Best Commercial Weed Eaters

One of the biggest movies this summer (Austin Powers) involves time travel, and wouldn’t it be great if we go back in time for a moment. On this trip, we go back to the 1950s to look at how landscape companies engage in property management projects. Before these years, there were no string trimmers as you have come to know them today. Thus, imagine edging sidewalks, parking lots, driveways and more, with handheld trimmers? These trimmers led to a host of issues including sore backs, endless hours cutting grass and more?

Many people take the benefits of a string trimmer for granted. The string trimmers are one of the most vital tools that you can own in your landscaping regimen. Not only can you use them on sidewalks, flower beds, and lawns, but you can also extend their functionalities by using attachments. You can use the commercial weed eaters for various tasks including sweeping, pruning, blowing, cultivating and more.

Top 10 Commercial Weed Eater Reviews

black decker lst136 string trimmer

Maintaining your lawn can be a great way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon. This is why we recommend the BLACK+DECKER 40V string trimmer, that delivers optimal cutting power for your needs. Featuring a powerful 40V MAX lithium-ion battery, this unit offers long run hours and it’s also simple to use. 

Even more, the LST136 also features a Power Command dial, that lets you choose in between MAX power and MAX runtime benefits. Thanks to the unique automatic feed spool, this unit ensure continuous work and without any bumping issues. It also easily converts from a trimmer to an edger, with the simple adjustment of the shaft.

While this unit can provide high levels of power, it is also silent in operation, which makes it ideal for modern spaces. It is easy to assemble, and relatively lightweight structure makes it simple to store in your backyard.


  • Powerdrive transmission delivers more power for optimal cutting
  • 40V MAX lithium-ion battery for extended runtime
  • Automatic feed spool ensures continuous work
  • Easy to convert from trimmer to edger


  • The engine takes time to start when cold
  • Replacing the battery is not easy for some users
black decker cordless sweeper & string trimmer

The BLACK+DECKER 40V max string trimmer offers the ultimate combination of lawn care options for your needs. For instance, it features a power drive high torque transmission that delivers cutting power at the spring, to ensure clean and fast cuts each time. Even more, this unit features an Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) that automatically feeds the trimmer line as required. The best part is that the LC340C won't experience any bumping that might affect your work. 

Even more, this unit makes things better with the included state of charge indicator. This indicator shows the battery charge level and is also compatible with 36-volt lithium-ion systems. The BLACK+DECKER brand has also done well to include ease of use features, such as the well positioned user controls. This way, activating and turning off the machine is simple.


  • High torque transmission for clean and fast cuts
  • The automatic spool feed system is convenient
  • Low noise design for quiet operation
  • Comes with state of charge indicator


  • N/A
greenworks pro 16-inch 80v cordless string trimmer

You can make quick work of most lawn care projects with the powerful Greenworks PRO 16 inc Cordless trimmer. This unit can provide an exceptional 45 minutes of run time, and with a fully charged 2.0AH battery. Even more, the DigiPro brushless motors are reliable and can give the performance of a 32cc engine. 

Thanks to the unique split boom design, this unit can comfortably accommodate most gas attachments. For those who want to enjoy the benefits of a convenient to load trimmer, this unit comes with an easy load head. The unique load head provides quick trimmer line refills and with a self-winding spool head as well. You will also appreciate the digitally controlled brushless motor that offers more torque, run time and silent operation. As one of the best commercial weed eaters, this unit has a heavy-duty performance that can tackle most lawn maintenance projects.

The commercial weed eater can also cut an exceptional 16-inch cut path, with a dual-line bump feed head that makes quick work of any branches. Also, the attachment capable design can accommodate various types of attachments and from as many different brands. The weed eater also features a top mounted motor with an aluminium shaft for optimal balance. The inclusion of a digital Hi/Lo variable speed trigger offers precise speed control over cutting power.


  • Provides up to 45 minutes of run time
  • Brushless motors are reliable
  • Split boom design accommodates most attachments
  • Easy load head for quick trimmer line refills


  • The self-winding spool is prone to damage
  • The brushless motor might require replacement
greenworks 12-inch 40v cordless string trimmer

You can make quick work of most types of grass and small bushes with the Greenworks 12 inch cordless string trimmer. This unit features one of the largest batteries in the world and is suitable for various types of cutting tools. Thanks to the well thought out design of this Greenworks Weed Eater. You can expect two times more cutting power than most units. Even more, it comes with an ample sized dual line with auto-feed, that will rip right through the weed for efficient cutting.

As one of the most powerful commercial weed eaters on the market, this unit provides double with the power of a 20volt weed eater. To make things better, the Green works brand has also done well to incorporate the weed cutter with ergonomic handles. The enhanced handle designs make the weed eaters comfortable on the hands and reliable for several years of operation.


