Best Hot Tub Sanitizer – An Essential Factor For Your Hot Tub

A hot tub sanitizer is very helpful to kill the bacteria as well as to purify the water. There is no doubt that, the sanitizer is the most important component to a healthy hot tub experience. To support the customers the necessary information before purchasing the best hot tub sanitizer, this article will surely be your must-read advice.

Like many other products after a long time of using, your best hot tubs are also necessary to take care and preserve. Normally, to decide when is the suitable time to use the sanitizer for your hot tub, the owners should carefully consider the numbers of participants and the times of using this hot tub. There are plenty of people with numberless times soaking into the water; there are countless times that the hot tub needs to have the sanitizer! Therefore, regularly checking the water level so as to apply the best hot tub sanitizer on time is always essential to last the durability of the hot tub.

hot tub sanitizers

2. The essential notes when using the best hot tub sanitizers: 

According to many people, when it comes to chemistry, it is not totally good. This notion is reasonable! However, if you know how to balance the using of sanitizers, it is not only effective in cleaning your hot tubs but also is critical on the economical side.

  • Checking the balance of the hot tub’s alkalinity, pH level, and the hardness

A number of new hot tub owners are familiar with throwing all the chemicals they buy in their hot tub. This is obviously a mistake because this action can lead to hours of frustration. The chemicals of the hot tub can freely interact in ways that you cannot control. As a result, if you do not balance your hot tub from the beginning, you will by chance limit the effectiveness of sanitizing agents, shock treatments, and clarifying products later on.

  • Deciding suitable sanitizers to your need 

It is true that chlorine and bromine are the two widely-used types of sanitizers in the line of substances applying for the hot tub. For those who are finding a product with a fast-acting sanitizer and decontaminating agent, Chlorine is your best full choice. Moreover, if you want to test the water, add the desired amount of chlorine and rest a short time later to reach the perfect concentration, chlorine will work well.

Bromine - by contrast – requires you a bit of patience, but it can be effectively in the first times of using. Besides, the long-lasting maintaining after using bromine may make you surprised! After waiting a while and trying to achieve a bromine level of 10 ppm, you will witness that your hot tub will be completely cleaned.

  • Making shock treatments weekly

Making shock treatments weekly: Whether using chlorine or bromine as your sanitizer, it is advisable to shock your hot tub at least every week. The best time to shock your hot tub is right after using it so that the bacteria have no chance to irritate your skin, as well as reduce its effectiveness. More importantly, making shock treatments also helps you to dissolve residues, oxidize sanitizers, and remove chloramines or bromines as well.

3. The outstanding standards of the best hot tub sanitizer: 

Do not contain uncomfortable strong smell

The unpleasant odor is the most barrier that a great deal of chemical products copes with. Nowadays, there are some products which offer the smell clean, but others, the scent is harsh and doesn’t mesh well with a relaxing hot tub experience. Therefore, for the customers who want to choose a best hot tub sanitizer for their own, it is necessary to consider this criterion.

Do not irritate eyes

In reality, the traditional hot tub sanitizers often irritate the eyes; making them feel dry and scratchy and even appear red after a long time period of exposure. So, if you don’t want to experience these eye symptoms, you must be careful in choosing a best hot tub sanitizer.

Be safe for the skins, even the sensitive skin

Swimming preferences are common interests of everyone, no exception for those who have the skin are quite sensitive to the chemical. If a hot tub sanitizer may pay much attention to this standard, it is truly the best hot tub sanitizer you are seeking.

Do not have the bleach effect

One of the bad circumstances that most of the hot tub sanitizers gets is the bleach effect. There is no strange when witnessing lots of unexpected cases due to the bleach effect. Imagine that a hair color which are changed its color after soaked in chlorine for a long time! Or even your swimming suit may be faded by the time! Thus, the best hot tub sanitizer should provide the customers a peace of mind.

4. Top best hot tub sanitizers in the current market: 


 Leisure Time 

leisure time a spa bright and clear
  • Quickly turns cloudy water into crystal clear water
  • Reasonable price
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide

Our Rating

Best Choice

Zodiac Nature2 SPA

zodiac  nature2 spa
  • Effective to limit the harsh chemicals
  • Affordable
  • Highly recommended by a variety of older users

Our Rating

Premium PICK

Natural Spa

natural spa non-chlorine hot tub start-up kit
  • Complete kit
  • Very easy instruction to follow
  • Made of the natural materials which is clearly safe for people heath

Our Rating

1. Zodiac W20750 Nature2 SPA Stick Mineral Sanitizer

hot tub sanitizer

The nature2 SPA is a wonderful stick mineral sanitizer for those who are seeking for an eco-friendly, low maintenance alternative to heavy chlorine or bromine so as to keep their hot tubs clean and free of harmful bacteria and viruses. This nature 2 SPA is equipped with a patented, EPA-approved mineral bed technology in order to effectively kill bacteria safely and effortlessly. On the other hand, this Zodiac W20750 may work by automatically dissolving trace amounts of mineral elements into the water. As a consequence, those elements act as a sanitizer to eliminate bacteria and viruses.


