6 Best Drop Spreader Reviews 2021

Being able to apply garden care products conveniently should be an essential priority. Nowadays, you no longer have to rely on traditional methods such as hand applications or a scooping mechanism. Gardening resources such as the best drop spreader have made it highly convenient to apply products. These include a wide range of products such as fertilizer, ice melt, pesticides, and more.

Is there anything that you should consider before buying a drop spreader? Great question as these are machines that are available with many different functions and features. Taking these factors into account and using these products, the right way can be highly convenient. 

Hold your horses one moment, and let us take a moment to take a look at this standout spreader – the Brinly BS36BH, Black, 175 lbs Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader. With an exceptional 175lbs capacity, outstanding ergonomics, and heavy-duty design this unit is an excellent place to start the research process.

Let us dive right into it:

Best Drop Spreader Comparison Chart


Weight Capacity

Key Features


  • 85 lb. capacity push spreader can cover ¼ acre feet of space
  • Provides direct rod flow control benefits
  • Comes with an enclosed gearbox for ease of use
  • The pneumatic tires move smoothly over most surfaces


  • Comes with a rustproof poly hopper structure
  • The solid rod gate control offers ease of use
  • Has pneumatic tires to suit different terrains
  • Comes with an enclosed taper and bevel gear box


  • Has a heavy duty and rust proof hopper with 50lbs capacity
  • Designed to be easy to maneuver and durable
  • Made using long lasting hardware and rust resistant gearbox

Best Drop Spreader Over $50

drop fertilizer spreader

With the Agri Fab 45-0532 Pro Push Spreader, you have a convenient solution for applying products to your garden. The push spreader provides a remarkable 85lb capacity, to make it perfect for covering large areas such as 14,000 sq ft. Plus, since it features a direct rod flow control, regulating the product's flow is a simple process.

When buying a drop spreader, remember to go for one that provides longevity, and can take the ruggedness that`s associated with garden products. You can expect this and more, when you have the Agri-Fab 45-0532 Pro Push Spreader.

Thanks to the enclosed gearbox, moving around with this push spreader is a highly convenient process. The pneumatic tires also roll smoothly, which makes them suitable for traversing many different surfaces. Thanks to the steel direct flow control mechanism, you have a convenient method of opening the spreader when in use. 

The entire push spreader is available with a hopper cover and deflector as optional accessories. The role of these accessories is to help you dry the material conveniently. Plus, the narrow spreading pattern makes the drop spreader highly convenient to use. It's even available with an optional grate accessory that will improve the spreader's flow of material and performance.


  • 85 lb. capacity push spreader can cover ¼ acre-feet of space
  • Provides direct rod flow control benefits
  • Comes with an enclosed gearbox for ease of use
  • The pneumatic tires move smoothly over most surfaces


  • Not easy to detach the internal components

Best Drop Spreader Over $100

yardworks spreaders

Enjoy improved yield results next season when you have the Agri-Fab 45-0462 Broadcast spreader with you this season. Equipped with a rustproof poly hopper, this unit offers longevity and is perfect for most gardening applications. It even has a solid rod gate control mechanism that makes it easy to use each time.

Plus, since it's available with pneumatic tires, this broadcast spreader is perfect for different terrains. It's even available with an optional kit and shield to make things convenient. Equipped with an enclosed taper and bevel gearbox, applying product to your garden is a breeze. Depending on the material and speed of applications, this 130lb broadcast spreader can cover large areas of over 20,000 feet.

The other notable aspect of this unit is that it has ergonomic handles, which blend well with its compact design. Therefore, you can enjoy several hours of productivity in the garden, without issues such as blisters or discomfort. 

Whether you want to spread fertilizer in the summer or ice melt in the winter, various useful solutions are available for your gardening needs. The ergonomic handle design, large tires, and easy-to-use control make the spreader perfect for modern gardening.


