All You Need To Know About Swimming Pool Lights

Best pool lights usually add light and colors to your swimming pool and outdoor area. Adding lights to your pool helps in ensuring that you can enjoy swimming even at night.

As a pool owner, if you want to make your pool have more fun and more beautiful, you should know various things about pool lights.

This article will guide you on what you should be aware of when selecting the best lights for your pool.

How many types of pool lights?

1. Floating and submersible LED Lighting


They are good for parties, and you can use them for stunning effects. These lights are usually powered by batteries or solar power.

The lights come in different colors, size, and shapes ranging from red lanterns to white lilies. They are either submerged or float on the surface of the pool.

2. Halogen flood lighting

They are affordable and are easy to install. As compared to LED flashes, halogen lights are not long lasting. You will require changing the bulb more frequently than a LED one.

3. LED Flood Lighting


These can be used for anything including around your pool. They can be the ideal choice for your pool area due to their ability to light larger areas. They save more energy as compared to halogen lights.

They are cheap to install, but you might require a technician to help you. Also, you need to be keen not to remove the ambiance of your pool area by over illuminating which is easy to happen with flood lights.

4. Flush-Mounted Underwater Halogen Pool Lights

These lights are usually good because they are perfectly in line with your pool wall. They are also cheaper as compared to LED lights. However, halogen lights require more power and more maintenance. They also require a lot of work to install.

5. Flush-mounted underwater LED light


The best thing about these pool lights is that they do not stick out further than your pool wall. They are usually fixed inside the wall of your pool.

These days they are becoming popular with new build ups as LEDs are swiftly taking over the traditional halogen lights.

The disadvantage of these lights is that they are a bit expensive to install with the wall unless this was catered for when the pool was being constructed.

6. Surface mounted Underwater Led Light


These are good because they light your pool with no difficulty to install. They can easily be replaced when you want to upgrade existing pool lights.

Because they are not flush to the pool wall, they just stick out a little; this means that they are easy to break especially if you have children. Children usually use them to climb out of the pool.

7. Surface-mounted Underwater Halogen Pool Light

They are a good choice if you would like to install underwater lighting but you do not have enough money to spend. They are cheaper as compared to other options.

These lights are also easier to install as compared to flush –mounted lighting and also cheaper than LED pool lights. Their main disadvantage is that they consume more energy than LED ones.

8. Feature lighting

Halogen or LED light can be used to highlight a feature of your garden or pool area. You can decide to light up waterfalls, trees or other landscaping features.

LED is cheaper to run as compared to the halogen feature lighting, but you may require a lot of money to install.

9. Pool gardening lighting

This is used on the outside of your pool like your landscaping. They can bring your garden to life if they are strategically placed and well planned.

Why LED lights are a good choice?

1. Energy saving

Apart from their beautiful appearance, these lights helps in saving energy. They use about 20 to 50 watts this means that they can pay for their installation expenses in less than a year.

2. Installation

They are very easy to install and maintain. You don’t need to keep replacing the bulbs which mean they are durable. Plastic LED lights can be used in different types of pools including vinyl, gunite, and fiberglass.

3. Aesthetics

One of the major advantages of these lights is that they bring a brilliant visual presence to your pool. The intense colors cannot only be used inside the pool, but you can also use them in water features around your pool.

What factors do you need to consider when selecting a pool light?

1. Study your pool interior

The number of lights you require in your pool depends on the size, shape and also the interior color of the pool. A light interior reflects light while a darker one will absorb light.

If you put this into consideration, you may require more light if your pool tile is black. You may, however, need fewer lights if your pool interior is white.

Ensure the lighting is balanced. That is, use fewer lights for a small space like an outdoor spa attached to a pool.

2. Think about long term costs

A LED may be a bit expensive initially but it can save you more in the long run. Energy emission is less as compared to other types of pool lighting.

