Miracle Gro AeroGarden Product Reviews

Gardening is a wonderful job and the fruits (pun intended) of the labor can be very tasting and can enhance your household and diet in a life-changing way. I was very much enthusiastic about the idea of growing my own crops many years ago but was quickly tired of the process.

The reason for me getting tired so quickly are the many difficulties for a beginner growing plants – pests, bugs, dry spurts, bad soil, etc. All these are way too complicated to deal sometimes. I managed to solve it through hard work, but I wish Miracle-Gro Aerogarden had existed during the start of my gardening days. For anyone with growing problems and plant aches, this could be a possible and efficient solution.

Product Name

Number of Plants

Grow Light

Controlling on Smart Device!

9 Pod

Extends 24"


6 Pod

Extends 12"


9 Pod

Extends 24"


9 Pod

Extends 24"


3 Pod

Extends 10"


AeroGarden Ultra

(Editor’s Choice)

7 Pod

Extends 24"


If you have bigger projects and larger quantities in mind then you should opt for the nine-pod garden, as those two pods can make a great difference in speed and quantity. Another difference is that the screen is a touch one, with much-improved software.

When it comes to lighting, the lamp has more power at 45 watts. You can raise the lights even more, up to 24 inches, which makes room for bigger and taller plants. All in all, you can have more features at a much higher price. If you’re a more ambitious and experienced grower then we would recommend this one to you wholeheartedly.

Just like the Bounty is a model for those more ambitious growers, the Harvest is more for beginners. Basically, if you aren’t willing to spend loads of money on any other alternatives and you just want to try an AeroGarden, this is the one to go with.

In comparison to the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden Ultra, the Harvest costs little less and only has six pods. The absence of the LCD screen is also evident, but all in all, this is an excellent piece if you are just entering the gardening world and aren’t willing to cash out in a major way. Reviews are positive for the AeroGarden Harvest too, so quality is top-notch.

If the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra isn’t the right solution for you, then you can’t possibly go wrong with the Harvest Elite. It’s cheaper by a little bit and has multiple options when it comes to material. If you want something more resilient than the stock plastic, you can purchase more expensive stainless steel or platinum versions.

According to all reviews, plastic is high-grade and resilient, but these tougher models are usually for rougher in-house conditions and a lot of moving. Depending on your wishes and intentions, you can opt for any one of them.

This is a version that focuses less on the speed of the growth but instead, provides you with a different set of growth pods. There is an absence of the LCD screen, but this isn’t a problem because this one can function simply with the push of a button on the main menu, below the growing area.

What you will like about this alternative the most is the reasonable price and an option to turn lights on and off automatically. If you’re looking to experiment and add an AeroGarden that grows slower and is cheaper, this is definitely the version for you.

Although this is the most expensive version of the AeroGarden, it’s also the one that possesses the most extensive list of features. The most important ones are, perhaps, the existence of nine growth pods which allows you to have a bigger garden, and the addition of a Wi-Fi operation mode. Using it, you can add water or nutrients through the push of a button, without much hassle.

It also boasts improved, more powerful LED lights which are even more economical than the regular ones and add much less to your electricity bill. If you are interested in going all in and beginning with the premium countertop grower, there is no reason why you should choose this Aerogarden version.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden

The world of gardening is a strange one and the craft in itself is very unpredictable and unusual. Unlike most mechanics-oriented hobbies, you can never know what you might be faced with, because – everything depends on nature.

Given the isolated nature and the ease of use, countertop gardens just might be the future of growing edible sorts of plants, as well as ones meant for decoration. Even a greenhouse garden is very tough to maintain, so this portable and practical solution could be an ideal way to enrich your salads or have a little home jungle.

AeroGarden- A Dependable Product

For everyone who is interested in making a self-sustained dieting program or just working on cultivating plants as a hobby, countertop gardens like the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden can be ideal because they require little to no maintenance.

This is a contrast to soil gardens outdoors. They are in need of constant care like checking for pests, diseases, root maintenance and other things that can take up lots and lots of time. If you’re busy and eager to get into the growing world, giving this a chance will change your life.

Even though it’s practical and efficient, the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden still requires some maintenance and being taken care of. First, you should be absolutely sure that you have space for it and that you are responsible enough to take sporadic care of a growing living being. A power source close to it is also mandatory, as during some instances you would have to have the LED lights on 24/7.

When it comes to other details, it’s best that you learn them along the way, because the manual is included to help you reach your goals in particular.

What Is The Miracle-Gro Aerogarden Anyway?

