Best Hose End Sprayer in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

For most homeowners and gardening enthusiasts, hose-end sprayers are an excellent solution for applying garden products in liquid form. The first important aspect of using such a tool is that you should understand how it works to ensure the best application results. Simply put, a hose-end sprayer is a tool that can siphon liquid from a bottle and mix with water. The user then applies a specific amount of pressure to provide easy spraying. 

As you turn the sprayer on, water moves through the top section and produces a liquid on the other end. As the water moves through, it creates a vacuum, which is crucial in the pressure the sprayer can emit at any given time. When buying a hose-end spray, you should consider the size of the hole, because it will determine the amount of product it can release at a time. 

Hose end sprayers are useful tools for a host of unique gardening applications. That said, not every hose-end sprayer is suitable for your specific needs. Since these tools are available with many different features and functionalities, it's good if you go for an appropriate brand.

1. Task Application

You will have to consider the specific ways in which you expect to use the hose-end sprayer because they are available for different applications. Determine whether you want to use it for herbicides, fertilizers, insecticides, or all of these products. Furthermore, also consider the size of the area that you want to apply the product. The ideal sprayer should be able to apply the product in relation to these factors. This way, you maintain optimal productivity while also applying the correct amount of product.

2. Capacity

Choosing the proper tank capacity is crucial because it determines the convenience of the hose-end sprayer and the amount of time required to spray. In some cases, you might come across sprayers that can only hold 1 quart of chemicals, while others can be as large as 3 gallons. The right capacity for you will depend on the surface area that requires product application. Most hose-end sprayer brands indicated the capacity metrics on the side of the tool.

3. Stream

The ability to control the flow of water will determine how effective your spraying will be, and also enhances your speed. Thus, the best hose end sprayer should be one that has an adjustable stream control. Usually, the best hose end sprayer lets you choose between various types of streams. The common ones include light mist, heavy flow, pinpoint streams, and more. An adjustable flow ensures that the tool is dynamic enough for use for various product applications tasks.

4. Construction Quality

A proper hose-end sprayer should have a rugged or durable design because of the demanding nature of most garden work projects. The last thing you want is a sprayer that starts leaking or breaking after every few years. Thus, ensure that you evaluate the material construction before buying a particular hose-end sprayer. Most high-end sprayers are made using durable plastic or galvanized metal alloys. In essence, the material should be dense enough to withstand things such as high impact falls, or exposure to other tools with the storage area.

​Garden Sprayer Features

  • Foaming nozzles – this type of nozzle design is ideal for spraying pets, vehicles, and more using household products. More so, it is also suitable for use in spraying herbicides to ensure optimal surface contact when gardening.

  • Settings dial – this feature helps you determine the ideal setting for your sprayer. This way, you calibrated the sprayer to suit a specific application.

  • Nozzle close up – the nozzle should also be adjustable, whereby you can rotate it vertically or horizontally for ease of use. You should also be able to reach all the areas required when using this sprayer.

  • Quick-connect design – the hose end sprayer should be easy to connect on various types of bottles. More so, the sprayer should also have a high capacity design to improve your ability to spray products uniformly.

  • Grip and handle design – the hose end sprayer should also have a reliable grip for ease of use in slippery conditions. The handle should also be ergonomic and comfortable in the hands.

​7 Best Hose End Sprayer With Buyer's Guide

ortho dial n spray hose end sprayer

Keeping your garden free of weeds, insects, and fungi can be a hassle when you don’t have the right tools. This is why the Ortho Dial N Spray O841010 is an excellent recommendation for your needs. This unit has the functionality to make product application a breeze. For instance, it comes with an extended grip design that does well to keep your hands dry during product application. 

Being able to connect your hose-end sprayer to other tools should be a simple process. This is why the Ortho Dial N Spray Spayer might just be the perfect solution for your needs. It has a direct connect design that makes it easy to attach ortho concentrate bottles with ease. You will also appreciate the fact that this unit provides as many as three adjustable spray patterns. These patterns include the fan, jet, and shower functionalities, which provide ease of use. 

