Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaners – The Truth About Best Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Premier Robotic pool cleaner, a fully-fledged and efficient pool cleaner is perceptively made to sort of satisfy its users’ needs to an adorably impressive level.

Cleaning your pool using a robotic cleaner delivers some form of coziness that everybody would desire at any time.

I think the kind of comfort that you might need is well brought out by this sophisticated pool cleaner, the dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner.

Take a consideration on your choice by going through this factors that might guide you to even like the dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner.

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Everybody would surely go for a machine that would give him or her an easy and good time and finally deliver brilliant results in the end of a task.

Dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner provides you the comfort of directing it or moving it manually all over your pool as it captures pool mapping and navigates through it using its navigation functions like other expensive cleaners.

These functions are powered by the Smart-Nav software. This enables it to move to every single space in your pool as it vacuums leaving the pool pleasant and sparkle.

The dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner provides a huge storage for any debris that it would encounter in your pool. The cleaner shies not form the deeper end of your swimming pool.

It courageously makes its way to the deeper end to collect debris and sediments as it stores them in its large storage bag.

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As a matter of fact, neither does the cleaner leave even the pool steps behind! It efficiently clears away debris and any leaves that find themselves in your pool.

Dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner justifiably leaves your pool sparkle due to the well-built structures and components. It sucks out even the minutest part of a leaf or seed.

In order to enjoy the more of dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner’s brilliance, make a point of reforming or improving its debris bags and filter and you might be even more impressed. It does not spare algae and silt in the upgraded form.

If a company is so much confident about its products, it can amazingly give a sure warranty period. Dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner comes with three-year warranty, which sounds ambiguous for a machine like a pool cleaner. That definitely shows how heavily built the machine reaches the client.

Comparatively, dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner is made with a more streamlined energy than most pool cleaners.

It can amazingly operate on direct current power despite being plugged to a power outlet that comes out standard. This showcases the level of proficiency that accompanies the dolphin premier robotic cleaner.

What Should You Consider Before Picking On A Robotic Pool Cleaner


3-year guarantee


You are highly advised to opt for a pool cleaner with no mediocrity in its warranty provision. A company that gives you an ample time to work with its robotic cleaner for a very convincing period of time, gives you an assurance, that the performance of the robotic pool cleaner is well trusted and can service you with minimal or completely no failures.

A good example is the dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner, which I think gives the clients an ample three-year workmanship of the top-notch efficiency that accompanies their robotic cleaners which is not so much common for many similar companies.

Accessibility In Case Of Damage​

accessibility in case of damage


Some robotic cleaners are sophisticatedly built from a specific region. This insinuates that in case of a damage they have to be shipped to the area of manufacture or a specially designated region for repair.

This makes work quite difficult for the user; if the cleaner is spoilt it can easily be abandoned instead of repairing and saving costs. I would therefore advise that you opt for a manufacturer that is available in case of any repair.

Climb Pool Walls Or Just Floors

Efficiency is very important for any machine. A robotic pool cleaner should be able to provide you with the comfort you deserve when using it.

A good pool cleaner should save you the effort of cleaning the pool walls. Some cleaners can only clean the pool floor whereas other can as well clean the pool walls apart from the floor.

Bag Filter

Emptying the robotic cleaners filter sometimes becomes monotonous. Going for a cleaner that prides a big filter bag that store a lot of debris and sediments would be to some extent advisable to a buyer.

You would not need to keep visiting your filter to check whether it is ready for emptying. Big filters save you much more when your pool also contains large debris.

How Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner Works

The visual operation of the dolphin premier pool cleaner is very essential for a sense of evidence and reality to the person who shows interest. Below is a video link of dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner in action.

What You Should Know Before Buying The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

The comfort of the robotic cleaner operating without your intervention is some way bothered, when you have to dig deeper into your pockets for the provision of a remote control that would enhance the control of the dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner from a desirable distance away from the pool when cleaning.

This actually locks out he or she who cannot afford the remote to be used for control.

The dolphin premier pool cleaner is also disadvantageous, such that it gets too heavy to successfully climb the pool walls by itself. It can only come up to half the pool walls after which it would require a human intervention.

The cleaner can be very efficient in its leaf-picking job in the pool as it can pick up a lot of leaves but unfortunately the debris intake might block when it picks up large leaves.

It requires approximately 3 hours to clear up the cleaning of a medium sized pool. Apart from that, the cleaner can get stuck at a corner of a vinyl pool, which becomes different in a fiberglass or concrete pool.

Just to give a comparison of three renowned pool cleaners in order to boost your confidence in making the right choice.

1. Smartkleen Robotic Pool Cleaner

This is one of the most renowned pool cleaners with a 2 hour shut off mechanism, designed to work basically on the pool floor, in small above ground pools.

Smartly built, it navigates without the help of the pool walls as it shifts from one direction to another, proudly cleaning all kinds of pool surfaces such as concrete, vinyl liner and fiberglass unlike the dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner.

dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner



  • It can be configured so easily
  • It barely leaves pool steps when in action
  • It prides a fairly lengthy power cable
  • It is effective and can be afforded
  • It save power and energy as it shuts off automatically after 2 hours of inactivity
  • Quite reduced maintenance of the pool cleaner
  • Stretches to almost the whole pool, which is quite tricky to most robotic cleaners
  • Adoptively cleans various kind of shapes


  • It does not clean larger debris in the swimming pool
  • The lengthy electric code can easily become entangled

2. Aquabot Junior In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

The second pool cleaner under review is the Aquabot junior in ground robotic pool cleaner, which from the name, it makes its way up to 40 feet of a particular pool surface.

It prides a very powerful in built filtration unit with up to 4500 gallons in an hour, which barely leaves behind a thing from the largest to the smallest leaf or debris.

In terms of cost, Aquabot junior in ground robotic pool cleaner serves it well as compared to the dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner, as it places you in a 50% bill saving ground inclusive of chemicals, energy and water.

Aquabot Junior In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner



  • Powerfully traps leaves, dirt and even sand using its powerful filtration system
  • It is a fully-fledged, completely plug and play robotic pool cleaner
  • It prides very strong wheels that hardly get spoilt.
  • It automatically shuts off hence saves energy


  • It is so costly to replace or repair the motor
  • The axle pin must be manually set
  • The pool cleaner cannot clean the pool walls

3. Hayward RC9990CUB Tiger Shark Quick Clean Robotic Pool Cleaner

Suggestively from the name, the quick clean robotic pool cleaner clears up a cycle in 90 minutes, bearing in mind that it is running so much independent of the filtration system in the pool thereby cutting off the backwash cycles to be encountered.

It has a customized cartridge filtering system that brings ease in emptying the filtrate. It saves cost and energy hence enhances its efficiency to the user.

Hayward RC9990CUB Tiger Shark Quick Clean Robotic Pool Cleaner



  • It easy to remove, clean and replace the cartridge rather than working out with the filter bags.
  • The cartridge filter unit operates better than even the filtering bag unit
  • The machine hardly gets stuck.
  • No need to keep washing the cartridge after usage


  • It seldom climbs the pool walls thus reducing efficiency
  • No operating remote control.


Summarily you should get a professional guidance on the type of robotic cleaner you go for. Dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner might give you the best of cleanliness and health in your pool. It has some of the modernized specifications and may hardly leave you in regrets as well.

Hope you get this article useful. If you have your own list, please share with us in the comment session.

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