9 Best Dandelion Killer : Buyer’s Guide 2021

The main difference between a weed and a plant tends to be subjective: Loosely defined, a weed Is any plant that you don’t want in your garden. Even if the plant has some nutritional value, such as a dandelion. The main problem with such plants is that they often compete for resources with your garden plants. Furthermore, weed growth can easily compromise the structure of your driveway or sidewalk. 

Thus, with the best dandelion killer, you are sure of a reliable solution for getting rid of weeds from your gardens. There is no specific method for applying weed killers because each type tends to have unique characteristics. If you want to eliminate plants such as dandelions, then consider using non-selective products. This will kill any plants in the area, and leave the ground clear for the next gardening season. If you are treating a lawn, then consider using the selective weed killers, which you can use to target specific types of plants.

We have developed this comprehensive buying guide to help you make an informed decision. By the end of this guide, you should be able to:

  • Buy the correct type of weed killer
  • See use useful tips about a specific kind of weed killer
  • Get expert advice on how to use them
  • Select a proper product brand for your needs

Types of Weed Killers

The two common examples of weed killer categories include the selective and non-selective categories

  • Selective weed killers – these products are used to target a specific kind of plant-specific. If the product eliminates broadleaf plants, then they are less likely to affect narrow-leaf grasses. Thus, it’s the kind of product you will apply to gardens infested with dandelions or clover. A great example would be the Southern Ag`s Lawn Weed Killer, which you can use to target broadleaf weeds.

  • Non-selective weed killers will remove any plants they get in contact within your garden. You have to practice caution when applying such weed killers, especially over garden plants. You can use such products on walkways, but avoid applying them directly to your garden.

The weed killers also classify in relation to the amount of the plant they can affect. The common classifications include

  • Contact weed killer – these types will penetrate the foliage of a weed, but will not compromise the root system. More so, these types won’t affect the surrounding soil area.

  • Systemic weed killers – these types will penetrate the root system of the plant, and eliminate every aspect of the plant

  • Residual weed killers – these types will stay in the oil and kill any plants that grow on the ground for a few years. They are best used in locations where you don’t want any plants to grow, such as on sidewalks or driveways. 

The weed killers also classify as organic or chemical weed killers:

  • Chemical weed killers – these involve the use of chemical products such as Glyphosate, which will affect the photosynthesis process of a plant. More so, these products can kill the plants with just a single application or several, especially when it’s a perennial plant.

  • Organic weed killers – these types are common among various kinds of gardeners because they target the metabolism of a plant. A good example would be Pulverized Ammonium Nonanoate, which classifies as a soap salt. This product will help control the growth and development of weeds in your garden. It breaks down soil quickly, and will not have adverse side effects on the environment.

Important Features Of ​Dandelion Killer

Weed growing cycles – being able to kill weeds largely depends on their growth cycles. Killing the foliage of a weed might require several applications, especially in relation to the growth of the weeds. Here is an introduction of the types of weed you may come across: 

  • Annuals – these types go through their complete life cycle in one year. This is ideal because the plants won't grow back unless seeds and cuttings remain for the growing season next year. A good example would be crabgrass, which is an annual plant. That said, even if the plant dies in as little as one year, they often leave behind thousands of seeds. Thus, it's good to apply a product that will linger on the ground for several months. 

  • Biennials – the biennials refers to plants that grow after every two years. The biennial plant will grow roots and leaves in their first year. During the winter season, they become dormant and will produce flowers or fruits in the oncoming year. Common plants that fall under this category include common mullein, evening primrose, and more. 

  • Perennials – these are the types of plants that have more than two years of life span. They leave behind roots in the ground and grow back each year. The plants classify under two categories, the simple and evergreen perennials. The simple perennials spread by seed and long roots. The evergreen perennials which maintain their leaves. 

  • Becoming rainfast – avoid using weed killers that can get washed off easily. Ensure that you apply weed killers when it's least likely to rain, or when you are least likely to water the plants. This term is referred to as rainfast because the rain can compromise the effectiveness of a herbicide on a plant. 