The Miracle-Gro Aerogarden should be described as one of those things you never knew you needed, but you realize it’s revolutionary once you try it out. For those with gardening woes, a countertop, all-natural grower is a game changer. It possesses seven growing pods and all seven can be used at the same time.

Users and testers have tried it on all sorts of products, ranging from decoration flower, all the way to tomatoes. You can literally grow anything that can be cultivated in nature, with even better quality because of the isolated environment and ideal conditions.

You may ask yourself how something can be grown without sunlight. The LED lighting system of the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden takes care of that. Although you may be skeptical, the lights are calibrated to specific spectrum that causes maximum levels of photosynthesis.

Maybe the biggest difference from regular growing is the lack of soil. Plants are grown in record time spans, using a mixture of mineral and nutrient infused water and oxygen-rich air. This reduces the usual messiness and just about any problem that goes with it – pests, dirt, unsatisfying growing periods and a lack of nutrients.

Contrary to popular belief – soil is NOT NEEDED for plant growth. It just serves as a container for oxygen and all the nutrients, and technology is advanced so much that all that can be added to a plant without the actual soil.

Basically, the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden is a problem solver with too many benefits for you to ignore it.

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  • It’s very easy to use and the functionality of the machine can be mastered in one afternoon.
  • You can get both fast and efficient results always. The constant harvest is a result of an absence of all those nagging climate factors that pose as problem outdoors.
  • No GMO included. All the nutrients that are administered to the plant are completely natural and extracted from plants and soil.
  • The interactive LCD screen can really be of help, because you won’t have to think about when to add water or nutrients. It has reminders which can save you a lot of time and stress.
  • The taste of the grown plants is excellent because there are no parasites, bugs or unwanted substances like the ones you can find in the soil. Scientists tested the nutritional value of those vegetables and fruits and the turned out excellent.
  • Many plants can be grown at the same time with no interference. The system is specially designed so that the roots don’t mix and that one plant does not steal the nutrients of the other.


  • The cost may be somewhat higher than most countertop growers and this may discourage some users from buying it. The quality is impeccable, but an investment this big can be a problem for beginners.
  • In some instances, the LED lights can be a problem when they’re on for 24/7. This can be especially irritating during night times, when you have to sleep. They have no option of toning down.
  • The AeroGarden has to be cleaned often because nutrients can become stale and damage the construction of the machine if left inside too long. The cleaning process is a complicated one and requires a bit of effort.
  • If you’re a large-scale grower, only seven plants at a time is an insufficient number and thus may cause problems in terms of quantity. Only for beginners and small-scale growers

What Features And Benefits Does The Miracle-Gro Aerogarden Have?

You may find yourself skeptical towards the idea of putting nature in a box, but the whole process is very simple and eases up most of the hassle that comes with gardening. We’ve broken all the crucial features down for you, just so you can dive right into the mechanism and benefits of the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden.

Smart Device Integrated

An excellent but underrated feature is a brand new one. By connecting the AeroGarden with your smartphone via Wi-Fi, you can totally exclude the feature of having to tend to the garden manually. The original, company supported application allows you to select growth options, add nutrients or water just with one click of a button.

The reviews generally say the app is stable, which is an excellent thing. You wouldn’t want it to crash and make you unable to tend to your plants. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on long distances, so you have to be in the vicinity to operate it. This is something revolutionary and groundbreaking, so you can both grow amazing plants and tend to other matter, all at the same time.

The Growth Pods

Out of all the innovative and useful features on the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden, this may just be the one that draws your attention the most. In order to save space and provide as much efficiency as possible, scientists have devised the hydroponic system a few years ago.

That is a revolutionary technique of growing plants in just water, with added nutrients. Until the discovery of hydroponics, people thought that the only nutrient the plant needed was the soil and that it was the main food of all plants. That theory has long since been debunked.

In the seven pods of the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden, you can grow any plant simultaneously. Many tests were conducted since the product was released and there is literally no interference, no matter the combination of plants.

The system is very simple and should prove as an excellent solution to your space problems when it comes to the garden. Growing more plants in less space is always a welcome addition. These growth pods are simply holes in which the seeds are placed and exposed to nutrient filled water, in order to help you grow your desired plant.

As the seed flourishes and roots appear, the process will regulate itself according to the species of the plant. All in all, a feature that requires little to no attention from you or your family.