  • Variable speed trigger for power on demand
  • Heavy-duty string trimmer design is durable
  • Dual-line with auto-feed head to rip through weeds
  • 2x more power than a 20v


  • The motor might produce excessive noise
  • Variable speed trigger is not easy to reach
dewalt dcst920p1 brushless trimmer

A brushless trimmer can be the perfect way to maintain your lawn. This is why the DeWalt DCST90P1 brushless trimmer is an excellent recommendation for you. It comes with a brushless motor that maximizes motor efficiency and is also durable. Thanks to the dual 0.080 line with bump feed, this unit will provide an exceptional cutting surface area. The brushless trimmer also has a variable trigger with speed control to make it ideal for various types of lawns. 

Besides that, the DCST920P1 trimmer comes with a patented gear drive that can provide between 0-6,000 rpm of speed. As one of the best commercial weed eaters on the market, this unit is both durable and fully functional for lawn maintenance. It is simple to use, and the heavy-duty design means that it can even make quick work of shrubs and branches


  • Brushless motor maximizing motor efficiency and durability
  • Variable trigger with speed control
  • Patented gear drive design is powerful
  • Comes with lithium-ion battery and charger


  • The gear drive is not easy to replace when damaged
  • The charger heats when in use for long durations
worx wg163 gt

 A clean lawn can increase the value of your property. Improve the value of your lawn with the WORX WG163 GT 3.0 Power share Cordless string trimmer and edger. This unit can easily convert from a string trimmer to a wheeled edger in just a few seconds. With an innovative push-button command feed spool system, this unit provides instant line feeding. 

It also comes with two sturdy and lightweight batteries, that will offer several hours of reliable performance. Besides that, the WG163 Has rubberized wheels, that will support and guide the edger regardless of the terrain. Thus, you can get straighter and cleaner cuts to make it perfect for use in small lawns. 

To make things better, the weed eater is also adjustable, such that it won't damage plants, lawn ornaments or even landscape features. The machine can provide an exceptional 7600 rpm with a no-load speed, to make quick work of the most challenging of lawn maintenance projects. Weighing in at only 5.2 lbs., you can easily get your trimming and edging done without any fatigue issues. The handle on this unit is also ergonomic and conforms to your hands for improved cutting performance.


  • 2 in 1 trimmer design is convenient to use
  • Innovative push-button command feed spool
  • Two sturdy and lightweight batteries
  • Rubberized wheels and tiltable head design


  • The rubberized wheels attract a lot of mud and dirt
  • Could use improved ergonomic handle designs
ukoke u02te cordless electric power grass trimmer

What is the best way to make lawn care a fun and convenient process? Well, consider starting with the best commercial weed eater such as the UO2TE weed wacker. This unit works well for cutting weed, grass or various types of soft vegetation in the hard to reach areas. The plant wacker is also simple to convert into a fully functional tool in seconds and without any attachments required. Thanks to the unique pivoting head on this unit, you will enjoy enhanced trimming and hedging performance. 

Do you want the perfect metric to gauge the performance of the motor and determine what types of plant life it can attract? Well, the UO2TE has an exceptional no-load speed of as much as 8,000/min. Equipped with two support roller wheels, this unit makes your work more precise and easier. The 100% automatic single line feed also guarantees the best cutting performance results. Featuring a power drive transmission, this best weed eater can reach high speeds with just a simple twitch of a lever.

You can also expect a comfortable to use the cutting head, which you can adjust to different angles to fit your job requirements. This machine also has an ergonomic D-grip front handle, which makes it easy to make cuts from the top or either side. Best of all, this unit features an over-mould soft-grip handle for enhanced grip and reduced fatigue when working.


  • Simple to activate 2 in 1 design
  • No-load speed of 8,000/ min
  • Durable and safe dual start protection
  • Ergonomic design D-grip front handle


  • The grips on the handle are not durable enough
  • Could use improved wheel durability
ego power string trimmer

EGO Power is a strong contender in the list of best commercial weed eaters? Which features make this unit a beast when it comes to lawn care? Well, it's all thanks to its diverse and well thought out commercial weed eater features. For instance, the EGO Power 15-inch cordless string trimmer comes with a high-efficiency brushless motor with variable speed functionalities. Furthermore, the trimer also has a weather-resistant structure, which will provide several years of reliable performance.

The No-load speed of this unit is also exceptional and averages at 7,000 rpm. This unit also has a heavy-duty design, which means that it can take anything you throw at it. Making things better, the EGO Power 15-inch brushless string trimmer has ergonomic handles, which make it comfortable in your hands. 

