Best WiFi Sprinkler Controller System – Top 5 Reviews

Our planet has been experiencing a steady increase in global temperature for the greater part of the past century. An anthropocentric view of how the world works has greatly contributed to this and other aspects of climate change.

Maintaining the garden in your absence is no more a thing to be worried about. Also, providing timely and worry-free watering to the plants such as tomatoes, mints and strawberries is no more a dream.

The WiFi Sprinkler Controller system is powered by superior technology. As per the best wifi sprinkler controller reviews understands the water needs of a garden or lawn. It guarantees to make your life easier by giving you a remote access. Using it, you will enhance your outdoor experience.

Conserving water is one way of helping our planet. So much water goes to waste every single day, and as with most other things, a little saving can go a long way. In addition to the usual steps of turning off taps when not in use, one way that we can contribute to this effort is the installation of a smart sprinkler system that can be operated wirelessly.

Easy access and Smart Control

Wireless sprinkler controllers are overall a better alternative over conventional sprinklers. For one, it can be operated and controlled from afar using its connectivity system. This allows you to turn it on and off, change area coverage, and control the water outflow even when you are away from home. This feature would also allow you to change your sprinkler settings without getting soaking wet.

Reduces Water Consumption

Because these sprinkler controllers would enable your sprinkler system to use significantly fewer amounts of water. It is so because of their water-saver features, expect your water bills to go down as well. In the long run, having a wireless sprinkler controller would ultimately prove to be cheaper as compared to installing an old-school sprinkler.


Wireless sprinkler controllers are environment-friendly as numerous models have a number of features that would help conserve water. Among these would be a weather-detection function which would restrict turning on the systems when rainy weather is apparent.

Schedule feature

Another would be a fixed delivery system which automatically turns the systems off once the preset amount of water has been delivered. Of course, there is the automatic scheduling feature which will turn on your sprinkler system on preset times.

Very Convenient to Use

As compared to traditional sprinklers,WiFi sprinkler systems equipped with wireless sprinkler controllers are more convenient to use. On installing, turn on the automatic features, and never worry about it ever again. And in the rare event that you would need to change settings, you could do this easily through your phone.

Economic gains would be experienced in the form of reduced water charges and you can rest easy knowing that you are contributing to the conservation of the planet in this little way.

Features to Look for While Choosing Your Wireless Sprinkler Controller


Choosing a wireless sprinkler controller can be a bit tedious because of the number available in the market. To help you in this ordeal, here’s a list of the features that would go great with your wireless sprinklers. This list is based on the facts recorded by wifi sprinkler controller reviews

Easy Installation

A wireless sprinkler controller should be installed without much difficulty. Ordinary laymen must be able to understand the instructions provided for it to be properly installed. Requiring specialized knowledge for your system to be installed would prove to be too much of a hassle when other easier alternatives are available.

This also goes to the software installations required to have your wireless connectivity features up and running. The easier it is to have all your systems connected, the better.

Hassle-free Operation and Good Connectivity Systems

Alongside an easy-to-install system, a good sprinkler controller should be operated without much hassle as well. Connecting to your sprinklers must be a breeze and troubleshooting for problems that arise, if any, should be quick and easy.

The user interface must also be easy to understand so that issues with operating the system are avoided.

Automatic Schedulers and Weather Detection

Having these two features online definitely contributes to a hands-free experience in using this device. Having preset settings on the schedule and turning on weather detection would mean that you would be manually controlling and adjusting the sprinklers even less.

What’s better is that they would turn on only when necessary and this translates to more savings!

Water Savings

Possible one of the, if not the most, important feature to be considered, water conservation is one feature that should not be amiss. A WiFi sprinkler controller that allows your sprinkler system to save about 50% water as compared to a regular sprinkler system is definitely a good one to consider already.

This would also avoid oversaturation of the soil which could eventually kill your garden plants and ruin any landscape art. In the end, however, even in the smallest of ways, this would ultimately redound to the benefit of our planet and future generations!

Tips and Frequently-Asked Questions


Some useful tips for your own sprinkler controller are as follows:

1. Look At Installation Instructions

Although most sprinkler controllers are easy to mount and install nowadays, it pays off to check first whether your sprinkler would require only a basic installation. This also goes the same with regard to the required app to have your mobile device connected to your sprinkler controller. An easier to install program is definitely a good plus.

2. Take Advantage of Detection Systems

Whether it is weather detection systems or yard-detection systems, a good sprinkler controller is one where you can set it once during the initial setup, and never think about it ever again. These smart detection systems, even if they would cost a bit more, can prove to be more bang for your back as it would save you a whole lot of other resources.

3. Check For Compatibility

Sprinkler controllers should be compatible with your sprinkler system. Even if you have the best sprinkler system and the best sprinkler controller, you’ll have a big problem if these two are not compatible. It’s best to have the recommended pairs go hand in hand as this way; you’ll have access to all the features that your sprinkler system and your controller have to offer.

The Best WiFi Smart Sprinkler Controllers - Short Reviews

Here are some of the best wireless sprinklers available on the market!


Being another sprinkler controller from Rachio, this 2nd generation sprinkler controller features a number of improvements over its predecessor. It is among the best-rated sprinkler controllers by consumers and this can be attributed to its awesome features.

The 2nd generation Rachio sprinkler controller is easy to install and setup. Like the 1st generation model, you can have your smartphone and other mobile devices connect to the sprinkler controller for wireless monitoring and control. A notable improvement found on the 2nd generation model is that you can have the sprinkler systems connected to your laptop as well.

The Rachio sprinkler controller also has smart weather features which automatically adapts based on the current weather. This feature, like the one equipped on its predecessor, also automatically adjusts based on long-term forecasts and changing seasons.

