Best Corner Bathroom Vanity – For Small Spaces

What would it take to make a luxurious statement out of an otherwise plain-looking bathroom? How about a corner bathroom vanity? A vanity is a piece of furniture that brings a sense of sophistication to any space.

You do not need lots of bathroom space to consider having one. A stroll up and down the furniture/hardware store reveals to you a ton of vanity designs guaranteed to leave you in awe.

If you have been planning to revamp your bathroom area, there is no need to spend a chunk of money remodeling. You will be surprised to learn that the only missing piece needed to complete your space is one vanity masterpiece. It does not hurt that any vanity works well as additional storage for towels, accessories, and bathroom supplies.

Feel free to go with different vanity styles and designs. On the condition that it blends well with the rest of your bathroom décor, you will have a bathroom worthy of a standing ovation.

Read on to find out more about the best corner bathroom vanities for small spaces available in the market.

Best Corner Bathroom Vanity Comparison Table 

Best DesigN

fresca bath ordinato corner mount glass vanity
  • Tempered glass basin 
  • Stainless steel mount 
  • Single mount faucet hole 

Best Mid-Range

blythe vanity table
  • Reversible pave 
  • Veneer and lustrous materia 
  • Ceramic counter top 

Bang For The Buck

eclife bathroom vanity
  • A triangular-shaped ceramic sink 
  • A wall mount mirror 
  • Inbuilt medicine cabinet 

Best Corner Bathroom Vanity

fresca bath ordinato corner mount glass vanity

If you are looking for a definition of classic and modern hybrid vanity, think the eclife Bathroom Vanity. It combines contemporary interior design with a minimalistic complex. All these come with a chrome jewel-tone stand, a clean, clear glass sink basin with a gentle slope. It is the perfect selection if you want a simple and stylish touch with a hint of modern charm.

It comes along with a complimentary mirror having a frosted edge suited for a wide range of décors. Its triangular-shaped side fits perfectly at the corner of a small spaced bathroom.

Some of the features of this corner bathroom vanity include:

  • This masterpiece measures 24 inches wide, 12.25 inches high with a diameter of 24 inches.
  •  It made up of tempered glass basin and a stainless steel mount
  • The stand connects to a shiny metallic rail that acts as a towel bar
  • It has a single mount faucet hole


  • Easy to install
  • Very ideal for small spaces
  • No assembly required


  •  No cabinet compartments

blythe vanity table

The Blythe 14" Single Bathroom Vanity Set provides an elegant yet outspoken bathroom look. It is a definite choice in your quest to streamline your corner bathroom interior vanity set. It is designed to perfectly fit in the corner of bathrooms that are a bit squeezed. The base material is wood alloyed with waterproof veneers that keep your investment from soaking wet.

It has a slim design with a square profile on top of a strong pedestal foundation. This design is purposely intended to save as much space as possible while allowing movement around the bathroom. It comprises of a handle furnished out of satin tone nickel material clipped on a single door with shelves to keep away unnecessary clutter.

This cabin shelves space can be used to store towels, toiletries, lotions, make-up as well as other bathroom essentials. The countertop is made up of a polished vitreous surface for easy cleaning. It also has an overflow drain hole and just enough space for placing soap dispenser. 

The only accessory that accompanies the Blythe 14" Single Bathroom Vanity Set is just the sink. The rest of the items, such as the mirror and the drain assembly, come as a separate order. 

It has an open shelf and a stylish panel door cabinet for storing all the bathroom necessities and towels. 

It has a quick install process and comes with a one-year warranty.

Many bathroom owners have bought this product, and most real-time buyers recommend it to other users as the best fit for small bathrooms as well as powder rooms.

The top surface layout also comprises of a pre-bored single hole for fixing a faucet.

You can shop this vanity at Wayfair online shop or other retailers at a very affordable price. You will see three-color options during purchase, either a gold, brown, or pure white.


  • 1-year warranty
  • No assembly required
  • Simple installation process


  • A bit too narrow to comfortably fit the drain plumbing works

eclife bathroom vanity

eclife Bathroom Vanity spices up your bathroom space with a unique interior charm. It keeps the décor of your bathroom looking stylish with an intelligent storage space cabinet. It has been scaled down for mounting to smaller spaces; it is a perfect choice to save space with elegantly designed shelves and a medicine compartment.

It comes with a matching ceramic edge sink basin, which blends perfectly with the surrounding décor. The medicine cabinet is created with just enough space to stash your essentials. It also has excellent twin doors that open to very convenient cabinet shelves space for toiletries, towels bathroom essential, lotions, and more.

The set will not be complete without the accompanying additional beveled mirror for mounting on the wall. The mirror measures a height of 30 inches and 20.5 inches wide.

When installing, make sure that you face the 18.5-inch diagonal length facing the wall.

You will get three-color options to choose from, which include espresso, pure white and grey shade color. It comes with a one-year limited warranty upon purchase. 