Frequently Asked Questions for The Best Dandelion Killer

Q. How soon can my pets re-enter places that are treated using weed killer products?

A. Pets and people should avoid contact with the given area until the spray is dry. Once the treated surfaces are dry, you can resume using your patio as usual. Some brands claim to have pet and kid-safe products, but much has to be said about the chemical makeup of such products. 

Q. When can I reseed or replant in the treated sections of my lawn?

A. You can replant with ornamental flowers, shrubs, and trees in treated areas, even under one day after applying the weed killer. If you want to reseed or put sod, then consider waiting for as many as seven days after using the product.

Q. Can you use this product in flower beds or close to trees or landscape plants?

A. This product is suitable for renovating your lawn and reseeding from the first step. That said, you can use weed killer close to ornamental plants, ornamental trees, and landscaping. Also, you can protect any plants close by, by using a piece of cardboard or plastic. If you accidentally spray one, then consider washing it immediately.

​Top 9 Dandelion Killer Reviews

doctor kirchner natural weed killer

Killing and removing weeds from your property has never been this easy. The Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer is a natural weed killer made using ocean saltwater and commercial food grade vinegar. Even more, this weed killer is a potent weed spray that you will use daily on your lawn. It also makes up for an excellent alternative to using harmful herbicides and toxic weed treatments.

When getting the best weed killer for your garden, its vital that you go for a product that you can use for several applications. This is why the makers of this product have done well to ensure it's available in a 2.5-gallon container. This way, you have adequate product, which you can use to take good care of your garden. It also does not require any mixing, and you will start noticing the results in as little as 24 hours. 

To make things better, this weed killer does not require any mixing, glyphosphate, or home disrupting chemicals to function. It is pet safe, kid-safe, and suitable for use in most types of urban environments. By removing weeds while also preserving the environment, you have made a positive contribution to the environment.


  • Non-selective and ready to use spray
  • No mixing, glyphosate or home disrupting chemicals required
  • Pet and kid-safe dandelion killer
  • High quality weed killing formula


  • The spray can could use a better spray mechanism
  • Takes a few hours before you see results

Editor`s Choice

green gobbler ultimate vinegar

The Green Gobbler Ultimate Vinegar Concentrate makes up for the perfect way to take care of your modern garden. This weed killer is developed to be 30% safer than using products with bleach and ammonia. Even more, it’s an excellent all-natural vinegar product which you can use gardening, grease removal, and more. You can use this dandelion killer at full strength for tough jobs, or perhaps use It when diluted to create a gentler formula.

 The Green Gobbler Weed Killer brand has also done well to ensure this product is available in a large gallon container. This way, you have a reliable supply to last you for several months, as you target different types of plants in your modern garden. 

Made using corn, which is distilled into alcohol, you can be sure of a kid and pet safe pet care product for your needs. It does not contain any dyes or chemicals, which can pose a health risk.


  • An all-natural alternative for garden care
  • Stronger than regular white vinegar
  • Made using distilled corn alcohol
  • Does not contain phosphates or sulfates


  • Could use a much better spray bottle structure
  • The formula can cause allergy in some

Also Consider

vessel 3 way herbicide

Weeds can cause a significant health threat to any modern-day garden. This is why we recommend the Vessel 3-way herbicide as an excellent way to get rid of pesky dandelions from your garden. This weed killer consists of a unique herbicide formula that ensures exceptional weed control results. Furthermore, the formula is also suitable for use on lawns and turfs in ornamental applications.

To make things better, the formula is cost-effective and provides fast results with each application. In fact, each portion of the chemical can be mixed with some water to improve the spraying results. As a dynamic and powerful formula, this product works well on most broadleaf plants.

It is suitable for use in ornamental, residential, and institutional locations. With such a powerful formula, you can be sure of results in as little as 8 hours. The sprayer bottle is also easy to use, and it comes with a safety mechanism, such that you don’t accidentally spray delicate surfaces around the house.