  • Check Circle
    This product is well-equipped with the combination of Nature2 Cense sanitization which is widely recognized by the EPA.
  • Check Circle
    It is widely certified by the EPA that there is no-chlorine or bromine within the sanitizer system.
  • Check Circle
    There is the mineral cartridge which easily fits to the hot tubs.
  • Check Circle
    This hot tub sanitizer is effective to limit the harsh chemicals and it is also safe to people health.
  • Check Circle
    The price for this product is suggested at an affordable level.
  • Check Circle
    This product is highly recommended by a variety of older users.


  • In terms of the size of the hot tubs, this hot tub sanitizer may cause a little bit problem to fit to all of the size.
  • Some find it is not easy to install and the instruction is quite complicated. 

2. Leisure Time 45005 Test Strips Bromine Spa and Hot Tub

best hot tub sanitizer

It is undeniable that the brand name Leisure Time has currently played a top role in the current hot tub sanitizer. The reason for this domination is simply from the stable effectiveness that this product lines offer. Take this Leisure Time 45005 Test Strips Bromine Spa and Hot Tub as a typical example for this illustration. This sanitizer may keep your spa water balanced at a stable range: pH 7.2-7.8, total alkalinity 80-120 ppm and calcium hardness 150-400 ppm. Moreover, it is affordable to test the water with the accurate result.


  • Check Circle
    This product is effective in giving the accurate result of testing water.
  • Check Circle
    Both chlorine and bromine sanitizing are equipped with a special system that can work well. 
  • Check Circle
    The instruction is quite clear and it is easy to install and use.
  • Check Circle
    This sanitizer includes a good after sales-service and the delivery is quick.


  • Some strips do not work well due to the error from the manufacturer.

3. Leisure Time A Spa Bright and Clear, Quart

spa sanitizers

Another best hot tub sanitizer from the Leisure Time is the Bright and Clear, Quart. Thanks to the polymer action included in this sanitizer, the suspended particles are likely to remove out of the hot tub easily. On the other hand, this powerful hot tub clarifier quickly turns cloudy water into crystal clear water. If someone asks me to review a product at an acceptable price but can work effectively, I will not hesitate to say that the Bright, Clear, Quart is the best choice.


  • Check Circle
    This hot tub sanitizer is effectively compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide.
  • Check Circle
    The suspended particles can be quickly removable out of the hot tub with the supporting of polymer action.
  • Check Circle
    This product has launched with the reasonable price which can meet the requirement of many people.


  • The delivery service is not good in some cases.
  • Some find that there is the uncomfortable smell coming out after using the sanitizer.

4. Natural Spa Non-chlorine Hot Tub Start-up Kit

hot tub sanitizers

This Natural Spa Non-chlorine Hot Tub Start-up Kit is a complete kit that suggests a great deal of essential chemicals needed for preserving your hot tub. Besides, it also appears with a very easy instruction to follow. Especially, the increasing of the bacteria is significantly inhibited thanks to the attached silver ions.


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    This sanitizer for the hot tub is made of the natural materials which is clearly safe for people heath.
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    It appears in the total kit which is economical in terms of the price.
  • Check Circle
    The instruction is clear enough for the users to follow.


  • It is rather expensive for some customers.
  • It contains a strong smell which may be uncomfortable to the respiratory system.

5. Hot Spring Freshwater Sanitizer

best hot tub chemicals to use

Different from others, Fresh Water brings us the best solution to clean your best hot tub with the supporting of Ag+ Continuous Silver Ion. It is a mineral sanitizer which is specially designed to fit in the Hotspring brand spas so as to prohibit the bacteria. To use this hot tub sanitizer radically, it is recommended that you should replace the cartridge every four months for on-going protection.


  • Check Circle
    The composition of mineral sanitizer makes this hot tub sanitizer outstanding than the same others.
  • Check Circle
    It can work effectively for a long time.
  • Check Circle
    This sanitizer is easy to use.


  • The price is quite high when comparison with other same products in the market.

5. Conclusion: 

From the beginning of this article, the importance of the best hot tub sanitizer has been clearly emphasized. To use the best hot tub sanitizers properly, it is suggested that the customers should focus on 4 vital standards points: do not contain an uncomfortable strong smell, do not irritate eyes, be safe for the skins, even the sensitive skin, do not have the bleach effect.

Among 5 top products listing above, I strongly recommended that the Zodiac W20750 Nature2 SPA Stick Mineral Sanitizer is the head and shoulder about the rest. Along with the outstanding feature of the mineral bed technology which kills bacteria safely and effortlessly, this best hot tub sanitizer is also widely certified by the EPA that there is no-chlorine or bromine within the sanitizer system. To sum up, this is undoubtedly the best choice for all.

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