8 Best Rollaway Beds in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Otherwise referred to as folding beds, these are useful accessories that can become beneficial in various indoor settings. These include guest rooms, hotels, or as handy accessories that you can use to accommodate your guests. Furthermore, a significant portion of rollaway beds come with unique design structures. Usually, these include hinged metal frames, caster wheels, and more, which makes them simple to store or transport. 

More so, rollaway beds that are available on the consumer market today measure an average of four to six inches thick. The main benefit of a rollaway bed is that it is effortless to set up and to store. Yes, that's right, you can have a bed set up within a few minutes and ready for use without any tools required to complete the process. 

The term rollaway refers to a bed that you can store easily and is also simple to set up. Otherwise referred to as the “folding beds,” rollaway beds are useful for small spaces. Usually, these beds come with unique metal frames and caster wheels that provide optimal mobility. 

While you will come across rollaway beds in places such as hotels and motels, they can also be handy for areas such as the home. A rollaway bed is simple to set up and store, thus making it ideal for small spaces or even situations when you have a guest to host. This guide will evaluate some of the top features of an excellent rollaway bed and recommend useful solutions for the same.

What Are the Components of A Good Rollaway Beds?

While the specific designs of rollaway beds today are different, the standard rollaway beds on the consumer market have the following:

  • A mattress that averages between two and six inches thick. In most cases, the mattress might feature an innerspring or foam to provide support for the user

  • A hinged steel frame – the hinged steel frame integrated into the mattress allows users to fold the bed in half for convenient storage. A significant portion of rollaway bed frames come with center leg support mechanisms. Other similar features that you might come across include pull-down bars, which you might find at the head and foot of the bed for added support

  • A frame base for providing support to the mattress. In some instances, the base might comprise of various types of material, including fabric or metal wire lattice. Furthermore, some rollaway beds even have wooden or metal slats, which are exceptional when it comes to support.

  • Caster wheels which let user engage swiveling functionalities. The unique swiveling features provide enhanced mobility, especially when you want to remove the bed from storage. Some rollaway beds even come with as many as two wheels, which can lock when stationary. Such a unique design helps to ensure that the bed stays in a single position for enhanced bed security. 

Furthermore, the best rollaway bed might also comprise of the following functionalities:

  • Weight capacity – the best rollaway bed, should also provide optimal weight capacity for its users. In most cases, the ideal bed can give as much as a 400-weight capacity, which is suitable for most users.

  • Bed sizing – since rollaway beds are often intended for one user, the bed is usually available in single or twin sizes. Thus. Before investing in an excellent rollaway bed, ensure that you consider the size of the bed.

  • Headboard construction – a headboard is a functionality that enhances your ability to use the board and also the bed aesthetics.

  • Ottoman option – while you can easily fold most rollaway beds in half, a significant portion of bed manufacturers produce beds that you can fold in half. These are beds that make it simple to store and use for ease of user functionality.

​Rollaway Beds FAQ

Q. How often should I use the bed?

A. You can use a rollaway bed pretty much anytime you want to. Even though the bed might not provide the same comfort features as a conventional bed, it makes up for an excellent addition to your property. Thus, you can use a rollaway bed for as much as you want.

Q. Do I require any tools to set up the bed?

A. A rollaway bed is a compact tool that you can set up without the need for tools or expertise. You might just have to consult with the user manual to learn more about the functionality aspects of the bed.

Q. What is the ideal rollaway bed capacity?

A. The ideal rollaway bed should be able to accommodate as much as one adult. In some cases, you might come across a bed that can support more than one user.

Q. What kind of frame is suitable for users?

A. The ideal rollaway bed should have a metal frame, which is both durable and can provide optimal longevity benefits. Furthermore, the bed should also have a heavy-duty design, which means that you can use it conveniently for outdoor purposes such as camping. 

Q. What is the best frame base for a rollaway bed?

A. The frame of the base is an essential factor to consider because it’s the structure that offers support to the user. The most important frame base for a bed would be the metal wire lattice, which is both durable and reliable for comfort purposes. 

Q. What type of mattress is available with the bed?

A. Most rollaway beds come with a mattress that relates to the average size of the bed. The common mattress sizes that you are likely to come across include the single, twin, and double bed sizes. 