  • Contains high quality product such as dimethylamine salt
  • Suitable for use in ornamental and residential sites
  • 3-way herbicide controls for the best results
  • Can kill various types of plant weeds


  • Kills all the plants on a lawn
  • The fertilizer container is somewhat small
green gobbler vinegar weed & grass killer

Improve the results of your garden with the Green Gobbler Vinegar Grass Killer. This product is a powerful formula, which you can use to eliminate various types of weeds in a few hours. Applied correctly, this formula should remove any unwanted weeds in less than 24 hours. More so, the product also contains large amounts of acetic acid, which is also potent for weed killing applications. 

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of owning a weed killer product is that it should be safe to use anywhere you, please. This is why the Green Gobbler Weed Killer is suitable for in various environments, including residential areas, agricultural farms, mulch beds, and more.

The formula is also as much as four times stronger than traditional table vinegar. With this product, you can expect optimal elimination of weeds in as little as 24 hours. This product eliminates weeds without compromising the environment, and it's certified for use by the OMRI. 

It’s a powerful formulate, that will eliminate and desiccate weeds without you having to use any poisonous chemicals. Made using corn, this best dandelion killer is both reliable and useful for weed killing applications. It does not contain any cancer-causing chemicals, and it's also glyphosate free. This powerful formula is 20% stronger than most products, and it is also made using distilled corn grain.


  • Kills weed fast and contain acetic acid
  • Safe to use in residential and agricultural settings
  • Powerful formula with no cancer-causing chemicals
  • Made using ethanol distilled from corn grain


  • N/A
bonide bnd310

With the Bonide BND310, you have a reliable and potent formula that you can use to take good care of your plants. This potent formula can kill gumweed, nettle, ragweed, and more. Furthermore, the BND310 is also suitable for killing various types of weeds and should be applied as directed. A weed killer is only as useful as it can remove weeds from your garden. This is why the Bonide Weed Killer helps to remove weeds in as little as 24 hours. The unique formula won’t wash away, and it’s also exceptionally rainproof.

The entire bottle is an outstanding 32 oz, which means that you have more than sufficient product for your needs. You can even dilute it when you prefer a milder application of the chemical to your garden. 

For the best results, you can spray the formula after watering or perhaps when the weather is not rainy. The product also instantly mixes with water, and its best applied when using a knapsack sprayer. As one of the most potent formulas for weed killing, you can be sure that it is pet and kid-safe. This way, you won’t expect your negligent kids to suffer from allergies when exposed to the formulate.


  • Can kill well over 300 broadleaf weeds
  • Suitable for use on grass
  • Can provide quick results in as little as 24 hours
  • Won't wash away even when exposed to rain or water


  • Could use a much better container structure
  • Has a strong smell which can be repulsive
ortho weed b gon weed killer

The Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer is an excellent addition to your gardening regimen. This garden care product can kill dandelions, clover, and various types of broadleaf weeds. Furthermore, it is a selective weed killer and won't cause harm to other plants in the lawn. The weed killer is powerful, and you will notice the results in a few hours. 

More so, this Weed Killer also provides excellent value and is suitable for large or small areas. It is available in 32 oz sizes and can be used on lawns as large as 16,000 sq ft. Similar to most high-end weed killing products, the Ortho Weed B Gon Killer is safe and reliable to use on most gardens. It is a pet and kid safe formula, which does not cause harm to any other plants in the garden. 

Designed to be easy to apply, this formula requires only a single application for you to start noticing results. The product is available with a special nozzle, that release generous amounts of the product to areas that require treatment. It also has an ergonomic handle, which means you can enjoy several hours of spraying, without fatigue. The makers of this formula have also done well to ensure it's available in a 24 oz container, which is easy and convenient to store.


