Best Mower for Hills to Buy in 2021

You may be living somewhere on a scenic hilly area, or perhaps in an area with a relatively high ground clearance level. Maintaining a lawn in such locations and keeping it neat, can prove to be quite the challenge – if you don’t have the correct information or resources. If you have a lawn in a sloppy area, you certainly want to have the right resources. In this case, the best mower for hills can be an excellent way for you to keep your lawn neat. 

Since most mowers tend to heavy tools, you need to choose a mower that will be easy to push up the hill. Most people prefer the self-propelled mowers, while others just want a simple mower that is lightweight. Even more, the design of the wheels on the mower and its size will also be crucial factors in your productivity levels when mowing. 

We have identified some useful information for you to consider when buying a mower for your sloping lawn. Let's get started.

Best Mower for Hills from A Glance

Mower for Hills Buying Guide

Types of Lawnmowers

Depending on the area you want to mow, there are various options mower features available for you to consider. Never load up on any feature that you won’t use – and its best to cut the costs as well as the grass. The Common features for mowers include:

  • Push vs. self-propelled – the push mowers are highly affordable. The self-propelled models acquire energy from the engine to power the wheels. This makes them easy to move, and are particularly ideal for hilly areas. The all-wheel drives provide the best traction on surfaces and slippery areas. The front wheeled models are well suitable for flat land areas. 

  • Yard size – evaluate the size of the yard, before choosing the best mower for hills. The gas mowers are best for large yards, while the push mowers are ideal for small yards.

  • Washout port – you should clean the under section of the mower after performing each mowing process. When it's time to do so, consider using a washout port. The port should accept a hose connection to clean clippings beneath the deck of the mower without having to tip the machine.

Features of the Mower for Hills

  • Removable battery – almost all-electric mowers come with a detachable lithium-ion battery. Being able to remove them from the mower is essential because it will help improve the longevity of the battery. More so, it’s also easier to store the battery indoors, especially if there is no space for the mower indoors. A significant number of battery brands are also compatible with various types of tools.

  • Uniform Wheel Sizes – some mower brands feature rear wheels that tend to be bigger than the front wheels. The gas models with similar front and rear sized wheels tend to be simple to maneuver. Also, they tend to be easy to tip back for U-turns at the end of a mowing row.

  • Blade brake clutch - When you release the handlebar, a clutch mechanism works to stop the blade from moving. However, the engine still functions, such that you don’t have to restart the machine if you want to empty the mulching bag.

  • Electric Start – this feature is available on some gas models, and reduces the need for having to use a pull start cord. Some brands even have electric start batteries, which charge as the machine operates. This offers immense power convenience.

  • One lever height adjustment – a significant number of self-propelled mowers have this function, which makes it easy to lower or raise the mower deck at once. Other brands might require additional calibration of the four wheels specifically. 

  • Automatic drive – the tractors that have automatic drive functions, can adjust their speed easily. Most brands today come with a control pedal, instead of a lever. The costs of brands with such a function have decreased over the past few years.

  • Prime starting system – this function pumps a specific amount of gas to the carburetor, to make it easy to start the machine. The last thing you want is a mower that struggles to start when unused for many days, or perhaps when the engine is cold. 

  • Clippings – the common clipping solutions on mowers include bagging and mulching. Bagging is a technique uses to store the grass after its cut. Usually, the bags sit on the rear or the side section of the mower. Mulching mowers involve the use of blades to cut grass into small pieces and then release them for use as fertilizer. It also reduces the need for having to empty grass for the mower. 

  • Leaf handling capability – there are the mowers that suck, and shred leaves that might go to the cutting system. It’s an important feature, especially if you have to mow large lawns.

Top 5 Mower for Hills to Buy in 2021

lawn-boy 17732

With the Lawn Boy 17732 Self Propelled Mower, you can be sure of a reliable addition to your lawn care regimen. This unit comes with a rear-wheel-drive system that provides optimal traction and control over hilly terrains. More so, the unique 2 point height of cut system also makes it easy to adjust the cutting heights from one side of the mower. To make things better, the Lawn Boy 17732 also starts fast, and won’t require any engine priming.

Similar to most of the powerful lawn mowers you will come across on the market, this unit features an OHV engine. The benefit of an OHV engine is that its compact, powerful, and easy to start. With a 21-inch steel deep dome deck, this unit is both compact and durable at the same time. It also offers exceptional mulching benefits and excellent quality of cut.

With a two-point height of cut, you can easily adjust the deck height at 2 points. This way, you can enjoy quick customization of the mowing length to suit your needs. The Lawn boy brand has also done well to incorporate this unit with a 3 in 1 discharge ability. The versatile cutting system makes it easy to choose between bagging, mulching, and side discharge. When you need to bag your clippings, the large bag fills up easily and can hold a large number of clippings. This way, you can empty the bag much faster, and less often as well.


  • Tri cutting system with 21-inch steel deep dome deck
  • Two-point of height of cut is efficient
  • Rear-wheel drive system offers optimal traction
  • 149 cc OHV engine is compact and efficient


  • Motor heats up when used for several hours
  • Could use improved ergonomics

Other Considerations

craftsman m105

Make your lawn perfect with the Craftsman M105 140CC push lawnmower. Featuring a powerful 140cc engine with recoil start and auto choke, this lawnmower is ideal for your yard.

The engine on the M105 classifies as an OHV engine. The benefit of an OHV engine is that it takes up a small space on the machine, but provides high levels of torque. More so, another benefit of such an engine is that it also has fewer maintenance issues. 

