Miracle-Gro Premium Soaker Hose Review

We really were a little bit skeptical when we found out about the concept of this soaker hose, but this was rightfully so. An ambitious project like this had every possibility to fail. You’ve probably never heard of a soaker hose with 5 pieces that can be connected in either way or direction, we presume.

This ambitious idea was carried out excellently by the folks at Miracle-Gro. What stood behind this idea was the decade-long tradition of complaining because hoses tend to have a hard time bending, which causes a slow flow of water, plus some other difficulties.

What might amaze you the most about this soaker hose is that it comes at a length of 50 feet, but you can CUT IT into as many pieces you want and reconnect them all in any direction or combination you want. Whether it be a rectangle, a straight line or an intricate system for big greenhouses – the connectors with caps will solve any problem when it comes to positioning. Without a doubt, this may be the solution to one of the gardening’s biggest problems.

Now, we wouldn’t be the unbiased reviewers that we are if we didn’t focus on all the aspects of the Miracle Gro unique soaker hose. Something as innovative as the Miracle-Gro soaker hose deserves a complete breakdown in a fair review – and that’s just what is going to ensue.

Innovative features and an ambitious plan – it’s a combination that has Miracle-Gro written all over it. Both for experienced gardeners and for beginners, they’re deemed as one of the very best manufacturers for all gardening equipment.

Besides the usual sprinklers, pots, and hoses (which are impeccable, by the way), they boast an array of fertilizers, nutrients and even some countertop gardeners. So, in recent years, they’ve become sort of a staple of cutting edge gardening technology.

Something that might also surprise you is the reasonable price at which you can purchase any of their products. In fact, their promotions when buying multiple projects are some of the best on the market, according to both our testers and reviewers all around the internet. Many business analysts say that excellent discounts combined with good product quality make up for the ideal combination in the sales world.

You can easily see that notion in action by using this soaker hose as an argument. Although this is cutting edge technology, the price is very reasonable in comparison to many inferior soaker hoses on the market. We’ve also put their customer service and part replacement sending department. Both turned in excellent result, just confirming the excellent reputation Miracle-Gro already has.

Things To Consider Before Buying

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This truly is a unique and innovative soaker hose, so there are a few things you have to consider before making that decision to add it to your garden equipment collection. First of all, you have to decide the size of the parts and how will fit into your garden. Think of a plan how you will separate the different parts and how will this benefit your garden in total.

Keep in mind that the connectors need a good tightening once in a while, because of the water pressure those bends will be exposed to. This hose requires a little bit more care than the average one, so you should be responsible and make sure it’s in top shape around the clock.

Another reason to be careful is the lack of a warranty. Although the hose is fairly cheap and the parts can be ordered at just about any time, you still have to be careful. All in all, it’s a wise investment that will pay off.

The Composition Of The Miracle Gro Premium Soaker Hose

When you unpack the Miracle Gro soaker hose, you will see a regular sight at first. It will be a 50 feet of rubber vinyl that you need to let warm up in the sun in order for the material to stretch out and gain readiness for some good old fashion soaking. Now, what many gardeners list as the biggest downside of many hoses is precisely the bends and the difficulty of maneuvering the hose how you want it, without the blockages and breaks.

Miracle-Gro came up with a simple and efficient solution with their 5-piece soaker hose. Most products sound better than they actually perform, but with this one – it’s the other way around. Everything on this rubber hose is completely customizable.

Advantages Of Miracle Gro Premium Soaker Hose

You get fifty feet of hose, but you can cut it any possible way you want. And then easily connect them with the 2 female and 2 male connectors. If you want to work on a more extensive project, you can order additional feet of hose, plus more connectors.

What may irritate you a little bit is, of course, the length of time that it takes to set up everything. If you’re looking for a quick, cheap solution, this may come off as too much, but it’s an overwhelming positive.

What amazing is that they’ve thought about the possibility of customers not wanting to set up complex maneuvers with connections and bend. So they send the hose intact – which leaves you free to modify it as much as you want or leave it uncut. This feature holds much more importance than people think. It is mostly because there aren’t a lot of companies which leave the customer with the luxury of choice.

It’s important to note that, in comparison to previous Miracle-Gro soaker hoses, this model has a much-improved hole system. It has more little holes evenly distributed all along the sleek rubber vinyl. This allows you a better flow of water, at all sections of the hose. This is a much-needed improvement and the results are evident.

The Performance Of The Soaker Hose

Because of the efficient and innovative system, you can connect the pieces however you want. You can do this in any possible shape that suits the composition of your garden. You won’t ever have to think about hesitating when it comes to adding new crops – simply because you can change the composition of the hose at any time.

The dripping should be really noticeable at any pressure beyond 30 psi. We’ve also tested the durability of the vinyl and it held on even at some insane psi amounts. The knock on most hoses nowadays is that they are only good for slow watering. But the durability of the vinyl, plus the unique composition make this one versatile hose. Quick waterings are excellent if it’s a dry period and the plants are in dire need of water.

Aside from the excellent performance, it is also versatile and easy to use. Don’t be deceived but the few extra minutes it takes for getting set up – it’s really simple and you have the room to experiment. All the vegetables and other plants that were a part of the test experience excellent growth with the help of this soaker hose.

The Pros And Cons - Miracle Gro Soaker Hose

A unique soaker hose like this surely has a lot of positive points, but there are some minor issues that might irritate gardeners. Nevertheless, these are just minor specs on a bigger picture and don’t affect the hose that much.

What you will like most

  • The innovative composition allows the Miracle Gro soaker hose to be bent at will, all using a simple maneuvering strategy that might help you a lot with garden corners.
  • With the durable vinyl, the hose is more than able to withstand extreme heat and cold and is rightfully labeled as a heavy-duty soaker hose.
  • The price is very reasonable which further amplifies all the advantages and the ingenuity of this soaker hose.
  • The people at the customer service are more than happy to assist you, plus – you can order additional connectors of all types.

What you might not like

  • A warranty should be a staple when it comes to heavy duty, experimental projects such as this one, but somehow – there isn’t one.
  • Setting everything up takes a long time in comparison to the seconds it takes to set up a regular hose and ready it for action.
  • The Miracle-Gro soaker hose may be deemed as two broad and requires a lot of water to operate.

The Verdict

We all may be a little bit cautious of big and ambitious projects like this soaker hose. But we can’t deny that Miracle-Gro came away with an indubitable slam dunk in the game of gardening. All the rave reviews and the excellent ratings don’t seem so surprising at all. The 3/8-inch by 50-feet size is perfect for any garden size. At 2.86 pounds, it’s lightweight and the 50-feet size makes it possible to reach even the farthest corner of your garden.

It’s definitely worth the extra 5 minutes to set up and the unique composition will get to any corner of the garden, leaving no plant unwatered. If you top all the advantages off with the fact that it’s an insanely good price for a soaker hose of such good quality – giving this one is really a no-brainer. It should enhance your gardening experience and yield an almost instant result. For both beginners and masters of the gardening art – Miracle-Gro premium soaker hose is the one to go with this year.

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