Furthermore, the hose-end sprayer comes with as many as 14 dial settings. These unique settings make it easy to apply a specific amount of product every time to your garden plants.


  • Extended grip design keeps hands during application
  • Direct connect design makes it easy to attach bottles
  • Comes three adjustable spray patterns
  • Has 14 dial settings for apply precise product amounts


  • Could use improved product metric indications
  • The 14 dial settings are not easy to track

Other Considerations

the andersons refillable multipurpose hose-end sprayer

The Andersons Refillable Multi-Purpose Hose end sprayer is also a proper consideration for those who want a reliable way to apply the product. This unit comes with refillable and multipurpose spray bottles for your convenience. Even more, you will appreciate the unique spray head design that does well to apply your product all over the given area. To be specific, the spray head has a 20:1 ratio, which allows for the uniform dispersion of product.

The hose-end sprayer also has a quick and easy design to make it ideal for those who have to use the tool regularly. You just have to fill it with the product, connect it to a hose, and spray the product. Equipped with three adjustments, you have the freedom to customize this hose-end sprayer to suit various applications. These adjustments include off, water only, and water plus product.

The Andersons Hose End Sprayer also has a perfectly calibrated design, which maximizes the application of your garden products.


  • Comes with refillable and multipurpose spray bottles
  • Quick and easy design for modern gardens
  • Three adjusts for ease of use and convenient
  • Properly calibrated to maximize the application of a product


  • N/A
hd hudson 60000gt green thumb

Experience the immense convenience of using a hose-end sprayer by investing in the HD Hudson 60000GT sprayer. This unit can spray up to 100 gallons, which makes it perfect for use in various settings. Even more, no pre-mixing is required, and this tool is ideal for use in commercial projects. Capable of producing as many as 16 mixing ratios, this hose-end sprayer is an excellent addition to your gardening regimen. It even comes with a durable polymer bottle, which you use to keep your product.

Similar to the other hose end sprayers on this list, you can be sure of a heavy-duty unit that will offer years of reliable use in the garden. The HD Hudson 6000GT even features an ergonomic grip handle that sits comfortably in your hands. 

The hose-end sprayer can even produce solid steam of as much as 30 inches. Such a unique length is ideal for use, especially when you have large areas to cover with the product. You will also appreciate the inclusion of the anti-siphon valve, which ensures the sprayer works at optimal levels.


  • No premixing required with this sprayer
  • Durable polymer bottle for ease of use
  • Can spray up to 100 gallons
  • Choose from 16 mixing ratios 


  • Hose end connector is not suitable for some spayers
  • The exterior finish fades easily
chapin g5502 32-ounce foaming hose end sprayer

Equip yourself with the Chapin G5502 hose-end sprayer, which is perfect for various types of use. It comes with a host of unique features that will make it easy to apply products as required. For instance, the G5502 sprayer comes with a 32 ounces translucent poly bottle for convenient use. Furthermore, the sprayer also features a foaming nozzle, which makes it ideal when using detergents, soap concentrates, and cleaners. You will also appreciate the quick brass connect feature, which makes it easy to remove the spray bottle for cleaning. This way, you never require another hose end when working

Thanks to the quick connect design, you can be sure of a tool that is easy to use at all times. It lets you disconnect the brass nozzle to use the spray as a traditional garden hose. Also, you can easily reattach it to become a foaming hose-end spray again for your convenience. 

To make things better, the Chapin G5502 is also designed to fit the conventional hose design. As a dynamic sprayer, you can rely on this tool for years of reliable spraying performance. With such a unique combination of features, the Chapin G5502 is ideal for use with cars, boats, livestock, and more.


  • 32-ounce translucent poly bottle for ease of use
  • Foaming nozzle ideal for use with soap, detergents and more
  • Brass quick-connect feature for ease of use
  • Fits any standard garden hose and heavy-duty design


  • Could used improved mixing ratio
  • Does not fit some of the large sprayer designs
jr peters 50000 jacks exact mix hose end sprayer

This list would not have been complete without the JR Peters 5000 Exact Mix Hose End Sprayer. This unit is easy to use and comfortable to hold, thus making it ideal for use in various settings. Furthermore, it has a unique design that lets you choose your dial and spray setting for exact feeding results. The JR Peters has also done well to include various spray settings to make it easy to use. The main spray settings on this unit include gentle rain, stream, or even flat spray.