The LED Lighting System

Like with the soil myth, there was also a long-standing belief that plants can only grow under regular sunlight and that photosynthesis is impossible under other conditions. This is simply not true, and the invention of LED lights proved that. It took some years, but scientists have calibrated the lights to the same photon frequency as the sunlight, in order to motivate plants to grow and promote photosynthesis.

This is the case with the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden. What is truly useful about its lighting system is that every single facet that might concern you is taken care of. The spectrum has been proven ideal through numerous tests, and you can see for yourself how powerful the 30-watt lamp is.

It is adjustable to the height of the plant and can reach up to 150 cm in the air, in case plant is taller than usual. No matter the height, the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden performs best when the light is near the plant and the leaves soak all the energy.

Lights can also double as a night-lamp because they are so bright and spend so little energy that your electricity bill will barely feel them. Even when the plant needs 24-hour lights above it, you won’t experience the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden overheating or the lights malfunctioning.

Because you won’t be dependent on sunlight, the grower can be placed just about anywhere. With this versatility also come the faster growth of plants – you can harvest tomatoes as fast as after 45 days!

The Interactive LCD Screen

Fortunately, you would have to fear about messing something up or forgetting to add the nutrient filling. All those things are taken care of for you, by the simple, yet amazing interactive LCD screen. Everyone liked this feature of the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden the most, and for a reason.

It is true that past Miracle models also possessed this perk, but the Aerogarden LCD has an optimal balance of loud and noticeable reminders and helpful and subtle tips. The software is state of the art and will promptly remind you about everything – whether it be water, nutrients and turning lights on and off.

As it was proven during testing and through reading numerous reviews, you won’t experience any mistakes whatsoever. The software recognizes the codes on the inserted pods and adjusts the tips and reminders according to which one of the hundreds of the available plants you have chosen.

The buttons are designed to withstand a lot of pushes and many months, so they aren’t prone to breaking or falling in. If the unlikely happens, Miracle will assist you with an efficient and helpful customer service. A feature like this one can help novice gardeners a lot, and you can even make use of it to save time and maintain a stable life, all while being committed to growing your veggies or flowers.

Added Seeds And Nutrients

A welcome surprise that comes along with the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden is a seven-pod seed kit, along with a three ounce of patented nutrients to aid growth. This puts the Aerogarden above competing models. Others usually include only small quantities of resources, but you will be able to grow for an entire year with the included nutrients.

What we loved about this feature is the space to experiment. You get all sorts of different seeds to try out like Thai Basil, Curly Parsley, and Mint. Gardener all over the world praised these additions because they are an excellent start and an introduction to the gardening world. Due to the isolated conditions, the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden can easily produce spices and other edible plants of the same quality as the organic ones from the farmers’ market.

A Year-Round Growth Potential

In order to function, the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden just has to be cleaned, pod-by-pod, after a plant is successfully harvested, about once every three months, but that is about it when it comes to keeping it clean. You won’t have to take breaks from growing because of weather or the fatigue of the Aerogarden – there is no limit to the time you can use to grow plants.

This is what makes the Aerogarden stand out from most other competing models – they require a break of about one or two months, just so that the grower doesn’t malfunction. If you want to have a self-sustaining household or just practice your growing skills around the clock, this is an excellent feature for you.

What Do The Customers Say About The Miracle-Gro Aerogarden?

Out of the 17 rating sites, we’ve scoured for opinions and experiences with this product, the site with the lowest rating has an average of 4.1 out of 5. The highest was at 4.8, which is much better than most of the products in this, or any other category.

We know you place an emphasis on experiences of other users and it’s clear that the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden has been legit with everyone, so you have nothing to fear.

The things users raved about the most were:

  • Helpfulness of the LCD screen
  • Quality of food grown in it
  • Excellent customer service
  • Speed of growth

AeroGrow has a range of products specializing in hydroponic growth, so finding one that completely suits your needs shouldn’t be a problem. Out of all the possible candidates, we figured these three could help you with your growing the most.

To Conclude – Why Is The Miracle-Gro Aerogarden The Best Choice For Growing Indoor?

If you’ve ever been faced with the problems and hassle of outdoor growing, you are going to welcome the addition of plants on your countertop. Everything with this product works to your advantage and entering the gardening world this way can prove a great introduction in terms of knowledge and experience.

To have fast-growing plants in sterile and stable conditions is always a big advantage when cultivating either edible plants or ones for decoration. Fast growth and the best nutrients on the market will give birth to all natural, non-GMO plants that will either enrich your diet or your household.

All in all, you would be making a wise investment and when combining the test results with the excellent features, there is no other option but to give it a go. A game-changer for sure.

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