 It comes with both a side and rear discharge mulching ability to make it convenient for your needs. More so, the mower also has a 21-inch cutting deck, which makes it easy to mow more expansive areas of grass with a small number of passes. Equipped with a dual lever, the snowblower lets you adjust the trimmings between as many as six heights. 

With durable 7- and 8-inch wheels with zig-zag treading, you can be sure of a mower that moves through terrains with ease. These wheels are durable and won’t require any refilling when in use. The craftsman has also done well to include a bagger, which you can use to catch grass clippings when working.


  • Powerful 140cc OHV engine
  • Can rear discharge, mulch, and side discharge
  • The 21-inch cutting deck is efficient
  • Dual-lever and adjustable cutting height


  • Replacing the bag when damaged is not easy
  • Produces some noise in operation
powersmart db8621p

Achieve all your lawn mowing goals with the compact but powerful PowerSmart DB2321C Lawn Mower. This unit comes with all the features that you need to work on your sloppy lawn. For instance, it has a powerful 161 cc engine that will provide optimal power in a compact but lightweight unit. Furthermore, it also offers easy pull starting, which means that you won’t have to struggle with priming when using the mower. 

Furthermore, the exceptional 21-inch steel mowing deck, means that you have a mower that is up for the task, regardless of the size of your land. The DB2321C also features a 2 in 1 side discharge and mulching capability, which makes it easy to spread grass clippings to the side. Such a unique design helps to return precious nutrients to your lawn, such that grass can grow thick and healthy. You will also appreciate the deep dome deck design, along with the sharp and durable blades for outstanding mulching results. 

With the exceptional five-position height adjustment function, this unit makes it easy to customize the cutting height to your needs. This way, you can use the machine to cut various types of plant life, including weeds, grass, and even overgrowth. The inclusion of 8-inch rear wheels also makes the mower easy to push, especially on sloped areas. Weighing in at just 58 lbs., this mower makes up for a genuinely lightweight but comfortable addition to your home.


  • Comes with a powerful 161 cc engine
  • Easy pull starting and 21-inch steel mowing deck
  • 2 in 1 side discharge and mulching ability
  • Five-position height adjustment function for ease of use


  • N/A
greenworks 20-inch 12 amp corded electric lawn mower

Greenworks is among some of the top brands when it comes to producing lawnmowers. This is why the Greenworks 20-inch 12-amp corded mower might also be an excellent recommendation for your needs. As usual, the Greenworks brand has done well to incorporate the machine with a host of unique lawn care features. For instance, the device features a durable 20-inch steel deck, which makes it ideal for working on large spaces. 

Equipped with a powerful 12-amp motor, this mower is both powerful and reliable for use for several hours of cutting. The Greenworks brand has also done well to incorporate the machine with a unique 3 in 1 design. To be specific, the machine can mulch, side discharge and rear bag as well. To make things better, the mower comes with as many as seven height adjustment settings. Thus, you can enjoy a dynamic cutting height range from 1 -1/2 to 3-3/4, which is suitable for most grass types. 

Furthermore, the Greenworks 25022 also starts like a contemporary machine should – through the use of a push-button start. Yes, that's right! No more hassles with engine priming issues, cold starts, and even pull cords. The mower also comes with foldable handles, which provide compact storage and convenient functionality.


  • The high quality 20-inch steel deck
  • Comes with powerful 12-amp motor
  • 3 in 1 design can mulch, bag and rear bag
  • Push-button start for ease of starting


  • The mulch bad could be more durable
  • The machine heats up after several hours of use
worx wg958

Do you live in a hilly area and still have a lawn waiting to cut? If you have ever struggled with a lawnmower on a hill, you will know how difficult it can be to work with a large mower. This is why the WORX WG958 14-inch Cordless lawnmower is perfect for your needs. This unit comes with many unit features that will easily take your lawn mowing abilities to the next level.

For instance, it comes with a powerful 4.0Ah Li-ion battery that will provide extended run time. More so, the powerful battery makes the cordless lawnmower ideal for use in large areas or perhaps where you don’t have access to a power outlet. As one of the best mowers for hills out there, you can also expect this unit to have a heavy-duty design, without being overly heavy.

The WG958 also comes with a host of unique features to make lawn mowing easy. For instance, the mower comes with a patented Intellicut system, which offers optimal torque on demand. This way, you can conserve the machine battery when desired, and enjoy a reliable cutting performance. Designed to be compact and powerful at the same time, you can be sure of a tool that you can use for several hours without fatigue. 

It can also produce an exceptional 360cfm of air volume, which makes it ideal for tackling most jobs. The wheels on this unit are more durable and suitable for most types of hilly terrain.


  • Comes with 4.0Ah li-ion batteries for extended run time
  • Has intellicut which offers optimal torque
  • Can produce 360cfm of air volume
  • Compact yet powerful mower


  • Makes some noise in operation
  • Replacing the rotary blade is no easy task


Living in a hilly area does not mean that you have to wake up or arrive home to a poorly done lawn. You can still keep your lawn neat, minus the hassles associated with most traditional lawn mowing techniques. Yes, that's right! The best mower for hills is an excellent recommendation to get that lawn that you have wished for all year round. These machines are simple to use, mainly if your land is sloppy.

You won’t have to struggle with a heavy machine that makes the mowing process even more challenging. We have identified some outstanding mower brands, along with buying information so you can make a right choice.