The extended aluminum shaft with an in-line grip on this unit also makes it highly convenient for cutting applications with an exceptional 15-inch cutting swath and extended aluminum shaft, this unit makes lawn care efficient around the yard. It can provide the performance you have always wanted without issues such as noise, fumes and all that fuss.


  • Dual feed twist line with 0.095-inch diameter
  • High-efficiency brushless motor with customizable speed
  • Weather-resistant design with variable speed trigger
  • Extended aluminum shaft with an in-line grip


  • N/A
greenworks st-120

Equip yourself with the Greenworks ST-120 12-inch string trimmer, which is perfect for various types of outdoor lawn care projects. This unit has an exceptional combination of features that will take your lawn care results to the next level. For instance, the powerful 40 v li-ion battery and torque drive motor, can cut through thickest grass and weeds. More so, the powerful string trimmer can also provide an exceptional run time of 35 minutes, and with an Ah USB battery included.

Thanks to the ability of this unit to cut a 12-inch cutting swatch, this unit reduces the average cutting time expected on your line. Additionally, the weed eater also comes with a bump feed head to make it easy to perform quick and easy line advancements. The heavy-duty and compact design of the string trimmer makes it an excellent addition to most outdoor lawn care projects.

This unit also comes with a host of benevolent additional features such as the USB ports. You can use the ports to charge various devices including phones, tablets and portable electronic devices. The high-quality tool also features a quick push start button, which makes it easy to start the weed eater.


  • Powerful 40v li-ion torque drive cuts through thick grass
  • Offers up to 35 minutes of run time with 3ah battery
  • 12-inch cutting swath and dual-line included
  • High quality and lightweight aluminum shaft


  • N/A
husqvarna gas straight shaft string trimmer

 Featuring a powerful 28cc 2 cycle engine, this unit offers the ultimate way to get rid of overgrown grass and buses. The trimmer engine operates on a unique mix of unleaded gas and two-cycle oil for the best motor performance. More so, you can easily release the new trimmer line as you work, by tapping the head on the grass to activate the release feature. 

Make the most of this powerful tool because you can even use it with attachments. The edger is sturdy and will your keep pathways, flower beds and neater. Thanks to its clearly defined egne, the cultivator is perfect for tilling small areas such as the yard on flower beds and below trees. It also has a pole saw structure, which offers added length for when you need to reach corners. 

If you are looking for a worry-free and simple to maintain commercial weed eater, then the Husqvarna 128LD is the perfect solution for your needs. The trimmer head also has a unique design that makes it simple to load the line. Equipped with a translucent fuel tank, this unit makes it easy to monitor the fuel levels as you work visually. You can even conveniently remove unwanted air from the carburettor and fuel system by using the air purge primer bulb.


  • Comes with a 28 cc two-cycle engine
  • Can run on a mixture of unleaded gas and two-cycle oil
  • Easy release new trimmer line
  • Translucent fuel tanks make it easy to monitor the fuel levels


  • The tank is not translucent when covered with dirt
  • The engine produces some noise when used for a while
worx wg163 gt 3.0

Trimmer, Edger and You name it, the Worx WG163 can do it. As one of the most dynamic tools in the world, this string trimmer is perfect for your lawn care needs. It can easily convert from a string trimmer to a wheeled edger in just a few seconds. Furthermore, the innovative push button and command spool system provide instant line feeding results. Equipped with two powerful and lightweight batteries, this unit is perfect for various types of lawn care applications. 

To make things better, the WG163 cordless string trimmer comes with rubberized wheels that will support and guide the edger. This way, you can be sure of straighter lines and cleaner cuts with every time you use the cordless trimmer. The head can also tilt 90 degrees, such that you can trim and edge on sloped terrains, as well as get to the hard to reach places.

Designed to be adjustable, this best commercial weed eater won't damage your plants and lawn ornaments.

Weighing in at 5 lbs., and with outstanding ergonomic features, this unit is easy to handle when working on your projects. While this unit comes with a powerful motor, is produces a small amount of noise which makes it ideal for use in both residential and commercial settings. Furthermore, the WORX brand has done well to ensure that this unit has a heavy-duty design, to withstand the rough nature of most weed cutting projects. Customizing the performance of this tool is also easy, thanks to the well positioned user controls.


