​Mowing the lawn has always been a tedious chore but it has to be done, or else you could have a backyard as a jungle. So, in order to keep your grass short, opt to invest in lawn mowers that will undoubtedly make these chores leaps and bounds easier than before. This is just one of the reasons why a zero-turn mower is the best for you. With this, let’s take a look at one of the best zero-turn mowers available in the market today.

So, what is a zero-turn mower? This is a lawnmower that steers through the rear wheels that could provide fast speed and easy maneuverability.

​This type of mower is very much recommended for cutting medium to large lawns. With its maneuverability and speed, it can cut through even up until the shortest grasses and hard-to-reach areas that would need some trimming if you were to use a different type of lawn mower.

​The Swisher ​ZTR2454BS-CA is one of the leading zero-turn mowers that is manufactured by Swisher Acquisition Inc - a company that develops American-made and commercial grade Swisher power equipment. The company has been offering households mower equipment for over 60 years that will help homeowners and landscapers mow their lawn the easy way.

Zero-turn mowers, especially the Swisher TZR2454BS-CA, saves energy because you do not have to go over the grounds that you have already mowed once you've gone over it for the first time. It will not only save you power consumption but will also conserve the energy of the person mowing, at the same time.

The build of the Swisher TZR2454BS-CA is made from products that you know will last a lifetime. Its body is made of a heavy-duty steel frame that could ensure your safety while riding the mower and the tight housing of its components as well. It has large wheels that could trudge along any path of your lawn and these could handle the friction between the ground and the mower.

Aside from these, you know that you are getting the job done while you are at a convenient place with its heavy-duty composite fingers and foot deck that will help you maneuver around your lawn, even at those hard-to-reach places.

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​Here are the full specifications of the equipment:

  • ​New Rapid Response Control System for improved comfort and control
  • ​24 HP Briggs & Stratton engine
  • ​54" cutting deck with 3 Gator mulching blades
  • ​Hydro-Gear 2800 transmissions and Ogura clutch
  • ​Heavy-duty fenders with storage, battery compartment and cup holder
  • ​Foot assisted deck lift
  • ​8 miles forward and reverse
  • ​8 gallon fuel capacity
  • ​Rear tires 20"x10"-8", Front casters 12"x6"
  • ​1.5"-4.5" cutting range
  • ​Full engine wrap
  • ​Electric start, Electric PTO clutch
  • ​High-back seat with arm rests
  • ​12V adapter and Hour meter
  • ​Front and rear hitch
  • ​Made in the USA


The type of the engine used in the mower is probably one of the specifications you should look at carefully when buying a lawnmower. The engine gives the overall speed and cutting power that will measure how fast, efficient, and convenient your lawn mowing experience will be.

Therefore, your lawn mower should have a trusted and heavy-duty engine that could give you the best results.

This is why Swisher TZR2454BS-CA only houses the most trusted engine - the 24 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine. Briggs & Stratton takes pride in their engines that can be powered or started easily, has low maintenance yet gives off a powerful performance. This Swisher TZR2454BS-CA’s 24 HP Briggs & Stratton engine only promises everything that you have to expect when it comes to a quality mower.

When it comes to horsepower, it is best that you get the higher the number. In Swisher TZR2454BS-CA's case, it's 24 HP. This means that the power exerted by the engine is at its premium best. The engine holds up to 8 gallons of fuel which is more than enough for you to mow your whole lawn without any refueling done.

​Cutting Deck

​What will a mower be if it won't have sharp blades and large areas of cutting deck? Swisher TZR2454BS-CA has a 54" cutting deck with 3 Gator mulching blades which can definitely cut the grass of your lawn in just one run. When it comes to the cutting range, you may want to invest in mowers that have a huge range - meaning it could cut the shortest grasses up to the longest grasses relative to the ground. The Swisher TZR2454BS-CA has an impressive cutting range with 1.5"-4.5".


​Swisher TZR2454BS-CA's body is entirely made of a heavy-duty steel frame. This is to assure the user that it is lightweight, resistant to rust and corrosions, and it is durable. Aside from that, steel is a construction material that needs little maintenance. So, for dirty works like mowing the lawn, it is essential that the frame of the mower must be explicitly designed for heavy-duty mowing. In addition to this, the frame Swisher TZR2454BS-CA is supported on 20" x 10" - 8" rear tires and 12" x 6" front casters.

​Accessories Available For The Equipment

​On your first purchase of the equipment, you might think that you will not need a mower that could be upgraded through the addition of accessories. But trust us, you do need it! Sooner or later, you'll realize that you need mower accessories that could expand the capability of your mower to its full advantage.