The unique quick design means that you can easily connect to the JR Peters 5000 hose-end sprayer to various types of bottles. The sprayer also has a dynamic design, which includes an adjustable nozzle for ease of use.

Designed to be durable and reliable, this best hose-end sprayer offers the perfect way to apply a product with outstanding results.


  • Easy to use and comfortable tool design
  • Lets you choose specific dial and spray settings
  • Customizable nozzle and spray design
  • Heavy duty and durable sprayer


  • Could use improved metric indications on the tool
  • Lacks adjustable nozzle design
chapin international g390 lawn hose end sprayer

Unlock endless possibilities with the Chapin International G390 Lawn Hose End Sprayer. This unit fits onto any hose end and will provide up to 20 gallons of finished spray. More so, this unit also features an in-built anti-siphon feature that will prevent issues such as backflow. With its fingertip on and off control, you can easily regulate the sprayer functionality to suit your needs. The sprayer also has a chemical resistant and rustproof polyethylene construction, which ensures years of reliable performance.

The G390 hose-end sprayer is indeed an excellent addition to most garden spaces, yards, and any product application process. The combination of features on this sprayer makes it both dynamic and reliable for your needs. It can automatically mix the liquid concentrate with water while delivering exceptional levels of efficiency 

On top of that, the hose end sprayer can provide as much as 20 gallons of finished spray. The developers of this hose-end sprayer have also done well to ensure that it works well with most soluble fertilizers and weed killers. Featuring a removable fan spray nozzle, this sprayer offers quick coverage of large areas and a continuous stream for optimal product application.


  • Fits onto most hose ends
  • Can deliver up to 20 gallons of finished spray
  • Works well with water-soluble fertilizers and weed killers
  • Removable fan spray nozzle for quick coverage


  • The exterior finish on this unit fades easily
  • Removing the spray nozzle is not easy
chapin g362d deluxe professional all purpose hose end

Realize what you have been missing when applying a specific product by investing in the Chapin G362D hose-end sprayer. This all-purpose hose-end tool, with a metering dial, is the perfect addition to your working regimen. Whether you are gardening or cleaning, this best all-purpose sprayer is the ultimate solution for your needs. Made using a durable poly tank with a comfortable grip handle, this sprayer is ideal for various purposes. 

More so, it also comes with an anti-siphon mechanism, which helps to prevent issues such as backflow. It even has a durable brass mixing head, which can provide as many as 16 mixing ratios for your needs. Designed to fit most types of garden hoses, this dynamic tool is an excellent tool for applying different kinds of products. The sprayer even comes with additional high-end features to make things easier for you. For instance, you will love the in-tank filter that offers optimal resistant against dirt and debris.

It can spray as much as 32 gallons by using only 33 ounces of concentrate. Thanks to the extra-wide mouth opening on this unit, cleaning, and filling becomes an easy process. The garden hose even comes with insulated comfort grips that offer comfort and even improve your performance.


  • All-purpose hose-end sprayer with durable tank
  • The inbuilt anti-siphon mechanism prevents backflow
  • Fits a standard size garden hose
  • Can spray up to 320 gallons from 33 ounces of concentrate


  • Fails to fit on some large bottles
  • Could use improved handle design

Final Verdict

Being able to choose the correct tools for your gardening needs should be an essential goal. When it comes to the application of products such as weed killers or fungicides, the best hose-end sprayer is the perfect solution for your needs. It’s a simple to use tool that provides uniform application of product all over your garden space or lawn. Before getting a hose-end sprayer, ensure that you consider the key design factors of the tool for the best performance results.

The sprayer should be easy to use, ergonomic, and well-calibrated to suit the nature of the application of the garden product. Get a good hose end sprayer, and instantly take your gardening regimen to the next level.

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