You can find this timeless vanity masterpiece at Wayfair online store at a very cost-efficient ordering and shipping price. From the reviews, the real-time verified users have had a good experience with the product terming it as being all the ever thought it would be.

However, the critic reviews suggested the delivery timeline could use more improvement.


  • One year warranty on purchase
  • Inbuilt medicine cabinet
  • No assembly required A great customer care team


  • The drain assembly is sold separately from the vanity

Factors To Consider When Shopping For The Best Corner Bathroom Vanity 

Shopping for corner bathroom vanity is supposed to be hassle-free as buying any other item in your shopping lists like living room furniture or even grocery. You need to have enough information at your fingertips to make the right decisions even without much thought, like buying a pack of gum. If you know, you know.

Before you start to create a vanity-shopping list for your bathroom corner, have a clear picture of what you want first. What would you like to feel when you enter the bathroom, from the smell, the color, and most importantly, your working space? Having a vision of the result will help you match the right vanity with your bathroom that is within your budget.

Check out this video for some inspiring bathroom design ideas. You may also check to know more about bathroom design ideas. 

Cabinet Quality Grades 

Just like the kitchen cabinet, the bathroom vanity is available in four scale categories:

The Ready to assemble (RTA)

It is the first pocket-friendly vanity grade you will find in the market. However, there is a catch; you will have to sacrifice on material quality and general structure caliber for price. 

The RTA vanity comes in a boxed package that requires assembly.

Fully customizable models

A custom build bathroom vanity has no limitation for style, finish, material, or even dressing elements. However, as you could have guessed, it can be quite costly. In addition, their delivery period can range from one day to eight weeks, depending on the type of request.

Semi customizable models

Unlike the stock grade, the semi-custom vanities offer a variety of drawer and door designs, materials, and polished finishing. However, it also does not provide a fully customizable kit.

Stock models

Stock bathroom vanity products are affordable but have a limited selection of varieties from materials to design and styles.

You also get the option of a freestanding vanity or a wall mount vanity. You can find most of the corner bathroom cabinetry through a chain of retailers. Most of these retailers have freestanding vanities.

Cabinet Finishes and Materials 

Always take caution when buying bathroom vanities with veneer's dressings. The skin will look pretty during the purchase but start to peel off with time. A bathroom environment is not very conducive to regular furniture due to excessive heat moisture and water. Therefore, when buying a good vanity piece for the bathroom corner, you should consider the ones that are either water or fireproof.

Vanities made out of beautiful polished solid wood would do. Therefore, cabinetry made out particleboard, medium-density fiberboard hard plywood, and drawer faces are your close best option. Also, consider the price tipping point changes with the quality of the materials. Other available options include vanities made out of stainless steel, transparent materials, and stained or tempered glass material.

Cabinet Hardware, Accessories and Doors  

Door design and dressings are the center point of bath appearance. When shopping, you will find different types of door categories from flush, inserted square, arched, or rounded central board. You are spoiled for choice, but it also depends on your budget of how deep your pockets can go.  

There are different types of accessories available in the market to pamper your vanity`s doors appeal. These accessories range from pilasters, wainscoting, and posts of different shapes, designs, and materials. Vanities with doors and drawers look better when they have an identical model or well-coordinated. Similar to the other hardware and accessories like knobs, pulls, handles as well as hinges.

 Before dishing out your cash, it is essential to consider these factors keenly. Apart from looks, you should also check the functional design of the vanity. There is no point in having a beautiful piece of a cabinet if it is too high or blocks ease of access.

Cabinet and Vanity Styles

There are two primary factors you consider when choosing a vanity for your bathroom. First, you need to consider the amount of storage space you need, mostly depending on your floor space and the mount type. A slender vanity has better upper storage space, while a wide vanity offers considerably more space.

Another option is the mount type. There are several selections for freestanding models and wall-hung that suspends some height above the floor. Experts from The American Institute of Architects (AIA) suggest the wall hung design. It is because they tend to show more floor space giving out the impression that your small bathroom space is extensive.

The freestanding vanities that come entirely detached from the walls are most common in squeezed bathrooms or powder rooms.

A common consideration in choosing the style and the design is to select vanities made from environmentally friendly materials. Take a quick inspection if the bathroom vanity complies with the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) laws. The best ones have a certified seal from the Environmental Stewardship Program (EPS).

It means that if you decide to go ham on customization, you need to consider some factors. They will include the use of volatile organic compound paints or ones that have low compositions of VOC. You should ensure that your wood comes from a certified managed tree plantation or forest.

Final Words 

The above is a brief selection of the best corner bathroom vanity tables that are ideal for smaller spaces. Use the buying guide to locate that vanity table that works best for you. Remember that while you want your bathroom to look good, you also want to go for that piece of furniture that satisfies all your needs.

Supplement your vanity space by installing one or two floating shelves with little indoor flower pots. Decorate the vanity tabletop using three or more different sized scented candles. It is in the little things many are so quick to ignore and brush off that make your bathroom magical and surreal.