5 Best Post Hole Digger to Buy in 2021

Shoveling dirt from your garden can be challenging and excruciating - when you don't have the correct tools. However, you can avoid all this mess by getting the best pole digger. Whether you want to dig for either a mailbox, fence, or to plant some trees, owning this tool is highly important. 

A post hole digger is a tool which has specially winding blades, that you use to dig holes into the ground. When buying a post hole digger, you will notice that most are either motorized or manual tools. Choosing the type that suits your projects is highly essential in your productivity rates. However, you may have to pay extra for the motorized functionality. The following is a comprehensive guide to help you get started:


Key Features

Best For

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Heat treated metal structure

Comfort grip included for added performance

Small DIY holes

Ergonomic handles for improved comfort

Durable and metal black finish

Both DIY and Commercial projects

High quality carbon steel blades

Hardwood handles for added strength and durability

Small DIY holes

48-inch professional white ash handle

Cuts through most types of soil easily

Both DIY and Commercial projects

Heavy duty and easy to use auger design

Rugged and 10-gauge flighting

Both DIY and Commercial projects

Top 5 Post Hole Digger to Buy in 2021

hermes land auger drill

Make planting more manageable in the oncoming season with the Hermes Land Auger Drill. This unit can drill into the soil very easily, and it will save you both energy and time. More so, the land auger also allows for multiple usages, whereby you can use it for various tasks. You can use it to for bedding plants, seedlings and even fertilizing trees. More so, the drill is also built with durable material, which is the A3 iron. 

This way, you have a drill that is durable enough for years of reliable digging in the garden.To make things better, this best post hole digger is also compatible with a non-slip hex drive, which makes it easy to maintain.


  • Dynamic auger can bed plants, bulbs and seedlings
  • Made using durable A3 iron for durability
  • Heavy-duty and easy to use auger design
  • Rugged and 10-gauge flighting


  • Somewhat heavy for some users
  • Could use a better tool finish

Other Top Considerations

auger type post hole digger

Digging posts has never been this easy. The Auger Type Post hole digger, offers the perfect way for you to prepare the ground for your poles. The heat-treated post hole offers longevity and is also suitable for various types of grounds. Featuring a 42-inch tubular t handle, this unit offers exceptional torque results. It will also cut through most soils and clays, which makes it suitable for both commercial and residential projects. 

The developers of this post hole digger have also done well to incorporate it with a comfort grip. The unique grip makes this tool suitable for use even for large scale projects. While this tool is perfect for drilling even in the toughest of grounds, It is light in weight and easy on the hands.


  • Heat-treated metal structure
  • Comfort grip included for added performance
  • Cuts through most clays and soils
  • Long tubular handle for easy application


  • Somewhat heavy in size
  • Could use a better tool finish
ames 2701600 post hole digger

The AMES post hole digger is a solid digger, which you can use to explore various types of terrains. The heavy-duty post hole digger is not only durable but easy on the hands as well. The AMES brand has done well to incorporate the tool with ergonomic grips for enhanced comfort when working. Even more, this best power tool comes with a convenient hardwood measurement handle. This way, you can make accurate measurements whenever you want to work on a new project.

To make things better, the post hole digger cuts through most types of soils with ease. With one turn on the drill, you will remove a large amount of dirt, thus reducing the required digging time. Also, the drill is also easy to use, which makes it ideal for novice diggers. It also comes with convenient storage back, for when you complete the process.


  • Heavy-duty steel and carbon construction
  • Cuts through the most hardened soil
  • Ergonomic handles for improved comfort
  • Durable and metal black finish


  • Somewhat heavy for some users
  • Could be available in different finishes
union tools 78002 carbon steel post hole digger

If your next project involves installing a fence, hole or basketball hoop, ensure you have the correct tool for the job. This is why we recommend the Union Tools 78002 carbon steel post hole digger. This unit is ideal for various types of digging, and it will easily penetrate the toughest grounds. Even more, the Union tools brand has done well to make the tool using one-piece high carbon steel blades. The benefit of these blades is that they are both compact and powerful enough to dig through the ground. 

More so, the hardwood handles on this unit also provide optimal strength and durability benefits. The power tool is useful for digging perfect and deep holes, while also being easy to store as well. Similar to all the high-quality drills you will find out there, this unit removes a lot of material with just one turn. In fact, you can be sure of a 5.5-inch point spread when using this best post hole digger.


  • High-quality carbon steel blades
  • Hardwood handles for added strength and durability
  • Useful for digging perfect and deep holes
  • Ergonomic handles and compact design


  • Hardwood handles are not ergonomic enough
  • The pole hole digger is also slightly heavy
truper 30379 tru pro heavy duty post hole digger

Change how you drill into the ground by using the Trueper 30379 post hole digger. This heavy-duty power tool provides the ideal ratio of resistance and flexibility benefits. More so, the pro-quality design is easy on the back, arms and hands. The Truper brand has done well to produce a powerful tool that is suitable for both commercial and professional use. It is a 48-inch professional-grade tool, with a premium handle. The unique tool design not only provides enhanced comfort but also improves the performance of your power tool. 