If you're looking forward to the expansion of your lawn mower, then it's best if you avail of Swisher TZR2454BS-CA. You won't believe the range of the accessories that could be added to improve the performance of Swisher TZR2454BS-CA.

The following includes (but not necessarily limited to): air filter, battery, bearing, belt, belt cover, blade, blade balancer, blade boss, blade sharpener, bracket, bucket or loader, bushing, carburetor, chain, choke cable, clutch, coupling, height adjuster, ignition coil, ignition switch, lawn sweeper, level, lower handle, lubrication oil, muffler, mulching kit, mulch plug, oil filter, paint, power cable, pull cord, and recoil starter. Those are just some of the accessories that you can buy for your lawnmower.

However, if you're a bit keen on which accessories you should best incorporate with your equipment, some of the top best-selling accessories are the following :

  • Swisher Genuine OEM 9018 Blade Driver Assembly

  • Swisher 3816 149-Inch Belt

  • New OEM Swisher 2034B Operator Presence Engine Zone Cable for Briggs Engines

  • New Genuine OEM Swisher BR20CC Blade Engage Cable 84" RT44 also In T44CH W/ 9082

These accessories will surely take your Swisher zero turn mower to the next level.


​For all Swisher's Zero-Turn Riding Mowers, including the Swisher TZR2454BS-CA, they all have a 2-year factory defect warranty from the day of your purchase of the equipment. The Briggs & Stratton engines also carry a 2-year warranty. If you're interested in how you could change the blades, since it is the part that is most-exposed to wear and tear, then there's good news for you! Swisher's Zero-Turn Riding Mowers' deck can be removed from the equipment proper. After this is done, it much easier to work on the blades, deck, bearings, or the belts. So, there is no need for you to raise the mower up.

​Other Special Features

​The Swisher TZR2454BS-CA includes the patented Rapid Response Control System that is designed for the user's improved comfort and control. It is important to take note that this is a patented technology from Swisher Acquisition Inc., which means that this type of ease and comfort cannot be found in any other zero-turn mowers out there.

It also equipped with a lot of storage space. The Swisher TZR2454BS-CA has storage in its heavy-duty fends, battery compartment and cupholder. Nothing beats more than being in a comfortable place while getting the job done, that is why the Swisher TZR2454BS-CA has a high-back seat that supports your whole back while mowing and has armrests your arms could relax into.

When it comes to ease of use, The Swisher TZR2454BS-CA has a foot assisted deck lift. This just means that you don't have to raise the mower deck manually because your equipment could do that for you. Just press your foot against the lift and it's all done! We also know how important it is for you to cover your whole lawn's space, so you'd be glad to know that the Swisher TZR2454BS-CA can drive up to 8 miles, may it be in forward and in reverse. And take note, that is without refueling your tank because of its 8 gallons fuel capacity. With this fuel capacity, the Swisher TZR2454BS-CA can mow up to 3 to 5 acres of land.

Other features include a full engine wrap, an electric start so you won't have to pump the accelerator every time you start mowing, and an electric PTO clutch. The Swisher TZR2454BS-CA also has a 12V adapter, an hour meter, and a front and rear hitch to complete the whole package.

​Can It Be For Commercial Use?

​It is a known fact that lawn mowers are not cheap, what more zero-turn mowers. So, since this is an investment, some people are looking to using these mowers not only for their own lawns but for other people, as well. So, the ultimate question is - can the Swisher TZR2454BS-CA be for commercial use?

The answer is yes. Indeed, it can be used for commercial use. Number one, it is heavy-duty. So, unlike any other commercial mowers, Swisher TZR2454BS-CA is actually for heavy-duty mowing. Endurance-wise, the Swisher also passes the test. With its components - heavy-duty frames and decks, it can trudge along any other grounds out there. Also, commercial lawn mowers have a lot more features than the residential mowers, so with the Swisher TZR2454BS-CA with its Rapid Response Control System, and other features such as a long-term 8-gallon fuel which needs no refueling up until you finish the whole lawn. And of course, the Swisher TZR2454BS-CA truly lives up to its zero-turn mower type, as you don't need to turn back to go over again the area that you have previously mowed or even go over it the area to trim it with scissors.

​Is It Worth Buying?

​Overall, when you look at all the aspects - the speed, effectivity, comfort, and ease of use, low maintenance cost, additional warranty, and reliability, it is safe to say that the Swisher TZR2454BS-CA is a good investment as your zero-turn mower. You can not only use this for your own lawn but could also use it commercially Aside from these, you are ensured that you are indeed getting what you have paid for. So, ditch your old lawn mowers and opt to switch to the Swisher TZR2454BS-CA. Gone are the days wherein lawn mowing was a chore, and do it as easy and comfortable this time around.

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