3. Position your lights wisely

Strategic placements of lights allow you to enjoy the view of your backyard more at night. A well-lit pool attracts guests and also adds beauty to your home. Lights should be placed at the deeper ends of the pool, and this means the area should not be facing your home.

4. Consider the landscaping around your pool

Pool lighting does not necessarily mean working on the underwater lighting alone. It is important to consider the whole pool area.

Consider installing lights around the deck and on the paths which lead to the pool to ensure safety and ease as your visitors navigate around your outdoor living space.

5. Do not rush while making the decision

It is easier to make changes during the planning process than after you have installed the lights.

Pool lights Reviews

1. Jebao Pl1led-3 Pond Light

If you are looking for a good pool light, you can consider this gadget. It contains a high quality and waterproof cover which ensures that it gives the best performance.

It can be used for swimming pools, waterfalls, garden landscapes and any other decoration around your home. It is made of durable materials and is very easy to maintain.

It is a LED light and can last up to 100,000 hours without any problems.


  • Water resistant
  • Can be used in pools and other water features around your pool
  • Durable
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Economical to use in a long run
  • Affordable
  • Not easy to install; you may require the help of a technician

​2. Intex Led Pool Light

It is a popular pool light which you can install inside your pool. This pool light is usually preferred due to its brightness. Using this light gives you a long lasting experience due to its high quality.  

Intex LED Pool Light work well with some LED lights which can improve the overall performance. The device has long lasting batteries thus you don’t need to keep replacing frequently.

It also consists of an inbuilt floating technology to help you use the light inside your pool easily.


  • Low energy consuming
  • Offer an extra brightness
  • Long lasting batteries
  • Only work on pools which have no metal walls
  • Only be used in above ground pools

3. Brinkmann 800-1515-0 Underwater Lighting​

If you are looking for a good pool light to decorate your pool, this can be ideal for you. It is an underwater pool light which is convenient for all users.

The pool light has about 10 feet straight cord which allow you to use it anytime you want. This one has a halogen bulb which improves its overall quality.

The bulb is typically protected by a Pyrex tube which ensures maximum protection of the pool light. It is made up of durable and reliable materials.


  • Made up of long lasting materials.
  • It has a halogen bulb which improves its overall quality.
  • Not convenient for water features like waterfalls, trees, etc.

4. LOFTEK LED Light​

This LED pool light is designed to replace any traditional pool lights which are available nowadays. It is made of a durable acrylic material.

The material used to make this gadget helps improve the overall strength and the durability of this LED light. LOFTEK pool lights do not have any harmful effects including mercury, lead infrared or UV lights.

Thanks to this advantage, anybody can use it. If you would like to add some decoration to your pool, this can be the best pool light to consider.


  • Durable
  • Does not have any side effects
  • It is more expensive as compared to other pool lights

5. LemonBest Underwater Lighting​

LemonBest Underwater Lighting can be installed inside your pool. It is made of a durable silver aluminum which means you can use it for a long time.

The device also has a rubber seal ring which helps to improve the overall waterproof technology of this light. This pool light has about 10-watt output and can deliver good brightness.

It is water resistant, and it’s well known due to its ability to produce different colors. This pool light can display up to 16 colors. Especially, you can use a remote control to change colors.


  • Water resistant
  • Durable
  • Display different colors which make your pool look attractive
  • It can only be placed under water therefore not suitable for water features and landscaping around your pool.

What is the best pool light for your swimming pool?

I hope you have some ideas to find the best one for you through this review. From the above article, we have seen that there are different types of pool lights.

Deciding which is the best could be a bit challenging if you do not have all information we discussed above. In my opinion, Jebao PL1LED-3 pool light is the one. This is because it has more advantages as compared to others.

Some of the benefits include its ability to be used in other water features such as waterfalls, trees around the pool, unlike other lights. It is also durable and easy to maintain.

This is also because you do not keep replacing the bulb since it can last for 100,000 hours. If you are looking for the best light, this can be the best option for you.

What else would you like to add? Feel free to do so in the comments below. Feel free to share it too.

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