Are you tired of drills that have to dig endlessly at one hole, without being productive or efficient? Well, this best power tool is practical, and cuts a wide path with each turn of the auger. 

Even more, the white ash handles provide an optimal ratio of resistance and flexibility. The power tool also cuts through most types of soil, like a knife through butter.


  • 48-inch professional white ash handle
  • Cuts through most types of soil easily
  • Heavy-duty and durable tool design


  • Takes a lot of time to get used to this unit
  • Could use a durable bag for tool storage

Best Pole Hole Digger Buying Guide

What is a Post Hole Digger?

A post hole digger is a type of drilling tool which comprises a helical blade or drill bit. The drilling bit rotates to dig and remove drill material from the ground. Otherwise referred to as an earth auger, a post hole digger generally operates through the use of a fuel or electrical motor. In some rare cases, the tool is operated manually. Most of the handheld drills are used in gardens, due to their relatively low levels of power. The powered drills are suitable for drilling operations in various places such as yards, nurseries and more.

Types of Post Hole Diggers

A post hole digger is a dynamic tool which serves various applications. Aside from gardening, the digger works well for farmhouses, banana plantations, vegetable crops and more. The common types include:

  • Hand diggers – these are the most basic types of hole diggers. They are lightweight and portable tools, which are ideal for small scale jobs such as gardening. More so, these types of hole diggers are also suitable for various types of cutting, which can make them ideal for DIY gardeners. 

  • One-person auger – if hand drills are not suitable for your projects, then consider the one-person drills which may be perfect. Usually, the one-person drills are powered by a battery or engine, which makes them ideal for projects that require intense drilling. If you want to drill more than 2 or 12 holes, then this tool is perfect for your needs.

  • Two-person augers – the two-person drills tend to be much heavier when compared to the one-person versions. More so, these types are often powered using 2 or 4 cycle engines. The two-person drills are suitable for digging several holes.

Choosing the Best Auger for Your Needs

Since post hole diggers are available with many different features, and design factors, choosing one for your needs has its inherent benefits. For instance, the diggers with motors are easier to use and highly efficient. Even more, motored brands are suitable for large scale projects such as gardens and farming. The powered diggers eliminate the workload associated with several hours spent on the work yard. Consider these top features when buying a post hole digger

  • Engine Power – on average, motorized post holde diggers have a power range of between 2HP to 5HP. The large brands are only suitable for working on hard soil. When buying a post hole digger, you have to choose between the two and four-stroke types. The types that have the two-stroke might be affordable, but produce a significant amount of noise in operation.

  • The diameter of the drill bit – the diameter of the drill bit averages between 2 to 12 inches for most pole hole diggers. Thus, you must distinguish the drill sizes on the auger that you want to get. This will help you choose a proper pole diameter for your needs. 

  • Depth capacity – depth is another crucial factor to consider when you want to buy the best post hole digger. If you're going to dig digger, then get a much more powerful engine, and go for one with a large bit.

How to Use an Earth Auger

Before you use a post hole auger, ensure that you take accurate measurements of the posts. Being well prepared for the process will make work easier. It can be difficult to un-dig” a post hole. Consider these top tips:

  • Dig a small using a shovel to ensure the bit never moves around when in use

  • Maintain the position of the auger plumb as you engage the digging process

  • Be prepared for some counterforce or be ready to apply lots of energy for the manually operated tools

  • A post hole digger rarely has the reverse function like a power drill. Therefore, consider pulling it up to remove any loose soil

  • Use a digging bar to make it easy to prepare custom holes

  • Remove any remaining soil by using a shovel or a drain spade

Post Hole Digger Safety Tips

You will have to consider these top tips for safety and use when using a post hole digger:

  • Hearing and eye protection are crucial. Dirt will be present as you clear the hole, so invest in robust shoes and durable pants

  • Switch off the machine when you to move the next hole, or place it on a secure platform

  • Landscape fabric can easily get tangled around the digger, thus be check the floor surface beneath before using the digger

  • If you are not placing posts on the digging day, you can cover the holes with some material such as wood. This helps to prevent any debris from getting in, or even pets

  • Fuel, clean and manage the machine according to the specifications of the brand maker

Final Verdict

Whether you want to dig a hole for the fence, mast or even a simple connectivity line, owning the correct tools can make the process easy. To be specific, the best post hole digger makes up for one of the best ways to dig holes for your needs. The motorized brands are ideal for people with physical issues, or perhaps when you have lots of holes to drill. The manual versions are suitable for DIY use, such as when you want to place as single mast in your backyard.

Even more, when buying a post hole digger, ensure that you consider the key design features of your chosen unit. This way, you get a digger that offers ease of use and is also efficient when it comes to getting down and dirty.

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