  • Comes with a rustproof poly hopper structure
  • The solid rod gate control offers ease of use
  • Has pneumatic tires to suit different terrains
  • Comes with an enclosed taper and bevel gearbox


  • N/A
drop spreader for saledrop spreader for sale

The Brintly P2—500BHDF Push spreader has a heavy-duty design to make it perfect for various gardening types. With an exceptional 50-lb weight capacity, this unit can hold multiple types of garden materials. These include yad fertilizer, grass seed, snow, and more. The entire set is also available with a deflector included. The convenient deflector kit features control material that helps stop the application of product to unwanted places.

It's a powerful machine that provides reliable performance when used the right way. Thanks to its unique powder coated frame and stainless-steel gears, you are sure of reliable product application. You will also be pleased with the pneumatic tires that can traverse most terrains with ease.

The other best part about this spreader is that it's easy to clean after the product application process. The parts are easy to detach, and are durable against any type of caustic products you may be using in your garden.

Thanks to the easy calibration settings, this drop spreader is exceptionally convenient to use. Plus, the heavy-duty structure is resistant to issues such as rust, cracks, and dents. With the convenient deflector kit, spreading materials is easy and highly convenient.


  • Has a heavy-duty and rustproof hopper with 50lbs capacity
  • Designed to be easy to maneuver and durable
  • Made using long-lasting hardware and rust-resistant gearbox


  • Could use better ergonomics
fertilizer drop spreader

This list would not have been complete without the Earthway 2150 Commercial Broadcast spreader. It's a rugged spreader with a 3-hole drop shit off system for even spreading the garden product. More so, the spreader comes with a feathered spreading edge for accurate results each time. You can even customize the fertilizer drop rate to suit narrow spaces in your garden or home.

The common issue with garden spreaders is that the chute might block or clog. Thanks to this unit's unique gearbox design, you are free from blockages even when you use it in wet conditions. The walk-behind spreader has an epoxy coated casing and steel "T" bar handle that provides excellent weight distribution benefits.

The driving handle of this unit is also easy to assemble at various lengths to accommodate the user's unique height. Regardless of your size, this broadcast spreader is easy to customize to suit your specific needs. The easy and rapid design makes it suitable for applying various types of garden products. These include salt, fertilizer, and more.


  • Comes with a 3-hole drop shut off system for even spread
  • Has a heavy-duty construction for longevity
  • Equipped with a walk-behind and diamond chassis


  • The wide-set tires and frame provide excellent weight distribution

Best Drop Spreader Over $200

tow behind drop spreader

Are you searching for a convenient way to apply garden products? Introducing the Brinly BS36BJ Tow Behind broadcast spreader. The spreader comes with a high capacity that offers rustproof benefits and can hold as much as 175lbs of weight. It's an excellent way to ensure that you maximize the time you have when spreading product, rather than refilling the hopper.

All the components on this unit are available with corrosive structures that provide longevity. The heavy design of the polyethylene hopper and stainless-steel hardware all ensure longevity. The spreader also comes with glass-filled nylon gears and an enclosed gearbox, which is durable. You will be pleased with this unit that's available with several pre-calibrated settings. These are perfect for completing your projects fast and with high levels of efficiency. 

Thanks to the patented auto flow with a spread pattern control, this unit can ensure professional results. The different materials are perfect for spreading materials, and also lets you control the distribution pattern conveniently. Thus, you can enjoy a balanced application of material in your garden.


  • Comes with a high capacity hopper which is also durable
  • All parts are made using anti-corrosion materials
  • The patented auto flow with spread pattern control is convenient
  • Comes with easy calibration control and a locking dial for convenience


  • Could use a better finish for longevity
the andersons yard star broadcast spreader

The Andersons Yard Star Broadcast spreader is an excellent addition to your gardening toolset. Why? It’s because the spreader comes with all the unique features that you need to garden like a professional. For instance, it features a unique 3-hole drop shut off system and adjustable drop rate design. These are all features that make it easy to apply an even spread of product in your garden.