Bed Weight in Pounds

Key Features

Check Price

63.94 pounds

Thick comfortable memory foam mattress

Zippered mattress cover

Constructed with tubular-metal frame

57 pounds

4 extra-durable legs

Clamshell folding pattern

Roomy, yet compact

26 pounds

Spring Supported Flexible Mesh

Foam Mattress Measures 2" Thick

Black Colored Shell with White Polka Dots

42.8 pounds

Heavy duty bed frame

Spring supported deck

locking wheels for safety


High quality steel frame

3-inch premium sponge for comfort

Breathable fabrics and high-density sponge

45 pounds

Ultra-comfortable trampoline deck

4” gel memory foam mattress

locking easy-glide wheels

66 pounds

360 degree castors

J-Tex sprung base system for support and comfort

Full depth spring interior mattress

41.4 pounds

Easy setup—no tools required 

For sleepers up to 250 pounds 

Made of durable steel with a black finish

​Top 8 Rollaway Beds

inofia foldable folding bed

Space-saving, easy to set up and durable. These are just some of the few benefits associated with using the Inofia Foldable Folding Bed. The inofia guest bed lets you overcome the shortcomings of a traditional bed mattress, which can be challenging to store. When you fold this bed up, the frame and the 5-inch memory foam will take up a small amount of space. Thus, the bed makes up for an excellent bed for visitors and can support users of large sizes.

More so, this unit features 1.5-inch memory foam and high-density foam base that will conform to the shape of the body. Such a unique design does well to release the pressure points, to make the rollaway bed perfect for your needs. It is comfortable to sleep on because it's neither too soft or too hard. While the bed has a massive overall structure, it sets up simple and within just a few minutes. 

Assembling this roll away, folding bed is also simple to assemble. The wheel attached to this unit also makes it simple to move anywhere you want. It also has a portable metal frame on wheels that features durable metal and eco-friendly paint for anti-rust benefits. The wheels are of high quality and durable, which makes them simple to move around. You will also appreciate that the wheels can lock in place, thus offering optimal security.


  • Easy to fold up and compact bed design
  • High-density supportive foam base conforms to the body
  • Has an attached wheel to make the bed simple to move around
  • Portable metal frame on wheels made using durable metal


  • The bed is somewhat heavy for some users
  • Could use a much more durable bed finish
milliard diplomat folding bed

With the Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed, you can be sure of an extremely reliable bed for your needs. This unit offers exceptional stabilization and support to make it a unique addition to any interior setting. Featuring a full metal folding bed frame with four extra-durable legs, this bed will sit stably on various types of surfaces. Also, it has a locking brace that offers optimal safety and a unique wire lattice base.

The premium 2.5 density rating offers soft contouring comfort and just the right amount of support for the body. This stylish mattress has a velvety smooth cover that is removable and washable, thus making it highly convenient for your needs. The uniquely manufactured clamshell folding pattern also does well to secure shut, and with an adjustable trident buckle. The unique buckle offers exceptional compatibility with various types of toppers and mattresses. 

Assembly is also simple and quick, thanks to the all-inclusive design of this rollaway bed. With the high-quality steel tubing, stabilizing legs, and double reinforcements, this best folding bed is likely to be the sturdiest on the market. It also has a wire lattice base that offers exceptional stability and without issues such as sagging, which you will find in conventional beds. The bed features high-quality springs that make it comfortable and are also durable for long-lasting performance. 


  • Exceptional stabilization and support with full metal folding frame
  • Luxurious memory foam mattress with 2.5 density rating
  • Uniquely manufactured clamshell folding pattern secures shut
  • Ease of assembly and simple to use 


  • The bed must produce noise when unfolding
  • Could use a much better bed clearance height
spacemaster ibed

Make life much more comfortable and convenient at home with the Corner housewares Ibed foam rollaway bed. As one of the best two pieces beds, this unit arrives already assembled, which makes it convenient for different types of users. The mattress also has a space-saving design when open, which makes it simple to store. To make things better, the mattress features a spring supported mesh structure, that will adjust to the contour of your body.

Even more, the bed has a heavy-duty design that makes it both durable and reliable for long-lasting performance. You can be sure of an authentic bed that you can customize to suit small spaces or perhaps provide accommodation for large users. The mattress arrives ready to use, and without any assembly or tools required for the process. This foam mattress is exceptionally thick and comfortable for different types of rest applications. It even has a black colored shell with white polka dots, which can complement the quality of your interior décor. 

