and quality of the propane fire pit will be heavily influenced by your budget and needs. You can also get several parts as well and do a full-on Do-It-Yourself fire pit, but note that this topic is very popular and that companies already make premade propane fire pits and accessories.

But a basic assembly would consist out of the following parts:

  • Burner
  • Burner pan
  • Bowl, for pan and burner support
  • Components for plumbing (Needed for controlling gas fuel and ignition)

The first three items on this list will all need to be proportionate to each other in size, shape, and material. And again, even the items in this list can be a DIY adventure, but to avoid meddling around with drilling, welding and sealing the components yourself, we recommend that you buy them pre-made.

Preventing Life-endangering Situations

Gas is used worldwide for various sorts of things, but they have always been dangerous due to possible life-threatening situations. This may break the deal when deciding on whether to build this or not, but alas, we always have specialists that can take care of this.

Now just find one, try to find a gas specialist in your country who is certified and probably already has experience with making a propane fire pit. It may cost you depending on who you hire, but it is still a better option compared to having your house burn down, so better safe than sorry!

And on another note, decide how you’re going to get propane itself. You can find out if there is a gas line connected to the street which you may additionally connect with your home and use it. But you can also buy propane tanks from time to time and use that as well.

Enclose The Fire Pit

Now that you have created the fire pit kit or bought it, it is time to enclose it with an eye-catching design. This may very well be the most difficult part of this guide, but with the help of a few friends and some minutes of researching, it will turn into an easy task.

When starting, there are three main parts of this step:

1. Measuring

Before you start excavating, you’ll need to measure the surrounding area beforehand. The only thing you need to worry about here is measuring the dimensions and writing them down.

The best course of action is to create a sort of map where you’ll put the fire pit in the middle and circle the areas around it, the areas that will be filled with the various form of concrete.

2. Excavating

Now that you have all the dimensions set, it is time to start digging. Keep your measurements besides you and refer to them when needed. Also before digging down, prepare a wheelbarrow in which you’re going to put all the dirt and grass as you dig down.

Start off by looking at your designed measurements and start digging about 6 inches deep, or more depending on your area, into the ground. After that, continue digging through the other surrounding parts and remove some inches more so that you don’t have to correct yourself later.

When you’re done, fill the area with quarry dust and washed stones, you may even consider putting a bit of gravel in the mix. After that, flatten it over with a tamper so that you can ensure yourself that it is leveled correctly. Now that you’re done with the base, move onto surroundings.

3. Making the surroundings

Now that you have the base of the fire pit made, you can move onto the area and parts enclosing it. This step depends entirely on you and the materials you have bought, so make it according to your preferred design.

Now you can start placing the desired blocks with the measurements that you made and note that you should put masonry adhesive on the top after each layer, except for the last top two. After that, also make the required openings needed for your fire pit gear and various valves. We also recommend you to make a shut-off for emergency purposes. Also, consider ordering a cover made out of stainless steel so that you can protect the gear during rainy days.

The Perfect Self-built Fireplace

Now that you’re done, you can finally enjoy the ambient that you needed so much in your backyard, a self-built propane fireplace that will make your neighbors jealous. You have come far from the initial steps and we hope that you have realized how much hard work it actually takes to make one, but we hope that you enjoyed the process.

You have also gained experience that will enable you to look back and bask in your glory or use it as a stepping stone for future projects. Either way, we hope you have a better understanding now that you have read this guide on how to build a fire pit. Have fun with relaxing and ensure that newly-built propane fire pit is safe!

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