  • Trimmer and edger which is easy to convert
  • Innovative push-button command feed spool
  • Two sturdy and lightweight batteries
  • Rubberized wheels and head tilts 90 degrees


  • Converting the functionality of this unit easy
  • The tiltable function is prone to damage

Best String Trimmer Buyers Guide

String Trimmer Types

Electric String Trimmers

The electric string trimmers are simple to start and maintain than their gas counterparts. Furthermore, these trimmer types also run cleaner and quieter than most commercial weed eaters. The cordless trimmers provide you with optimal mobility when compared to the corded brands. More so, the lithium-ion batteries equipped on some of these units offer enhanced runtime. This way, you can handle large jobs, without having to sacrifice on power. On average, the charge time of these batteries in 30 to 40 minutes. You might require an extension cord, to improve the range of a corded electric trimmer.

Gas String Trimmers

While gas is not always environmentally friendly product, it makes up for a great supply for your weed eater. The gas trimmers are much more powerful than most electric models and are suitable for large areas that have substantial growth. More so, these types of weed eaters provide mobility and enhanced run times. The gas trimmers usually start with a pull-start, but some can start through an electric start function. The gas trimmers also operate on a specific type of fuel, which you should be aware of before use.

String Trimmer Mowers

Commonly referred to as walk-behind string trimmers, these units work well in places that are difficult to reach with the conventional mower. Usually, these are gas-powered mowers, which come with a head-mounted on a wheeled body. Such a unique design offers optimal power, mobility and enhances cutting surface area when compared to the handheld mowers.

Match Your Trimmer to Your Yard

In general, the size of your landscape is directly proportional to the size of trimmer. Consider the following common size classifications to get you started:

  • Lawns up to ½ an acre – these include cordless trimmers that classify between 20-volt max to 40-volt max. If they have a power outlet close by, then consider going for a corded string trimmer. The gas trimmers are also compatible with these too. 

  • Lawns 1/2 acre to 1 acre: The 40-volt max to 120-volt max are excellent choices in this category. However, you can also go for the gas trimmers which work well in this category. Furthermore, the large size of these trimmers means that they can handle large jobs, and can work well with most attachments.

String Trimmer Features

Gaining insight on the basic features of a string trimmer Is one of the best ways to get a reliable solution for your needs. The standard features include:

  • A rating for amps (A) indicated on a corded trimmer, voltage (v) on a cordless trimmer and cubic meters (cc) on a gas trimmer to show output 

  • Two-cycle engines on gas trimmers provide an excellent balance of weight of power. That said, these are tools that require a unique mix of oil and gasoline. You have to mix the fuel personally, or perhaps get it when it's already premixed. 

  • A four-cycle engine that operates on gasoline. These reduce the need for having to mix fuel but are much larger than the two-cycle engines that might require regular oil changes.

  • A spring-assist function that makes the gas weed eater easy to operate

  • A curved shaft trimmer that can go under obstacles such as patios, decks and more

  • A customizable shaft which makes it easy to adjust the working height of the trimmer

  • The cutting swatch that indicates that cutting surface area 

  • An edger capable trimmer, which you can easily convert from an edger to a trimmer. You should be able to do all this while maintaining the balance of the handles and controls. Some other brands come with wheels or guides, which make them simple to make a clean cut.

  • Single line heads which make it simple to wind a new trimming line

  • Dual heads which cut faster, and are much more efficient in thick brush

  • Bump heads that feed the trimming line from a spool when you hit the cutting head on the ground

  • An automatic feed that uses centrifugal force to release the line as required

  • Fixed-line heads that make it easy to load precut pieces of line, without having to perform the winding process. Such a unique design also eliminates any issues such as tangles that might compromise the line.

  • Fast loading spools that make it easy to insert a new line and wind it without detaching the entire spool

  • Variable speed controls that offer various levels of power that are suitable for different cutting conditions. The cordless models are available with multiple speeds which make it simple to adjust the potential for cutting thick weeds or to improve battery life.

  • Aside from the features, also consider the weight of the device. While the more powerful trimmers are suitable for large areas and tough weeds, they also tend to be heavy. Thus, consider trimming jobs and invest in a trimmer which offers the ideal balance of power and weight.

String Trimmer Maintenance

All string trimmers require regular maintenance to ensure the best performance. You might have to perform primary care procedures such as inspection, trimmer line replacement and cleaning. More so, the cordless models might require battery care as well. The gas trimmers require engine maintenance, especially in filter changes, spark plug replacements and oil changes.

Final Verdict 

Gone are the days when we would struggle with lawn care work or tasks. In fact, tasks such as cutting grass or shrub have become simple procedures, which you can do with minimal effort from your side. Thus, you can start enjoying these benefits with one of the best commercial weed eaters on the market. These units are designed to be powerful enough to cut thick grass and brush, and without causing any compromise on performance.

When choosing a commercial weed eater, there are a few key factors to ensure that you get a quality unit. For instance, the quality of the line, ease of use, machine power and more. Get a weed cutter and instantly make lawn care a simple process.

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