Before buying a good drop spreader, it's good for you to consider the spreader's material construction. The ideal spreader should have a heavy-duty design to ensure it can last for many years without issues such as dents and more. As you would expect, Anderson's Yard Star Spreader has a design that meets all these values. Yes, you will have fun with this spreader and even get a bit of a workout as you move around the garden.

Plus, the efficient design features a 50lb hopper capacity, that has a 175lb load-bearing capacity. Yes, that's right, it may be a small unit but it can provide excellent levels of product application results. These are two high-end structures that are ideal for applying seed, salt, and fertilizer. The hopper and cover are convenient – perfect for all year use.


  • Has a unique three-hole drop shut off system for convenience
  • The 50lb capacity offers rapid application of the product
  • The height-adjustable ergonomic handle is comfortable to use
  • Comes with pneumatic tires and a wide-set frame for even weight


  • The pneumatic tires require regular greasing

How to Buy the Best Drop Spreader

Use this guide to learn about the factors to consider when you buy a drop spreader. They include:

  • A push spread or walk-behind spreader is wheeled tools that you can use to cover large lawns. Plus, they have unique wheels that rotate to engage in a mechanism that will help produce garden products.

  • A pull-behind or tow behind spreader refers to a large capacity wheel tool that you connect to the right mower or an all-terrain car. Similar to push spreaders, these structures come with turning wheels that you can use to activate the spreading function. Other types come with a spreader and aerating process, making it easy to address lawn care procedures conveniently.

  • The handheld spreader types are small and feature crank-operated mechanisms. These are convenient to use when applying products on gardens that have bare spots.

Remember that you may also come across spreaders that don't require you to add the hopper product. You have to place the package on the spreader and ensure it sits in the right place before the application process. Plus, you won't have to calibrate the hopper, as it's designed to be convenient to use. 

Types of Garden Spreaders

Broadcast Spreaders

The broadcast or rotary spreaders are suitable for applying products over large areas fast. Usually, it involves material dropping down from the hopper to a spinning mechanism that works to toss the material around. Plus, these types provide fast coverage, but with a compromise when it comes to control. Without the right attention or method, the spreader might disperse material to unwanted places, which can waste garden products. Thus, some types come with structures that help you regulate the distribution process of the product.

Drop Spreaders

These are the types we have for you in this guide. The drop spreaders work to apply seed and lawn care products with high levels of efficiency. Plus, the material flows straight down to the lawn and through a specific application technique. Thus, you will find it easy to regulate the product application process and the treated area. 

The improved accuracy of drop spreaders makes them ideal for lawns that contain different types of plants. Also, with these types, a relatively small amount of product re-distribution will be required. Pay attention to striping issues, which might happen if you fail to apply the garden products the right way.

Tips for Using a Spreader

The steps involved in using a spreader vary in relation to the brand, type, and product applications process. Below is a basic guide to help you get started in using a drop spreader:

  • Calibrate the spreader in relation to the specifications of the brand company. Ensure you keep track of the distribution rate and pattern information on the product packaging.

  • Load the spreader on the right surface such as the driveway or walkway

  • Try to maintain a steady pace and pay attention to the product application process

  • Close the opening on your spreader when you want to move around

  • Clean any material on surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, and driveways after using the hopper. 

Pro tip – we have a suggestion to help you achieve the ideal garden product application results. Consider using a crisscross pattern, and repeat to ensure the product covers the largest surface area across the garden. Remember that some lawn care products are acidic and can compromise the durability of a lawn spreader. Use a garden hose to clean the spreader after each application process. Once it's clean and dry, apply some oil to the moving components to ensure they can move as required.

Best Drop Spreader: Final Thoughts

Taking good care of your garden is a great way to ensure you get the right yield and quality. Before you can do that, you need resources such as the best drop spreader. What is it exactly? A machine that lets you add product to a special compartment, and it applies the product all through your garden – just in the same way you would use a wheelbarrow. Before the right one for your garden, try and assess the functions and needs you have for your garden. Once you have this information, use it along with the ones we have compiled in this guide, and you should be on your way to getting a suitable spreader for your needs.