How to Fix a Leak in your Hot Tub

If you need a guide on how to fix a leak in your hot tub, you came to the right place. We are sure that you’ll learn a lot from this article.

Causes of a leak in the hot tub?

How to fix a leak in your hot tub? First off, you need to determine the cause of a leak in the hot tub. It may be said that the leak is the worst factor which makes the hot tub ruin seriously and leads to losing lots of money to repair. Hot tub leaks are prone to take place anytime and anywhere without anticipation. However, before calling up the phone call the plumber or the hot tub expert, you- the hot tub’s owner may initially keep your hot tub in control with the skillful techniques from experienced professionals. These sharing techniques cannot cover all of the corners of the hot tubs but these are the most common leaks you should investigate by yourself because they are not complicated to fix and you certainly save up a great deal of money for these frustrating stuck!

In general, there are 5 important positions that each hot tub’s owner should bear in mind when the hot tub is suspected of being leaking.

a. The pump

If the pump normally pulls water from the filter and participates in keeping water clean and clear, it is also the black spot of the hot tub leaks. Hence, there is no surprise when ten out of ten hot tub expert considers the pump as one of the most common causes of the leaking phenomenon for the hot tub. Remember to turn off the power before checking the leak connecting to the pump. If the water is found in the pump, you should quickly replace the seal of the pump or even the entire pump in case of the worse leak. Below are the videos of the sign of the hot tub leaking at the pump and the way to instruct you to change the pump seal for your hot tub:

My Hot Tub Pump is Leaking:

How to Change Your Hot Tub Pump Seal:

b. The whole heat assembly manifold 

After checking the pump to find out the reason for the leak of the hot tub, now it is the best time to look through the whole heat manifold. When it comes to the entire heat assembly manifold, it includes the heat, the pressure switch, and other components. When there is the existence of water leaking from any parts of this heat manifold, it’s a right moment for you to replace the new ones.

How To Replace A Hot Tub Heater:

c. The union hot tub fittings

As you can see, the union fittings permit the convenient future disconnection of pipes for the maintenance or fixture replacement. And in searching for the cause of the hot tub leaking, this element is always under the control of the plumber because it is likely to be damaged over time. Thus, checking its appearance and its effectiveness is never be redundant. Depending on the types of the union fittings (made of plastic or steel) you should be careful when tightening them.

How To Tighten and Replace Leaking Hot Tub Heater Union:

We cannot forget to mention some premium choices of the trendy products to help you quickly come to a decision of purchasing the union hot tub fittings:

Hayward SPX3200UNKIT Union Connector Replacement Kit for Select Hayward Pump and Heater

Hayward SPX3200UNKIT Union Connector Replacement Kit For Select Hayward Pump And Heater

Waterway Plastics 806105082053 2″ Pump Union Assembly

Waterway Plastics 806105082053 2" Pump Union Assembly

d. Valves 

The valve is the next important factor that needs to be checked to find out the leak. There are many types of valves on the market today and the design of each different valve requires different ways to repair. Among that, the knife-style valve is a typical example with two separated halves and it is connected by a gasket- one of the main factors caused the hot tub leak. However, to tackle this problem, it is highly recommended by the manufacturers that the hot tub owner just removes the leaking valve out of the whole system and replaces a new one without shutting off the pump during the repair process.

Diverter Valve Gray Hot Tub Stem O-Rings Cap Handle Kit

Diverter Valve Gray Hot Tub Stem O-Rings Cap Handle Kit

American Spa Parts Set of 2 Hot Tub Gate Slice Valve 2″

American Spa Parts Set Of 2 Hot Tub Gate Slice Valve

e. The connection and the jets 

If you have not still found the cause of the leak, it is time to check the connection and jets inside the hot tub. The hot tub experts said that leaking jet is too common in the hot tub and it is attributed to the bad gasket in the jet body. Naturally, the jet does its job and over time, it will break down and need to be replaced. For this kind of hot tub leak, a very simple step to do is turning off the hot tub and letting the food coloring water drop. If you can see the water drain below the jet and then it stops, you can now ensure that the jet is the culprit of your hot tub leak.

Waterway Plastics 806105192158 Storm Direct.5 Scallop Face Gray Jet Internal Adjacent Cluster

Waterway Plastics 806105192158 Storm Direct.5 Scallop Face Gray Jet Internal Adjacent Cluster

Waterway Plastics 806105035783 Poly Storm Internal Twin Roto 5-Point Scallop Gray Jet

Waterway Plastics 806105035783 Poly Storm Internal Twin Roto 5-Point Scallop Gray Jet

Of course, these 5 listed positions of the hot tub leaking are the first aid measures before seeking the help of the professionals. But in many cases, the hot tub’s owner can be a skilled expert for the own hot tub thanks to the 5 significant places mentioned above. The guide we refer to in this article is to share with you the best solution to the problem of detecting your hot tub leaking before needing the professional support from the hot tub expert. And we are sure that you – the knowledgeable hot tub owners are also the master craftsmen for your own hot tub.

“Fix a leak- The Only One”: the best product for the hot tub owner’s choice:

Fix A Leak Pool Leak Sealer

Fix A Leak Pool Leak Sealer

By the way, in the article on how to fix leaks in hot water, we do not forget to mention the so-called “Fix a leak- The Only One”, a premium product for solving the problem of the leak in the hot tub. To be more specific, this is an emulsion product which acts like the platelets and plasma that forms a blood clot over skin cuts.

This solution may cover on the top of the very small leak and seal up these small factors to cure for the hot tub. The “Fix a leak- the Only One” will maximize the effect when the location of the leak is detected. Below is the specific guidelines instructing the way to use the “Fix a leak- The Only One” for your leaking hot tub:

  • Shake well before using: as you can know, this Fix-a-leak is a blended concentrated material used to seal the leak virtually. So, this shake step before use is really important so that the mixture is mixed again before use.
  • Open the skimmer and the sump valves
  • Select recirculate by-passing the filter: before starting pump switch to manual operation, with the pump off.
  • Turn on the pump: this step is to prepare a suction hose for the leakage.
  • Pour the Fix-A-Leak solution into the skimmer: in some cases, if it is not easy to pour the solution, you can use a special kind of bottle like a ketchup to help you pour the liquid into the skimmer conveniently.
  • Sweep into sump drain for 48 hours, every 4-6 hours: because the Fix-A-Leak is a very heavy material and it may sink to the lowest point immediately, the usage of a pool broom or even mechanically with an automated pool cleaner is surely important.
  • Checking the result: after 48 hours, set to normal filtration.
  • Repeating the procedure if it is necessary: you can even continue this process until the leak has stopped. To make sure the leak is fixed, it is a good idea to repeat the marking of water level in the pool and check for 2-3 days.

If you still find it is a bit sophisticated to follow the instruction, this video will properly instruct you the way to use the Fix a leak- The Only One:


Owning the hot tub is one thing and its maintenance is another thing which requires the knowledge and skill of the owner. Detecting the leak happened to your hot tub is regarded as an uncomplicated skill if you have the knowledge about that. With today article “how to fix a leak in your hot tub”, the 5 resolutions for the searching hot tub leaking is a present for you.

Besides, the step by step review of the outstanding product in the collection of hot tub leaking fixing: “Fix a leak- The Only One” could be used to shape the function and usage of this wonderful product. After this sharing, if you have other suggestions for picking out the leak in the hot tub, do not hesitate to share with us, to make easy for caring our hot tub. Now, it’s time for you to joy with your amazing hot tub!