  • Won't harm the lawn and powerful formula
  • The results are visible in minutes
  • 24 oz and ready to use garden care formula
  • Ready to use and spray design


  • The spray nozzle is somewhat small
  • The container instructions are not in English
spectracide hg-96428

Ease to use, strong and safe. These are just some of the few benefits you can expect when using the Spectaris HG-96429 Weed Killers. This is a powerful formula that you can use on walkways, driveways, around fences, and more. Furthermore, the fast action formula ensures visible results in as little as 3 hours. You can use it as a repellent on new flowers, trees, shrubs, and more. 

You will also be pleased that this powerful formula is even resistant to rainfall or watering after application. Designed to be ready to use, you can spray this formula thoroughly to cover the leaves of your chosen vegetation. It’s a reliable formula which you can use during warm, sunning weather and even when the weeds are actively growing. The best part about using this formula is that even when mixed with water, it still serves as a potent product for killing weeds.

To avoid any drift to other plants, you can cover the plants with a piece of cardboard or use plastic. It is easy to apply, and the formulate can linger for several days, as it works to kill any remaining instances of weeds in your garden. This powerful formula will kill unwanted weeds and grass that are not easy to mow. It’s the perfect formula you can use for lawn renovation projects and more.


  • The fast-acting formula provides quick results
  • Rainfall or watering application does not affect product quality
  • Comes to ready to use over the target vegetation
  • Suitable for use on walkways, driveways, and patios


  • Has a strong scent for some
  • Can easily bleach colored clothes
roundup 5107300

Discover the excellence of the Roundup 5107300 Control Weed and Grass Killer, which is perfect for gardening purposes. This dual-action formula is powerful and can kill existing weeds and grasses to the root. Furthermore, the unique formula will also prevent new weeds from growing for as much as four months. The formula is also rainproof, and the results of using this formula should be visible in as little as 3 hours.

When you want to take good care of your garden, especially if it's prone to weeds, it's important that you make good decisions. This is why the Roundup Weed Killer brand has done well to produce an exclusive formula, that guarantees the best results for your needs. The makers of this formula have also done well to ensure that it kills weeds to the root, such that they won't ever appear again. It is also absorbed through the leaves and can penetrate to the root for a complete kill. Thus, with this pest care formula, you can be sure of a reliable way to keep your patios, driveways, and more looking good.

A reliable weed killer involves the use of special product application techniques to achieve the best results. This is why this weed killer features a potent formula, which combines two brush killing ingredients. This way, you have a potent formula, which you can use to kill various types of plants.


  • Dual-action formula
  • Prevents new weed from growing for up to 4 months
  • Rainproof in 10 minutes and visible results in 3 hours
  • Strong enough to penetrate tough and waxy leaves


  • Has a strong scent
  • Could be available with a much more durable container structure
roundup 5705010

Experience the benefit of owning a property free of weeds when you have the proper weed killing solution. The Roundup 5705010 Weed and Grass Killer has a dual-action formula, that works well for killing existing weeds, and also stops new ones from growing. This powerful formula will kill weeds to the root, and it's also safe for use in indoor gardens.

To make things better, the Roundup Weed Killer is available in a large container, which means you have more than enough formula for your needs. Use this product on sidewalks, patios, and more, and you will enjoy the best results. The dandelion killer is also rainproof and will linger on the treated area for a few hours.

As one of the most potent weed killing formulas, this product kills weeds to the root, such that they won't grow back again. Absorbed through the leaves, it’s a simple way to keep your driveway, patios, and mulch beds looking appealing.


  • Dual-action formula perfect for killing weeds
  • Suitable for use on driveways, patios and more
  • Rainproof formula for 30 minutes
  • Visible results in as little as 6 hours


  • Formula can linger for several months
  • Not suitable when exposed to delicate linen such as cloths


A garden can only thrive and produce a good yield when you apply the correct gardening techniques. Whether you want to eliminate a specific type of plant completely, or just all plants, you have to choose the correct product. We have identified some of the best dandelion killer products for you to consider. These products help you target specific plant types, and ensure the best results.

Application is all about reading the specific instructions on the product, because most of them are different. Once equipped with this product, you should be ready to enjoy a weed free garden with exceptional yield results.

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