The corner housewares brand has also done well to incorporate the bed with folding lock mechanisms for added user safety. Besides that, the mattress measures 2 inches thick and is packed with relaxing foam covered in a black colored shell. With a measurement of 6 inches long and 2 ½ inches wide, this unit is ideal for both children and adults.


  • Portable, lightweight, and simple to store mattress
  • Spring supported flexible mesh that contours to the body
  • Folding legs lock to provide optimal stability and balance
  • Black colored shell with polka dots


  • The lock on the legs is not easy to activate
  • Could use a much more durable bed finish
lucid rollaway folding guest bed

For those who are not aware, Rollaway Beds are the current trend in interior design and comfort. Enjoy the best of such beds with the Lucid Rollaway folding guest bed that comes with a soft and ultra-supportive mattress for your needs. This compact bed is simple to pull out for the guest or children, and then fold for super convenient storage. 

Thanks to its easy assembly and locking wheels for safety, this best bed is both reliable and straightforward to use. The unique spring supported deck provides more support than wood slats and wire mesh beds. Even more, this mattress material features no harmful odors, and the bed is safe for children as well.

The heavy-duty bed is durable and can provide many years of reliable bed performance. Even more, the bed not only folds up for secure storage, but the 4-inch memory foam mattress offers optimal guest comfort for a good night's rest. The Rayon Bamboo cover is also ideal for people who tend to have sensitive skin. It also has a heavy-duty steel frame that provides an exceptional 11 inches of clearance. This way, your guests can easily stow luggage below when resting. Built for strength and durability, the steel frame also consists of a spring supported mattress deck.


  • The rollaway guest mattress is soft and ultra-supportive
  • Spring supported deck provides optimal support
  • Heavy-duty bed frame structure that is simple to use
  • Easy to assemble and locking wheels for added safety 


  • The spring supported deck might require replacement after a while
  • The locking trigger is not easy to activate
folding bed with mattress twin guest bed

Do you need to accommodate an extra guest? Well, the Folding Bed with Mattress can be an excellent suggestion for your needs. The bed requires a relatively small amount of assembly, thereby making it a convenient addition to your property. Even more, the bed is foldable and straightforward to carry around in small spaces. Created using high-quality steel frame, the guest bed is both durable and reliable for several years. More so, the bed can accommodate large users of as much as 250 pounds, thus making it a heavy-duty bed.

Also, the bed brand has done well to include a skid-proof footpad, which makes the bed exceptionally safe for your needs. You can use the bed safely in various environments, including slipper floors or even at the hospital. It also features a 3-inch premium sponge for optimal user comfort. The bed also has a high-quality breathable fabric, which is both well ventilated and suitable for resting applications.

To make things better, the bed also features breathable fabrics, and the folding bed comes with a high-density sponge. With such an exceptional combination of unique design features, this bed makes up for an excellent addition to any interior décor setting.


  • Simple to assemble bed is reliable for small spaces
  • High-quality steel frame can accommodate 250 pounds
  • Has a 3-inch premium sponge to provide optimal comfort
  • Breathable fabrics and high-quality sponge 


  • You may have to use a wrench to tighten up the casters
  • Not easy to lock up the bed for ease of storage
rollaway bed with gel memory foam

Do you need a good bed that is simple to set up and comfortable as well? Well, the Rollaway Bed with Gel Memory Foam is an excellent recommendation for your needs. The bed is ultra-comfortable, and it comes with a mattress that can conform to each sleeper, while also wicking away body heat. This way, you can enjoy a refreshing night of sleep, and enhanced bed performance for your needs.

The bed has various unique design features to make life much more comfortable. You will enjoy a host of unique features with the bed, including a self-storing frame, locking easy-glide wheels, 300 lb weight capacity, and more. The bed comes with an ultra-comfortable trampoline deck and 4-inch gel memory foam mattress that will conform to each sleeper. The bed conforms to your body, while also working to wick away body for the coolers resting experience.

As one of the best beds on the consumer market, this unit also assembles in minutes, and without any tools required for the process. This is an exceptional all in one cot size bed, that also comes with a trampoline deck and foam mattress. Durable, lightweight, and easy to maneuver, you will appreciate the exceptional features associated with this best bed. 