Compatibility is never a problem with Rachio sprinkler controllers as it can be integrated with most sprinkler systems. Manual adjustments can also be easily done as it has, aside from wireless connectivity features, a data tracker which monitors your watering activities.

A new feature in this sprinkler controller is its advanced watering algorithms which take into account numerous factors like the size of your yard and your preference to deliver water in the most efficient manner. It also automatically sets watering schedules depending on the need of your backyard.

The things that you would like about this sprinkler controller are as follows:

  • Installation is a breeze.
  • Added connectivity function to your laptop.
  • Smart watering algorithms.
  • Smart weather features.
  • Compatibility with most available sprinkler systems.

The things that you may not like as much are as follows:

  • Algorithm systems can be a bit difficult to troubleshoot.
  • Limited preset features which cannot be modified in the algorithm systems.


The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller is among the better sprinkler controllers available. It features an easy set-up which can be done in around 30 minutes or less and an app which connects your phone to the sprinkler system, allowing you to access and monitor your sprinkler system with a few taps and swipes.

This sprinkler system also offers smart weather features which automatically adjust the water output depending on the real-time weather. It also makes adjustments for seasonal long-term changes.

This Rachio sprinkler also has the real-time built in tracker which allows you to monitor your water consumption over a period of time. Having this kind of information readily available allows you to make further adjustments.

This sprinkler controller is one of the most compatible ones – being able to connect to most sprinkler systems, including Nest, Amazon, IFTTT, Wink, Control4, and Nexia among others.

The things that you would like about this sprinkler controller are

  • Easy installation
  • Free phone app for monitoring and control
  • Smart weather features
  • Built-in tracker
  • Good compatibility

The things that you may dislike are as follows:

  • Connectivity issues
  • May require additional hardware to enhance communication and connectivity features.


This Orbit sprinkler controller lies on the cheaper end of the spectrum of sprinkler controllers. This does not, however, automatically translate to poor functionality. In fact, this sprinkler controller carries some of the more common features that most other sprinkler controller has and even packs its own gimmicks.

The Orbit sprinkler controller is easy to wire to your sprinkler system and have the panel mounted. This means that you can easily have it up and running, and check it manually during those occasions that a manual peek is needed. The panel itself is encased in a protective weather-resistant case which gives you a stylish panel that is secure and durable.

As with most other wireless sprinkler controllers, the Orbit sprinkler controller can be set to automatically run on the basis of a manually pre-set timer which can also be done wirelessly through your phone, or by enabling its smart weather systems which would then adjust the watering schedule of your sprinkler system based on existing weather conditions and forecasts.

This Orbit sprinkler controller can also be compatible with voice features through its basic app. This can be integrated with sprinkler systems that allow for voice commands which can give a more hands-free user experience.

The things that you would like about this sprinkler controller are as follows:

  • Durable panel
  • Voice functionality
  • Automatic watering schedule based on preset timers and smart weather functionality

The things that you may not like as much are as follows:

  • Can only connect to a particular set of router bandwidths.
  • Can have difficulties connecting to networks which use different encryption keys.


The RainMachine Mini-8 sprinkler controller is another easy to install sprinkler controller which you could have up and running in as short as 15 minutes. It comes with an illuminated touchpad and LED display if you are the type which does not fancy wireless connectivity features. Of course, it also has the connectivity through phone function if you are one.

Automatic watering can be set as this sprinkler controller gets its data from a number of independent weather forecasting stations which it synthesizes to produce the most ideal and cost-and-water-efficient schedule based on the current and forecasted weather.

Your consumption data is stored locally in the sprinkler controller itself which you can then integrate into a number of sprinkler systems like Alexa and Nest.

It also has an available function for voice commands with the installation of additional software and the configuration of other hardware.

The things that you would like about this sprinkler controller are as follows:

  • Manual panel
  • Voice functionality
  • More accurate weather prediction setup

The things that you may not like are as follows:

  • Limited compatible devices
  • Unreliable WiFi connection


The Rain Bird SST1200O is one of the more aesthetic sprinkler controllers available with a sealed case which can be mounted either indoors or outdoors. This same case also provides protection for the workings of the controller as it shields the device from insects, grime and dust, and the weather.

The Rain Bird sprinkler controller does not come with a connectivity function which would enable you to hook up your mobile device to the sprinkler controller. Rather, it features an easy to operate panel with a backlit display where you can key in commands and set automatic runs.

One of the more interesting features of this sprinkler controller is the zoning function which allows you to set different watering schedules for up to 12 different zones. This adds a whole lot of variety to your backyard as a single sprinkler controller could sufficiently water your backyard even if it grows different species simply by keying in the commands.

A zone can be watered only once a day while another as much as to thrice in a day and you don’t have to go out and manually turn on and worry as your sprinkler controller will do it all for you.

The things that you would like about this sprinkler controller are as follows:

  • Zoning function
  • Easy to understand and use system
  • Durable panel

The things that you may not like as much are as follows:

  • Absence of smart weather functions
  • Absence of connectivity features

Final Verdict!

Having smart sprinklers installed is a definite way of reducing your environmental footprint and helping the conservation effort. It also allows you to save on economic costs as well.

One of the best would definitely be the 2nd generation Rachio Smart Sprinkler. It has most of the features that other sprinkler controllers offer and it also adds a whole lot more to make it the most viable product. The smart algorithm and smart weather systems would mean that you would never have to worry about your sprinklers ever again.

You just have to enable these two features and you are sure that your sprinklers are turned on when they are needed, and off when they are not. This would also not be based on random schedule as it has real data to support its automatic scheduler.

Compatibility is also not an issue as it can connect to most sprinkler systems out there. You can be sure of a hassle-free and easy sprinkler controller experience with the 2nd generation Rachio Smart Sprinkler.

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