How To Keep Ducks Out of Pool (And Make Them Quack “We’re Out!”)

Did you say” how to keep ducks out of pool”?  So, it seems that you’re not the only one anticipating the opening of the swimming season- the ducks are too! And looks like they got into the pool ahead of you, but certainly ducks don’t belong in your pool!

The onset of spring signals a busy pool ahead- and the duck’s nesting time. When you see ducks in pairs near your pool area, beware -they might have scouted it for a possible nesting site! Drive them right away!

Unless you want them to build their nests and hatch their young, – and deal with the problem of keeping them out of your pool at the end.

You should not share your pool with ducks!

It may sound selfish, but you’re actually doing both yourself and the ducks a favor. If you allow ducks in your pool- it’s either that ducks can cause you harm or your pool can harm the ducks!

Beware of duck’s droppings!

Aside from a few feathers floating and duck’s urine in your pool (which you can’t see), your main concern with ducks is their excrement, which may have Cryptosporidium and other bacteria that could contaminate your pool water.

This bacterium, unlike E. coli, Salmonella, and Campylobacter is able to exist even in the healthiest pools for days due to its hard shell covering. The result – you can get “Crypto” from duck’s droppings!

Though there is still no incidence that could attest that you can get it directly from ducks, you may get ill of cryptosporidiosis (a diarrheal disease) in case contaminated pool water is ingested.

Pool water could be harmful to the ducks!

Didn’t you know that the same chemical in the pool water that protects us from any bacterial contamination may be hazardous to ducks?

Pool water with chlorine residual when taken in significant quantity may seriously impair the duck’s kidneys.

So the more that you should discourage them from coming to your pool!

Ducks prefer nesting on grounds with a water source nearby.  In search of an area where they can nest safely and securely- a place free from predators and a great source of food, the ducks could have probably eyed your pool since it meets all their requirements.

How do you prevent them from considering your pool as the perfect nesting site? Make your pool seem the exact opposite by employing the following measures!

#1 - Do not welcome ducks

Whenever you see ducks in your area, shoo them away!  And never, ever feed them. This way, the ducks will not be encouraged to return.

#2 - Make your pool area less attractive

Ducks are known to feed on grass so you can install barriers such as shrubs, hedges, and fence to lessen your lawn area.

Plant trees in the expanse of your lawn to restrict ducks’ flight, but avoid those that produce berries, nuts, and other fruits which are also food sources of ducks.

The presence of tall grasses in the surrounding pool area could deter ducks for fear that it may hide predators; plant them as an alternative to ground covers and low-growing shrubs.

#3 - Keep your pool covered when not in use
Cover the pool


The use of a pool cover besides keeping your pool debris-free could probably be the most effective in preventing ducks from using and contaminating your pool.

Although you could find some droppings on your cover, you can be sure that it won’t mix with the pool water. A solar cover can best serve the purpose at the same time that it keeps your pool heated.

Though cheap alternatives are available like tarps and bird nettings still, it’s best to invest in one if you still don’t own till now.

#4 - Have a dog on guard

The dog’s bark could drive ducks away since ducks may perceive it as a potential predator. Position dogs where they can see the pool area and bark at ducks in the vicinity.

#5 - A robotic pool cleaner could be handy

A running automatic pool cleaner may be likened to a predator which could scare ducks off from your pool.

#6 - Leave inflatable toys in your pool

Inflatables which look like the duck’s predators, such as alligators, snakes, and dolphins could do the trick of threatening ducks. But, make sure that they don’t stay in the same position. Otherwise, ducks wouldn’t be intimidated and you’ll find them back in your pool soon.

#7 - Use Duck Off as a last resort

This pool additive works by breaking the water’s surface tension thus, disabling the ducks to float. Make sure to try the options above to avoid adding chemicals that are unnecessary in your pool.

Of course, you have to keep your pool well maintained and cleaned, so that ducks won’t mistake your pool for a pond!

Not all of these suggestions, however, are guaranteed to keep ducks away from your pool as claimed by other pool owners (based on their experience). But you could still try one or a combination of these tricks.

There’s really nothing to lose trying these options, who knows what didn’t work for others, might work well for you!

It would be very helpful if you would let us know what worked for you or share other ways which have been effective for you in keeping ducks out of your pool.

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