RainMachine Mini 8 – Top Review, Benefits and Useful Tips

Growing a garden is not an easy feat. There are many things to consider, but one of the main ones is the water supply. You probably already know that there needs to be a balance on the amount of water your plant gets.

Too much and it might grow diseases, too little and it withers. All of this is made even more difficult when things like the weather are factored in. The good news is thanks to technology, this has made the water issue a bit less of a worry. With many products out in the market presently, one has stood out and that is the RainMachine Mini-8. Let’s have a closer look at the device through the RainMachine Mini 8 review.

The company behind this idea is RainMachine. They came up with an ingenious device that allows you to automate the irrigation on your lawn/garden. The machine can sync with your mobile phone and allow you to monitor the system anywhere you go.

It provides real-time weather updates (the updates are sourced from different sources such as Metno and forecast.io to ensure a more accurate reading). In addition, the machine is WaterSense certified, thus you have access to rebates from your local water agency.

Finally, the device can help you save some money in the short term via rebates.

​The long run can’t be forgotten as the water saved from using the device will reduce your water bill.


  • Compact size, thus can easily be placed anywhere in the house.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • It can adjust the on/off settings based on weather data it receives.
  • It’s good value for money.
  • It can be integrated with home devices like Alexa for voice commands.


  • Here are some interface issues on the mobile app.
  • It doesn’t work well for those with a master valve or pump.
  • For now, it only relies on the weather to make judgment on how much to water, but there’s a lot more to factor in.


The RainMachine Mini-8 covers a lot of the basics as far as automated irrigation systems go. You can sync to your phone. You can use the app dashboard to get more stats and info. Most importantly, the irrigation sprinklers can be controlled automatically, via phone, PC or the controller.

With that said, there is some room for improvement. The mobile interface/UI could be revamped to make it easier to use and understand.

Who Is This Product For?

Based on what the product offers, It’s best used by people who don’t have large lawns/gardens and wish to automate the watering process with a top-quality Smart WiFi sprinkler. You see the device has trouble working with master valves/pumps and zone 8 gardens.

With that said, it’s also best suited for people who care about the environment and would like to conserve more water. In fact, many local water agencies tend to offer rebates to customers who use automated irrigation systems that meet certain requirements. Consider it a sort of reward system for caring about water conservation.

Key Features And Benefits Of RainMachine Mini-8

It Has WaterSense Certification

The RainMachine is WaterSense certified. This is an EPA criteria that measure performance and efficiency of the device with relation to environmental conservation. Having this certification is a plus as some local water agencies tend to offer rebates for people that use devices with this certification. Owning this device can provide you with quite the savings.

It Offers Real-time Monitoring

You can use either the browser on your PC or use the IOS/Android apps on your mobile device. Either way, you can get to monitor your system anytime, anywhere. You can get to know stats/information about your garden and the weather when you need it.

It Updates The Weather Forecast Frequently

The weather forecast is updated several times a day and is checked from different sources to ensure the accuracy of the readings. The main benefit this offers is that the machine can always adjust accordingly and allow the right amount of water to be used in your garden. In addition, this could also translate to more water being saved for you in the long run.

FAQ And Additional Tips

The product is easy to install. This is more so the case for those replacing an old device. Don’t worry though, there is a manual that explains the setup process. The manual is easy to understand and put into action.

You need to connect it to your router to ensure wireless control and Alexa integration. The best part is you can monitor and control the device with your local network at home or remotely when you’re traveling.

For those with local water restrictions, there is no need to worry. The machine has flexible schedules, so you can set it to only water on certain specified days, be it odd or even days.

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