  • Durable bed with stainless steel construction
  • Ultra-comfortable trampoline deck with 4-inch memory foam mattress
  • Durable and straightforward to maneuver bed structure
  • Locking easy-glide wheels for enhanced convenience


  • N/A
jay-be hospitality folding bed

When overnight guests pass by the house, you can have sufficient peace of mind that they rest comfortably on the Jay-Be Hospitality Folding Bed. It comes with a mattress that is made using high-quality fabric to provide optimal durability. The bed also has topping material of wool material to enhance the quality of comfort for users. For those who are not aware, wool is a natural top-quality material that can respond to changes in humidity. Thus, the mattress has a natural ability to absorb and release moisture, thus helping to keep the mattress and your body dry. 

Even more, the bed also features 360-degree casters, which you can use for improved mobility as you move through the home. The casters will raise automatically off the floor when the bed is open to provide added stability. As one of the best rollaway beds on the consumer market, this unit also sets up simple and without any tools required. The heavy-duty design of the bed also means that its durable and can provide many years of reliable performance. Also, you can be sure of a foundation that can support large users of as much as 250 pounds.

The robust, heavy-duty, and mild frame of this bed has a unique finish in durable epoxy paint. Folding out into a comfortable bed, the deep and spring interior mattress does well to make the bed suitable for different types of users. 


  • j-Tex sprung base system provides optimal support and comfort
  • Full-depth spring interior mattress is durable
  • Heavy-duty metal bed with epoxy finish
  • Sits stable on different types of floor surfaces 


  • The interior mattress might not sit stable on the bed surface
  • The epoxy finish on the rollaway bed is not durable
serta rollaway bed

Are you looking for the perfect way to provide your guests with overnight comfort and rest? Well, consider the Serta Rollaway Bed, which offers optimal firmness and versatility for long nights of rest. Similar to all the best Rollaway beds, this unit is simple to set up and with no tools required for assembly. The inclusion of casters also makes it simple to move around and set up in small spaces.

It comes with a 5-inch innerspring twin size mattress that is comfortable and durable at the same time. Even more, that mattress has rounded corners and foldable frame, to make it simple to set up the bed the easy way. The inclusion of the wheels on the base lets you move the folded bed to almost any type of convenient location for storage. 

Thanks to the link springs and a wire mesh, this bed will provide durable support and comfort benefits. The unique steel support frame also features heavy-duty steel material that can support weights of up to 250 pounds.


  • Easy to assemble the rollaway bed for optimal mobility
  • Made using high quality and durable steel material
  • Casters included for ease of portability 
  • Folds up for easy storage 


  • N/A
amazonbasics foldable metal platform bed frame

Get more peaceful sleep with the Amazonbasics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame. This unit has a unique design that will provide quiet and noise-free resting benefits each time. Made using durable steel with a sleek black finish, this bed is both durable and suitable for optimal longevity. The bed also provides exceptional under the bed storage space, with an excellent clearance of about 13 inches. Besides that, the bed can also accommodate a matching size mattress, which means that it's fast and straightforward to set up. 

The sturdy bed also has a raised and rectangular structure that features panels and cross rows of wires. These components help to provide optimal support to the mattress, and without the need for a spring box. Even more, the well-made bed frame is also simple to set up and without any tools required. Thanks to its high quality and heavy-duty design, this unit can even support users of as much as 250 pounds. 

A conventional bed frame might require a spring box and might also provide a small amount of space for storage. However, this bed offers the same comfortable sleeping space, and without the need for a box spring. Thus, the bed has an exceptional height clearance underneath, which you can use to slide boxes, drawers, bins, and more.


  • Full platform bed frame offers quiet and noise-free support
  • Made using durable steel and with sleek black finish
  • Offers exceptional under the bed storage with enhanced clearance
  • Simple to set up and with no tools required


  • Might produce some noise during installation
  • Rather bulky in weight for some users


Comfort when sleeping should be a top priority for any savvy person. Choosing the correct bed for resting takes time and research. For this reason, we have been able to identify some of the best rollaway bed brands for you to consider. The main benefit of a rollaway bed is that it is simple to set up, and perfect for small spaces. Also, you don’t need any special tools or expertise to set up one of these units.

A rollaway bed is easy to store and can provide the perfect place to rest for someone as heavy as 400pounds. More so, these beds have various unique components, such as flexible structures for your convenience. Get a rollaway bed and have the perfect place for your guests to take a late-night rest. 

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